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The Pool Room - We Work and Like It (via bizstone). See Jack...
Jack printed this out and gave it to Eric, I think, back when Stamen worked with Twitter.
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october 2012 by TomC
Noisy Decent Graphics: Decision Paths
"The more people there are in the group the longer that decision takes. Every time. Direct correlation between people in group and time taken to discover the new route (even though it's sign posted)." - sounds like a metaphor, but Ben is literally talking about signposts and groups :)
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march 2009 by TomC
Vimeo / Our new secret garden adventure. video clip (from RevDanCatt)
I'm kind of transfixed by this video of the garden at Dan's new place. Lovely! Baby-eating plants indeed...
revdancatt  garden  sanfrancisco  signage  signs  stuff  plants  videos  vimeo 
february 2007 by TomC

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