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Twitter / EdwardTufte: Paul Klee's notebooks,the real ...
Paul Klee's notebooks,the real thing, beautiful double-page spreads at fascinating
design  UX  from twitter_favs
july 2014 by TomC
The Near-Sighted Monkey, Dear Students, Regard the notebooks of Paul Klee ...
Paul Klee's notebooks,the real thing, beautiful double-page spreads at fascinating
design  UX  from twitter_favs
july 2014 by TomC
ReCode Project
"The ReCode Project is a community-driven effort to preserve computer art by translating it into a modern programming language (Processing). Every translated work will be available to the public to learn from, share, and build on."
code  generative  art  archives  history  tribute  processing  programming  design  drawing  community 
september 2013 by TomC
Close the Bars Down | Eager Pies
Eager Pies: Iinfovis advice on turning a boring bar chart into a beautiful animated 3d pie chart
design  information_visualisation  pies  charts  graphs  critique  satire  funny  data  from twitter_favs
may 2013 by TomC
RT : Nervous System dresses! Prints inspired by nature and generated with code. Guys can get shirts too.
nervoussystem  design  fashion  clothing  generative  art  pod  from twitter
march 2013 by TomC
Lino’s Lesson – What's Next - Blogs
Square's Jim McKelvey on lessons from the world's greatest glass blower.
jimmckelvey  square  glass  art  design  cnn  timing 
february 2013 by TomC
m.e.driscoll: data utopian • data visualization is a halfway house
"data visualization is a halfway house: a stopping place on the path from data to decision"
information_visualisation  writing  blogs  mikedriscoll  design  analysis 
february 2013 by TomC
❍ IcoMoon
build custom icon fonts
fonts  icons  design  tools  web  vectors 
december 2012 by TomC
[this is aaronland] aren't callback numbers just links?
"We have replaced ... the abstract pony-soup of so many packaged solutions. ... We are actively figuring out what it means to hold hands with Wikipedia. We are thinking about pointers, about things that the rest of the Internet can use as stable fenceposts and reliable markers."
otaku  aaronstraupcope  cooperhewitt  talks  art  design  craft  links  urls  databases  museums  archives  collections  smithsonian  history  flickr  posterity  access 
october 2012 by TomC
Timpulse - Who Works With ‘Creative Coders?’
RT @moebio: extremely useful: Who works with creative coders? comprehensive list of agencies, by @timstutts
creativecode  code  design  openframeworks  cinder  libcinder  companies  jobs  hiring  timstutts 
october 2012 by TomC
The World Is Not A Battlefield
Stamen project I worked on for the ACLU to map indefinite detention related to the "war on terror". I'd forgotten about this - quick turnaround - but I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Might be a good exercise to do in D3.
aclu  politics  stamen  design  maps  interaction  animation  motion  portfolio  information_visualisation 
october 2012 by TomC
Conference — XOXO Festival
Bookmarking for the grading on the photos. A really nice touch. (via @robinsloan)
xoxo  portland  andybaio  conferences  events  design  photography  portraits  grading  imageprocessing 
september 2012 by TomC
10 rules for students and teachers - Global - Imagination
"Rule 7: The only rule is work. If you work it will lead to something. It is the people who do all the work all the time who eventually catch onto things. You can fool the fans-but not the players.
Rule 8: Do not try to create and analyse at the same time. They are different processes."
johncage  mercecunningham  rules  learning  creativity  making  manifesto  lists  teaching  education  art  design 
september 2012 by TomC
Write Code Like You Just Learned How to Program
"It's extremely difficult to be simultaneously concerned with the end-user experience of whatever it is that you're building and the architecture of the program that delivers that experience."
programming  wisdom  design  dadgum  code 
september 2012 by TomC
Asynchronous UIs - the future of web user interfaces
Also heard this described as "optimistic ui". It's what iOS apps do most of the time. Assume the thing will work and deal gracefully if it doesn't.
