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What will be left of the people who make our games? - Polygon
Damning evaluation of the lack of union protections in the video game industry.
emotions  labor  videogames  polygon  opinion 
october 2018 by UltraNurd
Famed Donkey Kong Player Stripped of High Scores, Banned From Competition – Variety
Wow. Impressive investigation. I wonder if the world record will be decertified?
documentary  variety  videogames  cheating 
april 2018 by UltraNurd
Hearth and Home
Cute. And very Disney feeling! I like that they had a girl be the main character, though it's maybe a little weird that everyone is making her dance.
animatedshort  via:mythicgriffon  advertisement  video  hearthstone  disney  videogames  blizzard 
august 2017 by UltraNurd
Trump Civilization
I expected more from this than a play by play and a few lines. Like a Trump mod.
civilization  humor  videogames  donaldtrump 
july 2017 by UltraNurd
The Pacifist's Guide to Civilization 6 | Polygon
I enjoy people who try to play games outside the expectations of the game engine.
videogames  polygon  war 
november 2016 by UltraNurd
How Blind Players Made a Text-Only RPG More Accessible | VICE | United States
This is a really cool project. I imagine in some ways a MUD is easier to render descriptively than a natively graphical game.
videogames  vice  accessibility 
september 2016 by UltraNurd
Zoe Quinn
Interesting and weird Chuck Tingle inspired project. Of course 🎮🐊 is downvoting it already.
erotica  vice  interview  gamergate  videogames  zoequinn  video 
august 2016 by UltraNurd
How WASD became the standard PC control scheme | PC Gamer
Interesting! I don't think I played any FPS early enough that anything other than WASD + Mouselook was considered. Certainly by the time I owned Unreal Tournament.
videogames  history  pcgamer  userinterface  fpses 
june 2016 by UltraNurd
Claycat's DOOM
Gory but well done. I loved the health display guy grunts.
cats  videogames  video  stopmotion  animatedshort  via:jwz 
may 2016 by UltraNurd
Donkey Kong in Real Life (Live Action Short Film)
Neat effect, though enough CG aid hesitate to call it "live action".
nintendo  dubstep  musicvideo  via:jwz  chiptune  videogames  video 
may 2016 by UltraNurd
Gamasutra - The story behind NetHack's long-awaited update--the first since 2003
I love that games like NetHack are still going strong, and still in C, all these years later.
softwaredevelopment  unix  gamasutra  videogames 
april 2016 by UltraNurd
The Minecraft Generation - NYTimes.com
Fascinating overview of the kids culture that has built up around Minecraft, and the potential it had to teach.
microsoft  minecraft  computerscience  nyt  children  videogames 
april 2016 by UltraNurd
Nintendo’s Corporate Culture – The Jimquisition
Good points about legal vs. moral firings, and bland corporate culture.
nintendo  gamergate  videogames  blag  sexism 
march 2016 by UltraNurd
The truth behind those mysteriously cheap gray market game codes | Polygon
Very interesting chain. It's one thing to have the right to First Sale, but another altogether when you didn't pay anything for the copy in the first place.
polygon  videogames  drm 
march 2016 by UltraNurd
Geek Behaviors That Drive Women Away - Paging Dr. NerdLove
This is a great piece on gate keeping and how embracing stereotypes rooted in toxic masculinity weakens geek culture by excluding novices and people who don't fit the mold.
geekculture  blag  videogames  sexism 
february 2016 by UltraNurd
SM64 - Watch for Rolling Rocks - 0.5x A Presses (Commentated)
Wow. I can't imagine what it would be like to figure all this out, or to be the guy who did the engine and see all your edge cases get exploited.
video  hacking  videogames  nintendo  letsplay 
january 2016 by UltraNurd
Uncanny Valley Short Film (HD) (English
I did not expect the twist; I was initially annoyed that everyone was playing VR versions of the same boring FPS.
drones  video  scifi  addiction  virtualreality  videogames  fpses  shortfilm  via:jwz  military 
december 2015 by UltraNurd
Women as Reward - Tropes vs Women in Video Games
Great examples, and concludes well with the influence this has on straight male culture when it comes to the treatment of women.
via:spacekatgal  anitasarkeesian  sexism  feminism  video  videogames  nsfw 
december 2015 by UltraNurd
The Serial Swatter
This is an astounding story that I'd heard bits and pieces of. We badly need a law enforcement recourse for Internet harassment (since it's international), and every SWAT member should know what a swatting is and what it looks like.
