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Take the Spice Out
So that's why I grew up with bland food?
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december 2018 by UltraNurd
The First Nations of Catan: Practices in Critical Modification | Analog Game Studies
Interesting game rule variant to address frontier myth portrayal of "unsettled wilderness" in Catan. Of *course* he's a Swattie.
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november 2015 by UltraNurd
Web Design - The First 100 Years
"Fixing the world with software is like giving yourself a haircut with a lawn mower." Great points; I love the plain design metaphor. While I was lured into the Singularity camp briefly in high school, I grew out of it.
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july 2015 by UltraNurd
extends the analysis I offered earlier today (The Colonial Origins Of American Prosperity)
Interesting point, that the American lead had everything to do with a large amount of exploitable, conquerable land.
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july 2011 by UltraNurd
Weathering Columbus
Fascinting paper looking at CO2 and CH4 levels in various ice cores and making the claim that a) humans have been warming the planet since we started agriculture and b) pandemics (including Justinian's Plague, the Black Death, and smallpox wiping out Amerindians) have had a noticeable effect on global temperture by killing enough humans.
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july 2011 by UltraNurd

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