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Engineers say Boeing pushed to limit safety testing in race to certify planes, including 737 MAX | The Seattle Times
Not surprised to see management push back on delays but the retaliation is pretty smoking gun as a practice, even if this complaint was only documented for other MAX components.
boeing  regulation  faa  seattletimes  airplanes  engineering 
may 2019 by UltraNurd
The Googlers Manifesto
The bit about him not understanding engineering rings true to me.
medium  via:aleen  misogyny  engineering  google 
august 2017 by UltraNurd
This Is Why There Are So Many Ties In Swimming
I guess a race against the clock without 8 simultaneous lanes would be less interesting.
engineering  deadspin  clocks  olympics 
august 2016 by UltraNurd
America’s Last Top Model
Very cool. I wonder if it would still be useful to partially validate the computer models with physical models.
99pi  water  simulation  engineering 
july 2016 by UltraNurd
The Great Lightbulb Conspiracy - IEEE Spectrum
Designing for lower quality to goose sales of a consumable... Sad!
engineering  monopolies  lightbulbs  history  ieee 
july 2016 by UltraNurd
How Typography Can Save Your Life - ProPublica
I like the NASA legibility guidelines. I'm surprised the Clearview signage doesn't make more of a difference.
via:gruber  typography  propublica  safety  engineering 
june 2016 by UltraNurd
Watch a bike engine disintegrate one millimeter at a time
Cool. Looks like they actually sanded it down layer by layer?
video  timelapse  engineering  via:jwz 
december 2015 by UltraNurd
Suspension Bridges of Disbelief | Hackaday
I was also always annoyed by the Golden Gate move in The Last Stand.
specialeffects  engineering  via:jwz  filmmaking  blag  bridges 
november 2015 by UltraNurd
Crash goes the MacBook ↦
Some solid math to show that dumping MagSafe in favor of USB-C will result in more dumped MacBooks.
engineering  macbook  via:snell  apple  macworld  glennfleishman 
march 2015 by UltraNurd
Electromagnetic Warfare Is Here - IEEE Spectrum
The threat sounds like a rare but high impact attack. Not much to do other than harden your building.
engineering  electronics  terrorism  ieee  via:schneier 
september 2014 by UltraNurd
This is Your Brain on Engineering (GoldieBlox Easter PSA) - YouTube
Targeting at parents roughly my age - I think we all remember the 1997 version of "This is your Brain on Drugs".
video  advertisement  parody  engineering 
april 2014 by UltraNurd
The Expert (Short Comedy Sketch) - YouTube
Thankfully our design meetings don't feel like this.
video  humor  engineering 
april 2014 by UltraNurd
America's Cup 2013: How Oracle Team USA Launched the Greatest Comeback in Sailing History - WSJ.com
An important lesson about simulation: the results depend on your model's assumptions.
sailing  engineering  wsj 
march 2014 by UltraNurd
Brennan Moore
Cool anecdote about fixing a relay that could have cancelled a Saturn V launch.
history  engineering  space  nasa 
december 2013 by UltraNurd
Crossrail: Britain's biggest archaeological dig will transform London — www.theguardian.com — Readability
"Big things must be built to keep busy the people who build them." Some fascinatingly large infrastructure engineering. I think only China does it bigger?
england  london  theguardian  transportation  infrastructure  engineering  trains 
november 2013 by UltraNurd
New Orleans levees get a near-failing grade in new corps rating system | NOLA.com
Definitely bad PR to have your new ratings system give a near-failing grade to your newest rated protections.
engineering  weather  climatechange  neworleans  from instapaper
september 2011 by UltraNurd
Launching into Unethical Behavior
A "management decision" allowed the Challenger to launch anyway.
blag  freakonomics  nasa  challengerdisaster  engineering  from instapaper
june 2011 by UltraNurd
Apple iPhone 4 Antennas... - AntennaSys Blog - AntennaSys, Inc. - antenna design, integration and consulting.
An analysis from an antenna engineer of the iPhone 4's antenna issues in low-reception areas.
blag  apple  iphone  at&t  engineering  fcc 
june 2010 by UltraNurd
Osborne's Story
A personal view of the creation of the HP9100 and HP35 prototype calculators.
history  computers  electricalengineering  engineering  hewlettpackard 
may 2010 by UltraNurd
Dealing with Interruptions
How Engineers think about interruptions.
engineering  humor  video  psychology 
april 2010 by UltraNurd
Steve Jobs and the Economics of Elitism - NYTimes.com
Apple doesn't "crowdsource" it's designs, and gets lauded for it.
nyt  apple  ipad  stevejobs  engineering 
january 2010 by UltraNurd
Citizen Engineer
Haven't read it, but it sounds interesting. I'll have to check it out.
engineering  book  socialjustice 
september 2009 by UltraNurd
An Engineer's Guide to Cats
I'd never get a cat, but I do trust the evaluation of fellow engineers.
video  cats  engineering  humor 
april 2008 by UltraNurd

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