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Kavanaugh’s appointment isn’t a step backward. It’s a head-first plunge into an ugly past - The Globe and Mail
"His is a lifetime appointment, meaning that barring impeachment, I will live under this cruel, extremist judge for the rest of my life, as I raise a daughter who will have fewer rights than my son, as I raise two white children who will have more rights than their non-white friends." Oof.
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october 2018 by UltraNurd
Legal or Not, Abortion Rates Compare
Numerous international studies show that actual abortion rates aren't changed by banning abortion; just that where it's illegal the women are more likely to die.
nyt  abortion  data  womensrights 
november 2009 by UltraNurd
Mali to cut female circumcision to 65% by 2012
Down from 85%, this would be a pretty significant achievement.
mali  womensrights 
january 2009 by UltraNurd

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