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What it’s like to work for Stripe | Alex MacCaw
"Lastly, people are encouraged to be generalists, and not to be afraid of exploring unfamiliar domains. I’ve been doing a bunch more work with servers recently, and Darragh, who usually runs ops, has fixed the dishwasher."
stripe  companies  culture  hiring  business  collaboration  email  startups  awareness 
august 2012 by TomC
Smallest Federated Wiki Videos
Slightly mind-bendy (the browser window becomes a "client" for a wiki that comes from your server, everyone else's servers, and local storage). Some nice ideas, like "stacking" pages and allowing extra visualisations to be included in the same browser window. Also "stacking" of paths in the page URL. A little tricky to get up and running - identity is the main issue when you "claim" your wiki - but worth investigating for the good ideas.
wardcunningham  decentralised  federated  wiki  software  collaboration  nike  github  video  demos 
june 2012 by TomC
Share JS
Etherpad / Wave style collaborative editing lib for node.js/browsers.
nodejs  algorithms  JavaScript  text  editing  writing  diff  git  collaboration  googlewave  etherpad 
march 2012 by TomC
Category:Potlatch translation - OpenStreetMap
Nice use of the OSM wiki to collaborate on the translation of Potlatch.
openstreetmap  potlatch  software  translation  wikis  collaboration 
november 2008 by TomC
Ten Thousand Cents
New MTurk drawing project from Aaron Koblin and Takashi Kawashima.
money  dollars  art  mechanicalturk  drawing  collaboration 
april 2008 by TomC
Against Well-designed Reputation Systems (An Argument for Community Patent). Many-to-Many:
"Digg seems to have suffered more from both system gaming and public concern over its methods, possibly because the lack of organic growth of its methods prevented it from becoming legitimized over time in the eyes of its users."
digg  quotes  reputation  collaboration  socialsoftware  community  web  articles 
january 2007 by TomC
The Sheep Market
"Thousands of workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk webservice were paid two cents to "draw a sheep facing to the left."" (via wmmna)
art  design  amazon  mechanical_turk  collaboration  webservices 
may 2006 by TomC
Dancing to Kim's tune - Asia - Pacific - International Herald Tribune
"After five months of training, 20,000 schoolchildren filling the side of one of the world's largest stadiums flip giant cards with such synchronicity that they form a gigantic screen flashing picture-quality images and communist slogans." (via Nelson)
politics  communism  people  collaboration  coordination 
october 2005 by TomC
open source, web-based subethaeditalike?
opensource  software  text  editor  web  collaboration 
october 2005 by TomC Why some social network services work and others don't -- Or: the case for object-centered sociality
No mention of myspace though? Through music streaming and shared calendars, MySpace is either going to collapse in on itself, or become the de facto third place for the entire teenage population of the globe.
social_software  social  networks  groups  collaboration  flickr  web 
april 2005 by TomC
Tom Hume: BCS/IEE Turing Lecture
Tom Hume writes up his notes (so now I don't have to - although I do have a few things to add...)
bcs  iee  lecture  turing  london  event  notes  brooks  software_project_management  collaboration  telecollaboration  computer_science  mythical_man_month 
january 2005 by TomC
British Computer Society - 2005 Turing Lecture
"The mantra of "telecollaboration" assumes implicitly that collaboration is a good thing per se. The more one collaborates, the better. This is far from self-evident; it probably is not true. Nevertheless, there are parts of the design process where colla
events  london  design  collaboration  computer_science  todo 
january 2005 by TomC

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