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ReCode Project
"The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on."
code  generative  art  archives  history  tribute  processing  programming  design  drawing  community 
september 2013 by TomC
[this is aaronland] aren't callback numbers just links?
"We have replaced ... the abstract pony-soup of so many packaged solutions. ... We are actively figuring out what it means to hold hands with Wikipedia. We are thinking about pointers, about things that the rest of the Internet can use as stable fenceposts and reliable markers."
otaku  aaronstraupcope  cooperhewitt  talks  art  design  craft  links  urls  databases  museums  archives  collections  smithsonian  history  flickr  posterity  access 
october 2012 by TomC
Suggestions for things to do outside London during August
RT @simonw: From I can only conclude that August is an excellent month to live in Yorkshire
uk  culture  history  tradition  events  festivals  competitions  via:simonw 
july 2012 by TomC
Epic timeline meets deepzoom thing. Mouse over the coloured blobs on the scale to jump to a specific zoom level. Our click/drag/mouse-wheel around, gmaps style.
deepzoom  timeline  information_visualisation  microsoft  research  science  time  history  interfaces  zui 
march 2012 by TomC
Free your technical aesthetic from the 2010s: A rejection of the rejection of the 1970s. (Daniel Lyons)
"Let me say this, though. If you want to blow your mind, go to your CS department's library and look through the books printed before 1980. You'll be surprised how much diversity, hope and optimism there was, back when our technical aesthetics were completely enslaved to the 1970s."
computerscience  ai  history  aesthetics  programming  ambition  technology 
march 2012 by TomC
San Francisco Symphony Timeline
Flash spiral timeline thing made by Adobe Experience Design people - hopefully the kind of thing we'll see done without Flash in future, since it's not doing anything especially complex with the layout or animation.
flash  timeline  spiral  information_visualisation  sanfrancisco  symphony  history  time 
november 2011 by TomC
How Irene Lived Up to the Hype -
Putting Irene, and the news around it/her, into historical/statistical perspective.
538  statistics  emergency  naturaldisaster  hurricanes  usa  politics  news  journalism  reporting  history  weather  risk  death  hype  nytimes  irene  from delicious
august 2011 by TomC
WeatherSpark | Interactive Weather Charts
Great, if complex, Google-Finance-style interface for navigating through historic weather data. Lots of data sources, lots of nice UI touches.
weather  charts  history  data  ui  information_visualisation  interactive  flash  from delicious
march 2011 by TomC
Traction Software, Inc. | Blog1564: Doug Engelbart's copy of As We May Think - with Doug's 1962 notes scribbled in the margins
"The Doug Engelbart Foundation's 1995 Vannevar Bush Symposium video archive page includes a section on Bush's influence on Doug's work, including his copy of Bush's As We May Think with Doug's 1962 notes in the margins (pdf). Talk about deeply intertwingled living history."
dougenglebart  vannevarbush  aswemaything  history  notes  artefacts  quotes  from delicious
january 2011 by TomC
Memolane | Your time machine for the web
"Keep your memories alive.<br />
Capture photos, music, tweets, posts, and much more.<br />
View and share your entire online life in one place.<br />
Explore and search your history. "
archiving  timelines  information_visualisation  history  from delicious
december 2010 by TomC
Archive Fever: a love letter to the post real-time web |
Brilliant call to arms. Luckily delicious has always been good about export, but Twitter really needs to figure out how to get full archives back online for people.
twitter  archives  mattogle  web  apis  data  history  from delicious
december 2010 by TomC
Chapter 10 - Examples (from Digital Restoration 1st-ed) (PDF)
Lovely examples of professional retouching and restoration work. Why Photoshop is expensive. via philgyford
photography  history  restoration  photoshop  tutorials  colour  science 
july 2010 by TomC
A Very Scary Fireworks Show: Exploding H-Bombs In Space : NPR
"that [the] very same day after the press conference, [Van Allen] agreed with the military to get involved with a project to set off atomic bombs in the magnetosphere to see if they could disrupt it."
physics  war  nuclear  bombs  space  usa  coldwar  lights  history  npr 
july 2010 by TomC
Scott and Scurvy
Really entertaining and informative writing from Maciej, as always.
science  scurvy  history  nutrition  diet  disease  medicine  food  health 
march 2010 by TomC
Rattle » Designing A History of The World
Notes on the BBC history of the world design.
bbc  design  notes  history  time 
february 2010 by TomC
BBC - A History of the World
History of the world through objects, and the spiral of time, people.
timelines  information_visualisation  history  bbc  flash  time  spirals 
february 2010 by TomC
Timelines: sources from history
Slick Flash timeline from the British Library. Good features: compare two timelines, save favourites, print, everything has an image. Behaves like coverflow/cooliris and has a pseudo-3d feel.