videogames  harassment  nyt  police  internet  hackers  twitch  canada 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
From sex symbol to icon: How Crystal Dynamics saved Lara Croft | Polygon
Some broad history of the evolution of the franchise. I didn't realize Rihanna Pratchett was Terry Pratchett's daughter!
feminism  polygon  videogames  writing  briannawu  opinion 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
StarCraft: The past, present and future | Polygon
Some interesting video game development trivia. No acknowledgement of how they ripped off Warhammer, of course.
videogames  '90s  polygon  blizzard 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
Black characters in video games must be more than stereotypes of the inhuman
Interesting point; I've definitely noticed some of the more painful stereotypes.
videogames  offworld  opinion  racialissues 
october 2015 by UltraNurd
One Year Later, The Women Of Gamergate Open Up: 'There's A Lot Of Work To Do, Still' - MTV
Pretty much expressing that while it's getting better there's a lot left to do, and coverage of the harassment still misunderstands what 🎮🐊 is about and who is hurt by it.
gamergate  videogames  interview  zoequinn  briannawu  mtv 
august 2015 by UltraNurd
‘This has got to change’: Women develop new video games, and a new culture
Brief overview of how Quinn has fought 🎮🐊, and highlights women developers and students.
profile  seattletimes  feminism  gamergate  videogames 
august 2015 by UltraNurd
Exclusionary Geek Culture Misunderstands Diversity on a Fundamental Level | FemHype
"Exclusion is the only language they speak." I identify as a gamer and while I check the EOP demographic boxes I hope I wasn't particularly exclusionary (and I certainly am not now). It seems like we're on a slow reactionary burn now. Some great amusing terms in this like "enemy of progress" and "weaselfart".
videogames  via:elliotreed  blag  feminism 
july 2015 by UltraNurd
Fight Club: How Masculine Fragility Is Limiting Innovation in Games | FemHype
"Violence, goes the logic, is what makes a game masculine—and, by extension, being masculine is what makes a video game a video game." I am certainly tired of this. Even my sim games feature a lot of it as a core mechanic when I just want to build stuff.
videogames  violence  via:elliotreed  feminism  blag 
july 2015 by UltraNurd
The Galaxy-Sized Video Game - The New Yorker
“Does that planet exist before you visit it? Sort of not—until the maths create it.” I cannot begin to express how exciting this game sounds... But then again I was disappointed by Spore.
scifi  thenewyorker  space  algorithms  maths  nomanssky  videogames 
june 2015 by UltraNurd
Game of Fear: The Story Behind GamerGate
This is more detail of the origins with Gjoni's infamous Zoe Post. Pretty disgusting what the legal system has let him get away with.
gamergate  bostonglobe  harassment  sexism  videogames 
april 2015 by UltraNurd
The Story Behind Alto’s Adventure
Cool history of inspirations that led to the creation of one of my favorite new iOS games.
blag  videogames  design  ios  canada 
april 2015 by UltraNurd
Sid Meier’s Starships Review: Fighting Gravity
I think I'll still enjoy it, as I did Beyond Earth. Some interesting general points about the 4X genre.
manifestdestiny  review  videogames  civilization  space 
april 2015 by UltraNurd
How Role-Playing Games Can Teach Kids Decision Making
Good piece on using games to teach failure safely, by Steve Lubitz of Isometric.
pixelkin  videogames  parenting 
march 2015 by UltraNurd
They wanted to make a phenomenon. They made $10 million. The story of Crossy Road. | Polygon
It's a lot of fun, and the free to play mechanics aren't nasty for once. We've both bought some characters in-game.
polygon  videogames  ios 
march 2015 by UltraNurd
The Cool Gamer Girlfriend, a.k.a. UNICORNS AREN'T REAL
Great points and a call to action for how men worship a particular mythical gamer girl.
videogames  sexism  blag 
march 2015 by UltraNurd
BREAKING NEWS: Diversity Results in Different Priorities
Great points about self-selected beta testers making games more monolithic.
videogames  ipad  blag  softwaredevelopment 
february 2015 by UltraNurd
Video Games Were Never a 'Boys Club,' and Never Will Be
Nice example of a woman roughly my age who is a lifelong gamer.
time  feminism  opinion  videogames 
february 2015 by UltraNurd
The critics can't be constructively criticized if the loudest voices just hate them from the get-go.
theguardian  videogames  culture  feminism  anitasarkeesian 
january 2015 by UltraNurd
Huh. Less choice due to video game narratives.
