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Coronavirus Showed That America Wasn't Up to the Task - The Atlantic
This is interesting and accurate description of how people don't want Trump mad at them; I'm not sure about the historical metaphor though. It really reeks of western centric thinking.
covid19  government  japan  trumpadministration  china  atlanticmonthly  history  usa 
15 days ago by UltraNurd
All Your Favorite Brands, From BSTOEM to ZGGCD - The New York Times
That a string of incremental changes to Amazon’s seller platform may have manifested as a mysterious crisis at the sleepy United States Patent and Trademark Office, via Shenzhen, sounds, well, not exactly cyberpunk, but at least a little bit sci-fi.
trademarks  china  nyt  amazon 
6 weeks ago by UltraNurd
The surprisingly cut-throat race to build the world's fastest lift | The Independent
That is an intense race. The elevators at work seem fast and they may not break 20. Also "And in an industry with its ups and downs, publicity can be important." 🙄
china  independent  technology  elevators 
january 2017 by UltraNurd
The Trump World Order - Bloomberg View
I find this upending of stability very disturbing... but then again I have it good enough in the current system.
china  editorial  diplomacy  trumpadministration  bloomberg  russia  trade 
december 2016 by UltraNurd
Exclusive investigation: Donald Trump faces foreign donor fundraising scandal
This would be more interesting if it weren't just one unethical consultant. Not surprised that he was willing to set this up, but in this case Trump didn't do anything wrong that we know of.
telegraph  donaldtrump  campaignfinance  citizensunited  2016election  china 
october 2016 by UltraNurd
How Donald Trump Ditched U.S. Steel Workers in Favor of China
He'll do anything to make a buck, which is why you can't believe he has any values outside the present moment. "Buy American" and trade isolationism benefits him politically but doesn't help his profits.
donaldtrump  trade  newsweek  china  usa  industry 
october 2016 by UltraNurd
President Obama’s Interview With Jeffrey Goldberg on Syria and Foreign Policy - The Atlantic
I love having a President who can be described as "Spockian". I don't know if he's making all the right decisions, but they sound a lot better than the alternatives. I also like that he emphasizes climate change and China as the big foreign policy issues of the next few decades. I hope he mentions climate change more often in public.
terrorism  diplomacy  atlanticmonthly  climatechange  obamaadministration  interview  china  middleeast  interventionism  usa  foreignpolicy  obama  syria 
april 2016 by UltraNurd
The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment — Medium
It strikes me that a lot of the people to whom Bitcoin appeals are also the kind of people who don't play well with others. Fascinating (if one-sided) take on the looming problems (technical and social) with the cryptocurrency.
opensource  medium  china  bitcoin  economics 
january 2016 by UltraNurd
The Big Idea: Liu Cixin
I like his musings on the Fermi Paradox. I'll have to try his translated work someday.
blag  scifi  china  space 
november 2014 by UltraNurd
Imagine a world without shops or factories
A bit about the long tail and how 21st century tech brings it about. A good point about disruption: "They had computerised their 20th Century shape.".
bbc  manufacturing  3dprinting  20thcentury  economics  china  ford 
october 2013 by UltraNurd
Universities Face a Rising Barrage of Cyberattacks - NYTimes.com
I think the solution is, as usual, resilience, not locking down the academic networks.
nyt  hacking  college  china 
july 2013 by UltraNurd
Zerg Attack Shanghai - Chinese SC2 HotS Launch Video - YouTube
Cool effects demo. I don't think this is a fanvid, I think it's viral marketing.
video  advertisement  starcraft  china  via:polygon 
july 2013 by UltraNurd
Daring Fireball: Separating the Baby From the Bath Water
Good summary of the lies that the one-man show The Agony and Ecstasy of Steve Jobs are built upon. It's too bad, because it may mean other reports of labor abuses in China will be given less weight, cried-wolf style. It sounds like Apple is doing among the best, but it isn't wrong that we as consumers are complicit.
blag  apple  mikedaisey  daringfireball  china 
march 2012 by UltraNurd
Chinese Readers on the 'iEconomy' - NYTimes.com
Interesting and varied thoughts from Chinese citizens, although they mostly think the government enables the conditions.
nyt  china  apple  from instapaper
january 2012 by UltraNurd
In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad
It's hard to say how much Apple is responsible for vs. Chinese standards that would just be used by another company.
apple  china  manufacturing  safety  nyt  from instapaper
january 2012 by UltraNurd
The Empire at Dusk - By Stephen Glain | Foreign Policy
It is pretty ridiculous how much we spend for other countries to not have sufficient militaries.
usa  china  foreignpolicy  imperialism  from instapaper
september 2011 by UltraNurd
Gendercide: The worldwide war on baby girls | The Economist
How cultural features that favor sons are driving the gender balance out of whack in some (mostly Asian) countries, by aborting female fetuses or killing female babies, creating a generation where many men have no mating prospects whatsoever.
genderissues  abortion  china  india  theeconomist  culture 
march 2010 by UltraNurd
I Am Not Michael Phelps
Chinese tourists mistake a British swimmer for Michael Phelps.
china  swimming  olympics  michaelphelps  fame 
august 2008 by UltraNurd
Beijing 2008 Preparations
A gallery of the huge preparations going into the 2008 Summer Olympics.
image  bostonglobe  olympics  china 
july 2008 by UltraNurd
National Journal Magazine - China’s Cyber-Militia
A widely circulated and totally wrong speculation about the cause of the 2003 blackouts.
conspiracies  china  hacking  nationaljournal 
june 2008 by UltraNurd
Schneier on Security: Did the Chinese PLA Attack the U.S. Power Grid?
Bruce Schneier, famous hacker, debunks the recent National Journal claim that China caused the 2003 power outage.
hacking  conspiracies  bruceschneier  blag  china 
june 2008 by UltraNurd

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