Stealing Fruit
I've found Go to be very convenient; have remained unconcerned about the panopticon.
food  amazon  arstechnica  computervision  shopping 
All Your Favorite Brands, From BSTOEM to ZGGCD - The New York Times
That a string of incremental changes to Amazon’s seller platform may have manifested as a mysterious crisis at the sleepy United States Patent and Trademark Office, via Shenzhen, sounds, well, not exactly cyberpunk, but at least a little bit sci-fi.
trademarks  china  nyt  amazon 
16 days ago
Opinion | Why Does America Hate Its Children? - The New York Times
Unnecessary Sanders dig but good points about racial elements cutting support programs.
krugman  nyt  2020election  children  opinion  usa  democrats  racism 
6 weeks ago
Two States. Eight Textbooks. Two American Stories. - The New York Times
Pretty wild how different of a narrative you get with slightly different fact omission.
california  nyt  texas  education  writing  gop  usa 
6 weeks ago
Asimov’s Empire, Asimov’s Wall | Public Books
Dammit. Surprised I hadn't heard this before, but I guess it's safe to assume the worst about any old writer dude.
scifi  sexism  harassment 
7 weeks ago
How classroom technology is holding students back - MIT Technology Review
I'm always a little suspect if anyone dismissing tech completely but it obviously has to be applied appropriately. And I do think massive amounts of verbal time is key.
usa  education  technology 
7 weeks ago
How to Change Your Conversations About Cultural Appropriation — James Mendez Hodes
Really good summary. Hard to tease apart all the layers of privilege in some cases, but safe to say I'm always the adopter outside of my own immediate culture.
blag  racism  intersectionality  culture 
8 weeks ago
Alone in a Crowded Milky Way - Scientific American
Cool agent based simulation to demonstrate structure of space faring simulations.
space  scientificamerican  aliens 
8 weeks ago
The Rise of Skywalker: Memorabilia without Memory, a Misunderstanding of Hope
This is a good criticism. I was caught up in the story I didn't notice some of the things that were missing. Immersed in the EU as I was I saw the many references. I wonder how this one will age to me? That said I think they did what they could with their constraints, and it illustrates how the story might have been better served in a different form (multiple TV seasons?).
writing  medium  starwars 
8 weeks ago
Getting Rural America Back on Its Feet
This is a big part of what the new urbanist left needs to build an infrastructure alliance
urbanplanning  ruralism  walking 
8 weeks ago
Opinion | ‘Star Wars’ Fans Are Angry and Polarized. Like All Americans. - The New York Times
I disagree with some of this impression of the latest installment but the overall trend fits.
starwars  nyt  politics  fandom  usa  opinion 
9 weeks ago
Opinion | The End of Babies - The New York Times
Some of these were definitely factors in us being one and done. The system is broken and cruel.
capitalism  reproductivejustice  opinion  nyt  parenting  climatechange  children 
november 2019
Donald Trump Truly Has No Idea What He's Even Talking About
"Donald Trump is one of the worst people his generation produced, a vain and vicious and relentlessly exploitive nullity. But there is something pitiable in watching him try to defend himself with the weapons he’s been given by the culture that created him. He opens his mouth to answer for what he’s done and finds that these silly, sordid questions are all he has."
deadspin  via:ryamidon  donaldtrump 
october 2019
Jeff Bezos’s Master Plan - The Atlantic
Interesting thesis, including comparisons to Picard. Also amusing what they get wrong about the cloud.
space  futurism  retail  atlanticmonthly  jeffbezos  profile  amazon 
october 2019
Trump's Ukrainian 'Favor' Is What Impeachment Is For - The Atlantic
"The contest between the universalist principles espoused by the Founders and their sectarian application in practice has been the principal conflict of American democracy since the beginning."
ukraine  constitutionalinterpretation  gop  usa  corruption  opinion  racism  donaldtrump  trumpadministration  democrats  impeachment  atlanticmonthly 
september 2019
New Hope, New Pain, Same Old Divorce - The New York Times
Sad! But also interesting emphasizing that equality includes failing.
opinion  nyt  marriagerights  marriage 
september 2019
NOAA staff warned in Sept. 1 directive against contradicting Trump - The Washington Post
Of course he's subverting truth to make himself feel better... and people are following his orders to do!
weather  noaa  trumpadministration  wapo 
september 2019
Bitcoin Dreams - Los Angeles Review of Books
"The Social Network, Part II: Revenge of the Winklevii" got a chuckle. Some good points about humans mucking up the ideals of cryptocurrency.
bitcoin  review  books  larb 
september 2019
A Travel Writer Envisions a Future Without Vacations - The Atlantic
Not really justifiable, and yet I'm likely to do it still. Really need more train options, at least within the US!
atlanticmonthly  tourism  climatechange  airplanes  journalism 
september 2019
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