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Creating a FileMaker Password Management Solution
An Beginner/Intermediary Course in FileMaker Development using FileMaker 17 to Build a Password Management Solution
Osborne  FileMaker  Passwords 
october 2018 by TomasMartinez
The FileMaker Calendar Conundrum
This advanced course in FileMaker walks you through the process of creating a calendar with monthly, weekly and daily views. The final solution is completely relational, allowing for standard finds and reporting.
Osborne  Calendar 
august 2018 by TomasMartinez
Thinkific - The Most Trusted Online Course Platform For Your Business
Create online courses with Thinkific today and feel confident that you’ve got the easiest technology and the best support in the industry.
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august 2017 by TomasMartinez
The Philosophy of FileMaker - Subsummary Sandwich
The biggest mistake I see amateur developers make is using relationships and calculations to create reports. They work great in single-user mode with test records. Put that same solution in a multi-user environment with thousands of records and performance starts to grind to a halt. Add a WAN into the mix and it degrades the speed even further. The same is true for dashboards which often use the same techniques. The aim of this article is to teach standard reporting methods for beginners and seasoned developers alike. While the topics include mostly beginner and intermediate subjects, we'll dive into a couple advanced examples at the end.
Osborne  FileMaker  Subsummary_Reports 
july 2017 by TomasMartinez

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