timelines  flash  interactive  history  britishlibrary  coverflow  cooliris  information_visualisation  time  3d 
january 2010 by TomC
Year zero - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Year zero is not used in the widely used Gregorian calendar, nor in its predecessor, the Julian calendar. Under those systems, the year 1 BC is followed by AD 1."
time  history  calendars  wikipedia  picks  year_zero 
january 2010 by TomC
Calendar Converter
Public domain javascript functions for converting between different calendar types (Julian, Gregorian, Islamic, Hebrew, Persian, Mayan, Bahai, French, Indian).
calendars  javascript  programming  code  astronomy  awesome  dates  time  history  religion 
january 2010 by TomC
Holocaust: The Ignored Reality - The New York Review of Books
Deep and disturbing stuff, beginning with the sad truth that Auschwitz doesn't really tell the story of what happened to eastern europe in the 20th Century.
europe  history  holocaust  genocide  auschwitz 
january 2010 by TomC
A history of the world in 100 objects: Creative impulses | The Economist
"A 16th-century Aztec mosaic of a double-headed serpent (pictured above) exemplifies the way cultures have long been connected through the movement of people and ideas. It is, he says, “a document of the tribute system of the empire”, with pieces of turquoise from mines that were over 1,000 miles apart, white teeth carved from shells found on both coasts of Mexico, and red details made out of Spondylus, a thorny oyster shell found 60 metres below the surface of the sea. "
objects  history  things  museums  radio  bbc  mexico  trade  economist 
january 2010 by TomC
Cybernetics: researcher wanted – Blog – BERG
BERG are hiring a researcher to dig into the social history of the cybernetics movement.
cybernetics  berglondon  mattwebb  research  jobs  london  history 
november 2009 by TomC
Hipkiss' Scanned Old Maps
"I have a growing collection of old books which each contain a large number of maps. I thought it might be interesting to scan them in and make them available for others to see."
maps  history  cartography 
july 2009 by TomC
Historical Hurricane Tracker - -
A followup to our work last year on msnbc's forecast tracker, an overview of North Atlantic hurricanes since 1850. We're trying something new with the state landfall slider, unrolling the US east/south coast into a straight line. I've also indulged myself in a bit of dynamic copy-as-interface. Pleased with how it turned out, even if Flash groans a bit at all the redrawing.
stamen  work  msnbc  hurricanes  flash  modestmaps  history  maps  information_visualisation  weather  copyasinterface 
may 2009 by TomC
Ian Bogost - A Television Simulator
"Here you see not only how much more realistic the car sprite would have appeared on a [1970s] television, but also how the multiple colored lines on the horizon would have blended with one another, creating a more credible sunset." (via kevan, via waxy)
games  emulation  history  crt  screens  media  culture  context  atari  simulation  georgiatech  graphics 
april 2009 by TomC
San_Francisco_in_ruin_edit2.jpg (JPEG Image, 7000x2748 pixels)
Epic panoramic image of San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake. All the little tent cities are fascinating! Scary stuff.
sanfrancisco  1906  earthquakes  photography  history  cities  urban  wikipedia  picks  commons 
april 2009 by TomC
Did Frank Zappa Come Up With A Business Plan For File Sharing In 1983? | Techdirt
'WALLPAPER FOR THEIR LIFESTYLE'. My head asplode! Frank Zappa talking - in 1983! - about the potential for digital music subscriptions as a business instead of crying about home taping killing music.
music  frankzappa  1983  business  history  quotes  filesharing  p2p  internet  sharing  licensing  subscriptions 
april 2009 by TomC
Cartifact Maps
Beautiful LA cartography. Nice loupe!
maps  design  cartography  cartifact  losangeles  history 
march 2009 by TomC
RMI Oil Imports Map
Google map and timeline of flows of oil/dollars in/out of the US over time.
javascript  googlemaps  ajax  information_visualisation  maps  oil  timenav  timelines  time  history  economics 
march 2009 by TomC
Mind Hacks: The myth of the concentration oasis
Perhaps having hours at a time to concentrate on one thing is a historical blip.
concentration  flow  history  human_condition  singletasking  technology  internet  productivity  survival  mindhacks  myths 
february 2009 by TomC
The Map Room: ‘Data for Decision’: GIS on Punchcards
How GIS was done (and very carefully explained) on punchcard-era computers.
canada  gis  maps  data  punchcards  history  computers 
february 2009 by TomC
sevensixfive: Soft Sites: Masonville Cove
Great article about changing coastlines and cycles of shipping, dredging, etc.
maps  history  industry  shipping  baltimore 
december 2008 by TomC
Pin the Tail » Blog Archive » Patterns, Land Use
"The top map is voting patterns in this 2008 election– the bottom map is cotton production in 1860…" – would love to see about 500 more maps like this please.
maps  politics  election  usa  demographics  history 
november 2008 by TomC
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