async  programming  code  javascript  web  browser  interfaces  design  ui  patterns  optimism 
september 2012 by TomC
Reaction-Diffusion Systems | Syntopia
Soon to be a "jazz standard" like Voronoi? But currently the new hot stuff!
reactiondiffusion  algorithms  lists  generative  art  design  code  programming  turing  systems  webgl 
august 2012 by TomC
Baycityguide San_Francisco_Map [pdf]
How tourists see San Francisco. South of 16th? Forget it. West of Divisadero? No way!
tourists  tourism  maps  cartography  distortion  sanfrancisco  design 
august 2012 by TomC
M - Mike Guss
"I looked at the screens as if they were miniature Josef Muller-Brockmann posters. I had the 480x800 pixel canvas to work with."
microsoft  design  windows  metro  ui  typography  inspiration  monocle  grids 
august 2012 by TomC
Heroku | Design of the Status Site
Nice write-up. Though no mention of the Facebook timeline which clearly gave some inspiration to the design.
heroku  status  timeline  design  web  bestof  bestof2012 
august 2012 by TomC
Leaflet Map Clustering with 50000 Markers
Impressive clustering demo with nice convex hull hover behaviours and transitions at each zoom level. Could possibly be tuned to be less aggressive (e.g. it clusters things that don't overlap visually, which seems unnecessary). Fast!
leaflet  maps  mapping  clustering  geometry  algorithms  markers  information_visualisation  transitions  animation  motion  design  gis  geo 
august 2012 by TomC
"A fast & lightweight polyfill for min/max-width CSS3 Media Queries (for IE 6-8, and more)"
responsive  mediaqueries  css  polyfill  internetexplorer  ie6  ie7  ie8  web  design  mobile 
july 2012 by TomC
Quick Introduction to Moqups - Moqups
Sad for Balsamiq, but this looks promising.
svg  wireframes  mockups  tools  web  design  ui  ux 
july 2012 by TomC
If You can Smell it, it has Mass - we make money not art
"One clinical trial applied the emotional tears of women to the upper lip of men. These men experienced a decrease in testosterone levels without visually witnessing the act of crying. Accepting this as truth concludes that in our everyday lives we are constantly receiving information on an invisible and olfactory basis. Is it possible in the near present future to mass-produce chemosignals that can be used to decrease aggression in humanity?"
art  design  rca  wemakemoneynotart  tears  smell  senses  testosterone  human_condition 
june 2012 by TomC
Living in Lego City
"Police checkpoints. The Burj Khalifa. Bears. What kind of urbanism is Lego creating?"
lego  toys  play  design  culture 
june 2012 by TomC
adam becker • What the hell does ≡ do, anyway?
One of the more mystifying parts of Twitter Bootstap, the "align justify" icon means "menu".
twitter  bootstrap  design  icons  buttons  ux  ui 
june 2012 by TomC
Mission Possible SF
Comprehensive portrait of the Mission, really worth a closer look (and thought). Love the orientation too.
cartography  maps  mission  sanfrancisco  design  census  berkeley  geography  coffee  gangs  population  noise 
june 2012 by TomC - Why I wear the same thing every day, and what I wear.
Nice outline of how to simplify life through choosing a 'uniform'. Kind of unbelievable that she gets harsh criticism in the comments... if it doesn't work for you, don't do it!
clothing  fashion  design  timoniwest  sanfrancisco  uniform  lifehacks 
june 2012 by TomC
Robert Hodgin - Eyeo 2012
RT @golan: Really lovely work by @flight404: -- I so admire Robert's focus, productivity, professionalism, and unto ...
eyeo  roberthodgin  simulation  animation  information_visualisation  physics  science  astronomy  work  cinder  art  design  talks 
june 2012 by TomC
The Depth Jam
Jonathan Blow's notes on a new style of "hackathon", over four days, with only four people, where everyone works on their stuff in between rounds of critique. Also good notes on not finding conferences rewarding any more, and on the needs of experts vs newbies at game jam / hackathon type events.
games  creativity  design  critique  retreats  events  conferences  jonathanblow  chrishecker 
may 2012 by TomC
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