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Flash CS3 Bug on Mac OS X and subversion (.svn files) at Agit8
I lost a couple of hours to this one today until I found out that "git gc" would clean up the hidden files and restore the document class. (on the plus side, I learned about git bisect).
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june 2009 by TomC
Flash Magazine > Tutorials > Setting up Subversion with Adobe Flex 3
This plus the linked resources tip finally got me using subclipse. We'll see.
subclipse  eclipse  flexbuilder  subversion  svn  tutorials 
september 2008 by TomC
Flex / AIR projects and source control : Mihai CORLAN
Flex Builder 3 supports Eclipse's linked resources (Preferences > General > Workspace > Linked Resources) which means you can define path variables in the folders you import, which means multiple developers can share projects somewhat painlessly. Using subclipse, in my case. Hooray.
subclipse  eclipse  svn  flexbuilder 
september 2008 by TomC

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