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What Can Seattle Learn From Minneapolis’s "Radical Rezoning" Plan - Slog - The Stranger
It's a step at least! Also an interesting point about how this all connects to global boom/bust cycles.
thestranger  zoning  minneapolis  housing  seattle 
november 2018 by UltraNurd
Minneapolis's White Lie - The Atlantic
It looks good if you measure rich white people. Also those white collar jobs aren't safe!
atlanticmonthly  minneapolis  economics  racialissues  detroit  via:egg  urbanism 
february 2017 by UltraNurd
Inside /pol/, 4chan’s Racist Heart -- Following: How We Live Online
Not surprised to see these suspects active on the most notorious boards on the web.
blacklivesmatter  minneapolis  newyorkmagazine  racism  4chan 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
Oak Street Cinema meets the wrecking ball | StarTribune.com
Too bad. I have fond memories of seeing Hard Days Night and Bridge Over the River Kwai there, on their classic movie night.
startribune  minneapolis  movies  from instapaper
january 2012 by UltraNurd
Minnesota's new ghost towns
A three-part series on the boom-and-bust in Minneapolis' suburbs.
startribune  minneapolis  mortgagecrisis 
april 2008 by UltraNurd

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