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An Interactive Introduction to Graphics Programming
"This is a proposal and proof-of-concept for an interactive book about programming the graphics processor."
graphics  gpu  teaching  learning  programming 
september 2013 by TomC
ReCode Project
"The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on."
code  generative  art  archives  history  tribute  processing  programming  design  drawing  community 
september 2013 by TomC
RxJS Reactive Extensions for JavaScript
Events as streams with lazy filtering/querying. Nice approach (derived from LINQ/C#)
javascript  rx  patterns  events  streams  programming  computerscience  sql  linq 
february 2013 by TomC
Writing Fast, Memory-Efficient JavaScript | Smashing Coding
"there are many hidden performance gotchas in the world of JavaScript engines, and no silver bullet available to improve performance"
addyosmani  javascript  programming  optimisation  performance  web  browsers  tools 
december 2012 by TomC
Write Code Like You Just Learned How to Program
"It's extremely difficult to be simultaneously concerned with the end-user experience of whatever it is that you're building and the architecture of the program that delivers that experience."
programming  wisdom  design  dadgum  code 
september 2012 by TomC
Hopefully More Controversial Programming Opinions
"You shouldn't be allowed to write a library for use by other people until you have ten years of programming under your belt. If you think you know better and ignore this rule, then one day you will come to realize the mental suffering that you have inflicted upon others, and you will have to live with that knowledge for the rest of your life."
programming  wisdom  libraries  tools  abstractions  experience  reuse  oop  code  software  dadgum 
september 2012 by TomC
Asynchronous UIs - the future of web user interfaces
Also heard this described as "optimistic ui". It's what iOS apps do most of the time. Assume the thing will work and deal gracefully if it doesn't.
async  programming  code  javascript  web  browser  interfaces  design  ui  patterns  optimism 
september 2012 by TomC
Tough times on the road to Starcraft - Code Of Honor
@maxogden - "as someone who first learned how to program in StarCraft () this blog post is amazeballs"
starcraft  games  code  programming  teams  management  business  software  architecture  bugs  C++  oop  composition  inheritance 
september 2012 by TomC
Tell, Don't Ask
Good code style/structure tips.
code  ruby  programming  oop  architecture  tips 
august 2012 by TomC
Reaction-Diffusion Systems | Syntopia
Soon to be a "jazz standard" like Voronoi? But currently the new hot stuff!
reactiondiffusion  algorithms  lists  generative  art  design  code  programming  turing  systems  webgl 
august 2012 by TomC
Anypic | Parse
Parse are doing a really good job with their documentation. Here's a tutorial for an Instagram clone.
parse  objective-c  tools  libraries  programming  ios  apis  instagram  apps 
august 2012 by TomC
"NSHipster is a journal of the overlooked bits in Objective-C and Cocoa. Updated weekly." Cute 'stache mouseover too.
objective-c  cocoa  ios  code  programming  tips 
august 2012 by TomC
"The Best Programming Advice I Ever Got" with Rob Pike | | InformIT
"Ken taught me that thinking before debugging is extremely important. If you dive into the bug, you tend to fix the local issue in the code, but if you think about the bug first, how the bug came to be, you often find and correct a higher-level problem in the code that will improve the design and prevent further bugs."
robpike  programming  debugging  quotes  kenthompson  people  unix  wisdom 
august 2012 by TomC
Learning to Write C++ Modules for Node.JS/V8 - Jed Parsons
"I ensured that, although ROT13 is a simple ascii cipher, my library should nevertheless work on Unicode input. So even though the Unicode snowman enciphers to himself, you can still use him as a plaintext. I can hear your sigh or relief from here."
v8  nodejs  javascript  c++  code  programming  rot13  examples 
august 2012 by TomC
Quick doesn't have to mean dirty - fuzzy notepad
Good overview of a python/flask/sqlalchemy project deployed to Heroku.
php  python  flask  heroku  web  programming  deployment 
august 2012 by TomC
March of the Froblins
"Artificial Intelligence with Dynamic Path-finding on the GPU"
amd  ati  gpu  directx  graphics  programming  3d  ai  simulation  pathfinding  algorithms 
june 2012 by TomC
I was skeptical when I heard about this but it's very nicely done.
music  coding  programming  podcasts  audio  downloads  lifehacks 
june 2012 by TomC
The Schemaverse
"The Schemaverse is a space-based strategy game implemented entirely within a PostgreSQL database. Compete against other players using raw SQL commands to command your fleet. Or, if your PL/pgSQL-foo is strong, wield it to write AI and have your fleet command itself!"
games  sql  postgres  programming  ai 
june 2012 by TomC
DailyJS: Windows and Node: Writing Portable Code
Pretty mundane stuff documenting gotchas with path separators etc, but a really well researched post.
nodejs  dailyjs  windows  programming  javascript 
may 2012 by TomC
Buzz Andersen
"Many web-centric managers and engineering organizations are confronting the “essential complexity” of native app development for the first time since Netscape ushered in an age of lightweight clients, and the response is often to try to force native app development into a familiar web-like mold without regard to the differences inherent in native apps. If you want to develop truly great, Apple-like native experiences, be ready to engage with some serious complexity."
apps  web  complexity  programming  ios  android  native  quotes 
may 2012 by TomC
The Trouble with JavaScript
Hold onto your static typed languages dearly, someone might take them away from you.
javascript  programming  code  critique  colinmoock  as3 
april 2012 by TomC
How to Design a Good API and Why it Matters
by Joshua Bloch, Principal Software Engineer at Google.
google  apis  design  code  programming  java  presentations 
april 2012 by TomC
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