blag  videogames  d&d 
january 2015 by UltraNurd
Gaming while black: Casual racism to cautious optimism | Joystiq
A reflection of all of our shortcomings. "The only reason racism and sexism run rampant in gaming is because racism and sexism run rampant in society."
joystiq  videogames  racism  sexism 
january 2015 by UltraNurd
Call of Duty Couple Recounts Scary Night When SWAT Raided Their Home
This is insane. And to be honest, if this couple weren't white, this easily could have gone way worse.
kotaku  videogames  harassment  police  internet 
january 2015 by UltraNurd
What is a game? And why it matters! | Game/Show | PBS Digital Studios
Great brief lecture on the effort to draw a line between games and non-games.
art  videogames  pbs  video  gameshow 
january 2015 by UltraNurd
Al Jazeera America - America Tonight on GamerGate (Dec 9, 2014) - YouTube
I keep hoping this will get better, but it seems like the extreme GGers are just becoming more so.
video  aljazeera  interview  gamergate  videogames  briannawu  anitasarkeesian 
december 2014 by UltraNurd
Playing With My Son — The Message — Medium
This is a neat idea. For me it would even be an opportunity to play through some games I missed when they first came out, like my previous emulation kick in high school.
blag  parenting  videogames 
december 2014 by UltraNurd
No Man's Sky at The Game Awards | PS4 - YouTube
This game looks amazing, it's enough to make me want a PS4.
video  trailer  videogames  space 
december 2014 by UltraNurd
Penny Arcade - Tradition
I'm conflicted on this. I think it's a bad comic (what with the lame Nazi joke), but I still think PA has the potential to be a voice for good. I think they're trying to thread the needle on GamerGate? I think they misunderstand censorship (this is a case of normal market action), but I also get the position that games are art and should be available for consumption and criticism.
blag  pennyarcade  videogames  censorship 
december 2014 by UltraNurd
It's funny how the existence of a tool that just keeps someone out of one's Twitter timeline gets inflated into censorship.
software  newsweek  twitter  gamergate  videogames 
november 2014 by UltraNurd
I think it's not really shrinking the scifi market (if anything, games help introduce), it's just growing much faster than the novel market ever was.
theguardian  videogames  writing  scifi 
november 2014 by UltraNurd
Some great points about people taking past eachother in how they talk about games.
blag  gamergate  art  videogames  linguistics 
november 2014 by UltraNurd
I'm not sure an end to anonymity is the solution. Maybe we just need better social norms?
privacy  videogames  wilwheaton  wapo  opinion 
november 2014 by UltraNurd
We can't let GamerGate win and chase women like this out of the industry.
gamergate  softwaredevelopment  feminism  medium  videogames  blag 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
#Gamergate leads to death threats against women - YouTube
It's bad out there, but I'm glad it's getting mainstream coverage.
video  interview  briannawu  gamergate  videogames  pbs  newshour 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
Anita Sarkeesian on Video Games’ Great Future - NYTimes.com
"I don’t care about being a “gamer,” but I sure do love video games." I can understand her identity conflict, because gamer culture has become so toxic. I still hold out hope of being able to hold on to it somehow, but maybe I do just need to be a person who loves video games.
nyt  anitasarkeesian  opinion  videogames  geekculture  feminism 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
Real Human Beings: Shadow of Mordor, Watch Dogs and the New NPC :: Games :: Features :: Paste
Some great points on player agency and how NPCs with richer backstories are more interesting - but how that can be quickly tossed aside when it comes to the player winning.
paste  videogames  tolkien  racialissues 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
Reminder: Developers will always have the freedom to create whatever they like | Polygon
I think a lot of people conflate censorship and criticism, as well as thinking that free speech means freedom from consequences.
polygon  opinion  videogames  freespeech 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
Bound Women: Why games are better without a damsel to save | Polygon
Using Sarkeesian's video as a springboard, she talks about how to improve games to avoid the damsel trap by giving female characters more agency.
polygon  opinion  videogames  feminism 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
Cool trivia. My surprised they hadn't played the other game.
doom  kotaku  videogames  interview  myst  history 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
The Disheartening GamerGate Canpaign
Some great points about the future of game culture.
geekculture  opinion  videogames  nyt  gamergate 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
The End Of Gamer Culture? « The Dish
Sullivan confirms for me again why I stopped reading him. I think he's moderate on the wrong aspects of this, and it's only going to give ammo to GamerGate.
thedish  gamergate  videogames  misogyny  geekculture 
october 2014 by UltraNurd
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