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"River is designed for running efficient queries over unbounded streams of data."
node  streaming  data  github  opensource  streams  queries 
september 2013 by TomC
Infrastructure for Startups
Paul Hammond's slides from O'Reilly's Velocity conference.
paulhammond  typekit  velocity  startups  software  tools  hosting  ec2  github  infrastructure  business 
june 2012 by TomC
Smallest Federated Wiki Videos
Slightly mind-bendy (the browser window becomes a "client" for a wiki that comes from your server, everyone else's servers, and local storage). Some nice ideas, like "stacking" pages and allowing extra visualisations to be included in the same browser window. Also "stacking" of paths in the page URL. A little tricky to get up and running - identity is the main issue when you "claim" your wiki - but worth investigating for the good ideas.
wardcunningham  decentralised  federated  wiki  software  collaboration  nike  github  video  demos 
june 2012 by TomC
CSS Background Composer
Really lovely HTML GUI for building CSS backgrounds.
css3  css  ui  gui  html5  interfaces  design  tools  github  gradients 
april 2012 by TomC
"Foresight.js gives webpages the ability to tell if the user's device is capable of viewing high-resolution images (such as the 3rd generation iPad) before the image is requested from the server. Additionally, it judges if the user's device currently has a fast enough network connection for high-resolution images. Depending on device display and network connectivity, foresight.js will request the appropriate image for the webpage."
github  javascript  web  html  retina  ipad  ios  iphone  responsive  design  bandwidth  images 
april 2012 by TomC
Extracted language detection lib from Chromium, packaged up for nodejs.
github  nodejs  javascript  language  nlp  chromium 
april 2012 by TomC
Touch · bebraw/jswiki Wiki
"Javascript libraries for dealing with touch events, multitouch, normalizing across the Webkit/IE touch models, and all that jazz."
javascript  touch  interaction  libraries  github  lists  wiki  mobile 
april 2012 by TomC
Show How, Don't Tell What - A Management Style
"If a "management style" is something I have, this openness doctrine would be the cornerstone."
management  github  business  visibility  openness 
april 2012 by TomC
Open source code from the WebGL tutorial I linked to earlier this week.
webgl  code  javascript  opengl  github 
march 2012 by TomC
Natural language processing in node.js.
node.js  libraries  javascript  github  code  nlp  language  datamining  words 
march 2012 by TomC
isaacs's gist: 1850768 — Gist
Gist driven side-debate (also on Twitter) with Isaac of Node and Brendan of Javascript, about unicode escaping/encoding issues and the prospect of full VM-level support (fixing String.length, substring etc)
brendaneich  isaacschlueter  nodejs  javascript  unicode  github  gist  text  encoding  escaping  programming  code 
february 2012 by TomC
How can you make the Github API accept Unicode characters in JSON? — Gist
More generally: how to escape UTF-16 characters (including surrogate pairs) in JSON.stringified javascript data.
unicode  javascript  json  stringify  encoding  escaping  github  gist  nodejs 
february 2012 by TomC
URL Design — Warpspire
Nice overview of URL design from someone on the github team.
urls  design  web  github  from delicious
january 2011 by TomC
tobeytailor's gordon at master - GitHub
"Gordon: An open source Flash™ runtime written in pure JavaScript". Hard to tell for sure what version of Flash and what features it supports. Nevertheless it's completely audacious and seems extremely well-written, especially for something that's otherwise so sparsely documented. Is this someone's skunkworks attack at the iphone or is it a genuine and useful port of the (tried and tested) Flash architecture to SVG+javascript?
flash  svg  javascript  apple  adobe  iphone  github  swf  programming  code 
january 2010 by TomC
Elevation › Ex Nihilo
Very nicely presented Processing app for viewing GPS traces.
gps  information_visualisation  daveshea  github  design 
december 2009 by TomC
Vector Map JS
Updated my vector map rendering demo to use YQL to transform OSM's XML into GeoJSON. Nerdy but, I hope, useful.
yql  geojson  openstreetmap  osm  json  canvas  html  maps  mapnik  javascript  github 
july 2009 by TomC
philogb's v8-gl at master - GitHub
OpenGL bindings for the V8 javascript engine (that's the one used in Google Chrome). Interesting example of how new bindings get written.
v8  javascript  opengl  github  graphics  3d  code  programming 
june 2009 by TomC
Line endings produced by Flash IDE CS3/4, appear to be Mac specific / Repo issues / Discussion Area - GitHub Support
Gah, it seems like git's diff routines choke on files that have been touched by Flash. Pre-commit hooks to reject bad linebreaks seem like the only sane solution.
mac  git  diff  linebreaks  text  github  argh 
june 2009 by TomC
Github link to the JSONPLoader I just bookmarked.
json  jsonp  javascript  as3  actionscript  flash  code  apis  github 
march 2009 by TomC

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