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Build a team they'll never leave: the 4 things that matter - Kevin Gibbs
"When you’re leading a team, it’s easy to get distracted by the urgent stuff, and miss the important stuff. Perhaps unsurprisingly, “employee retention” and a well-balanced work environment will never seem like an urgent topic. But it does matter. Spending time to emphasize the meaning behind your team’s work, fostering comfortable and relaxed personal relationships, giving each person on your team a meaningful future opportunity to work towards, and then budgeting enough money to show everyone that you mean it, matters."
teams  business  management  culture  google  startups  missions  growth  compensation  salary  family  life 
september 2012 by TomC
What it’s like to work for Stripe | Alex MacCaw
"Lastly, people are encouraged to be generalists, and not to be afraid of exploring unfamiliar domains. I’ve been doing a bunch more work with servers recently, and Darragh, who usually runs ops, has fixed the dishwasher."
stripe  companies  culture  hiring  business  collaboration  email  startups  awareness 
august 2012 by TomC
Attack of the acqui-hires (Fortune Finance)
"Why tech companies buy the cow, even though they can get the milk for free."
acquisition  merger  business  tax  law  california  startups  vc 
august 2012 by TomC
Dan Shapiro » VC insanity, explained
Good breakdown of how the VC business works including some explanations for counter-intuitive behaviour. The hardest constraint appears to be the "no recycling" rule, which means that a swift exit for a company is undesirable. This explains the "go big or go home" environment in SF/SV at the moment.
vc  economics  funding  startups  investing  business  finance 
july 2012 by TomC
Infrastructure for Startups
Paul Hammond's slides from O'Reilly's Velocity conference.
paulhammond  typekit  velocity  startups  software  tools  hosting  ec2  github  infrastructure  business 
june 2012 by TomC
Design and Premature Optimization | The Intercom Blog
"Sometimes the polish is all that counts. You can’t judge the market for a five star hotel by building a seedy motel and seeing how well it performs. "
design  interface  lean  startups  product  methodologies  agile  process  management  optimisation 
january 2012 by TomC
Swift Transportation » The Future of Ground-Based Transportation Systems
Started a company "Swift" to replace cars with lightweight maglev. See my results on whether its viable:
prt  transit  transport  urban  startups  research  analysis  maglev  cities 
december 2011 by TomC
$250 flat-rate for somewhat brandable domain and a passable first-pass at a logo. Very nicely done for what it is. Some names good, a few accidentally hilarious (chumka, anyone?)
domains  branding  logos  startups 
november 2011 by TomC
startuptools / FrontPage
Epic list of hosted tools for startups/businesses.
startups  lists  business  tools 
october 2011 by TomC
App building infrastructure - account management, data storage, push notifications - as a service.
apis  mobile  iOS  android  services  ctohat  push  startups 
october 2011 by TomC
A Story of GameLayers, Inc.
Sobering and insightful account of GameLayers' rise and fall as a VC backed startup. Aside from their own choices good and bad, they were just too early for the convenience of cloud computing and for the ready-to-go Facebook social graph to connect their games.
gamelayers  oatv  vc  startups  business  finance  games  justinhall  pmog 
october 2011 by TomC
The Mother of all Post Mortems
Our lead investor Bryce's take on Justin's GameLayers post-mortem. Surreal to be reading an account of a start-up with many of the same cast of characters as our own.  gamelayers  oatv  vc  startups 
october 2011 by TomC
Intro to Stock and Options
Great overview for people evaluating stock options, starting a company, joining a startup, etc.
startups  stocks  options  finance  legal  business  usa  taxes  from delicious
june 2011 by TomC
Making an IRS Section 83B election
When you found a company in the US and divide up the shares, you probably want to do this. Have a lawyer and an accountant help you, but know what to ask for :)
83b  irs  usa  taxes  legal  startups  stocks  options  from delicious
june 2011 by TomC
Startup Tools « Steve Blank
Epic list of references for entrepreneurs and wannabes.
startups  lists  tools  business  entrepreneurship  from delicious
march 2011 by TomC
Hipmunk: Better Flight Search
Really nice flight search layout: showing flights on a timeline by duration.
flight  search  timelines  design  interaction  startups 
august 2010 by TomC
5 Startup Tips From the Father of Gmail and FriendFeed
"Google has to be careful that you’re not just releasing random things. That means that there tends to be a lot more process to prevent you from doing those random things. Because that would harm their brand over time."
google  friendfeed  gmail  startups  quotes 
february 2009 by TomC
Web 2.0 Expo SF Launchpad: Six New Startup Stars - O'Reilly Radar
I begin to suspect that the real reason all the tech bloggers love twitter so much is that everything else in startup land is so fucking boring. Pardon my language.
web2.0  oreilly  radar  startups  lesigh  lemassivesigh  lerolleyes 
april 2008 by TomC

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