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What’s the matter with “The Google Bus?” | A World of Words
Really loving the way this guy handles the comments on his blog. Very respectful, good discussion.
google  buses  transport  transportation  business  economics  sanfrancisco  siliconvalley  bayarea  culture  urbanplanning  cities  neighbourhoods 
april 2013 by TomC
Build a team they'll never leave: the 4 things that matter - Kevin Gibbs
"When you’re leading a team, it’s easy to get distracted by the urgent stuff, and miss the important stuff. Perhaps unsurprisingly, “employee retention” and a well-balanced work environment will never seem like an urgent topic. But it does matter. Spending time to emphasize the meaning behind your team’s work, fostering comfortable and relaxed personal relationships, giving each person on your team a meaningful future opportunity to work towards, and then budgeting enough money to show everyone that you mean it, matters."
teams  business  management  culture  google  startups  missions  growth  compensation  salary  family  life 
september 2012 by TomC
THE SCIENCE OF SUCCESS: The Surprising Secret to Selling You
"We have a bias - one that operates below our conscious awareness - leading us to prefer the potential for greatness over someone who has already achieved it."
success  experience  potential  jobs  careers  hiring  recruiting  psychology  productivity  business 
september 2012 by TomC
Tough times on the road to Starcraft - Code Of Honor
@maxogden - "as someone who first learned how to program in StarCraft () this blog post is amazeballs"
starcraft  games  code  programming  teams  management  business  software  architecture  bugs  C++  oop  composition  inheritance 
september 2012 by TomC
What it’s like to work for Stripe | Alex MacCaw
"Lastly, people are encouraged to be generalists, and not to be afraid of exploring unfamiliar domains. I’ve been doing a bunch more work with servers recently, and Darragh, who usually runs ops, has fixed the dishwasher."
stripe  companies  culture  hiring  business  collaboration  email  startups  awareness 
august 2012 by TomC
Attack of the acqui-hires (Fortune Finance)
"Why tech companies buy the cow, even though they can get the milk for free."
acquisition  merger  business  tax  law  california  startups  vc 
august 2012 by TomC
Stripe And A/B Testing Made Me A Small Fortune | Kalzumeus Software
"the CEO of eBay isn’t running git bisect for me if I have an API issue, so I feel no need to keep them in my plans forever" ... singing the praises of Stripe for payments (US only)
stripe  payments  business  ecommerce  money  web  paypal  googlecheckout  bingo  ebay  git  support  apis  javascript  quotes  bestof  bestof2012  bisect 
august 2012 by TomC
Dan Shapiro » VC insanity, explained
Good breakdown of how the VC business works including some explanations for counter-intuitive behaviour. The hardest constraint appears to be the "no recycling" rule, which means that a swift exit for a company is undesirable. This explains the "go big or go home" environment in SF/SV at the moment.
vc  economics  funding  startups  investing  business  finance 
july 2012 by TomC
Infrastructure for Startups
Paul Hammond's slides from O'Reilly's Velocity conference.
paulhammond  typekit  velocity  startups  software  tools  hosting  ec2  github  infrastructure  business 
june 2012 by TomC
Panabee: Business Name Generator And Domain Name Search For Your Business Or App
Jumble and adjust your chosen search terms to generate possible domain/business names. Adds common "webby" suffixes too.
domains  business  names  search  branding  web  grammar  words 
june 2012 by TomC
The Californian Ideology
RIP Andy Cameron. Here's his famous essay with Richard Barbrook from 1995, still 100% relevant, if not moreso.
andycameron  california  politics  business  economics  culture  ideology  future  technology  writing  articles 
june 2012 by TomC
If VLC can ship a free DVD player, why can't Microsoft? | ZDNet
Good notes on how the MPEG4/H264 patent pool and licensing agreements work.
dvd  microsoft  mpeg  h264  patents  licensing  ip  business  zdnet 
june 2012 by TomC
Facebook and Instagram « « The Equity KickerThe Equity Kicker
Bookmarking for the insight that Instagram's sale value is justified if it moves Facebook's (expected) IPO price by 1%.
facebook  instagram  business  vc  valuation  ipo  investment 
april 2012 by TomC
Twitter Blog: Introducing the Innovator's Patent Agreement
Looking for a lawyerly take on this - is it enforceable? The 10 year clause seems especially broad. Still, definitely a good position to take and I trust their intentions. What about the opposite approach - e.g. "we'll only patent core innovations that are essential to our business but we pledge to defend those patents aggressively". Anyone doing that with their employees? Why not?
patents  business  twitter  legal  contracts  innovation  ip 
april 2012 by TomC
Show How, Don't Tell What - A Management Style
"If a "management style" is something I have, this openness doctrine would be the cornerstone."
management  github  business  visibility  openness 
april 2012 by TomC
The Great Tablet Flood | Punchcut
Nicely presented overview of forthcoming hardware and trends in tablets.
tablets  hardware  apple  ipad  android  ios  sony  google  business  punchcut  articles 
march 2012 by TomC
startuptools / FrontPage
Epic list of hosted tools for startups/businesses.
startups  lists  business  tools 
october 2011 by TomC
A Story of GameLayers, Inc.
Sobering and insightful account of GameLayers' rise and fall as a VC backed startup. Aside from their own choices good and bad, they were just too early for the convenience of cloud computing and for the ready-to-go Facebook social graph to connect their games.
gamelayers  oatv  vc  startups  business  finance  games  justinhall  pmog 
october 2011 by TomC
Intro to Stock and Options
Great overview for people evaluating stock options, starting a company, joining a startup, etc.
startups  stocks  options  finance  legal  business  usa  taxes  from delicious
june 2011 by TomC
The hacking business model » #AltDevBlogADay
Interesting sustainable business model, especially for encouraging vacations, IP sharing and profit sharing.
business  management  finance  manifesto  hacking  software  development  IP  from delicious
may 2011 by TomC
Anatomy of a Spam Viagra Purchase  - Technology Review
"What happens if you buy something advertised on a spam email? This graphic shows the flow of Internet traffic and money following a purchase of Viagra from a spam email. "
maps  commerce  business  spam  internet  networks  banks  viagra  from delicious
may 2011 by TomC
Startup Tools « Steve Blank
Epic list of references for entrepreneurs and wannabes.
startups  lists  tools  business  entrepreneurship  from delicious
march 2011 by TomC
Stuart Roseman, Out with the Old business in with the New
On the end of ... "# avoid user interfaces like the plague."
ui  design  business  lists  information_visualisation  tufte 
july 2010 by TomC
Software Freedom Conservancy
"As a fiscal sponsor for FOSS projects, the Conservancy provides member projects with free financial and administrative services, but does not involve itself with technological and artistic decisions." (Takes care of Boost, jQuery, Twisted and more.)
opensource  business  administration  freesoftware  nonprofit 
april 2010 by TomC - Performance reviews for developers
"It just occurred to me that I’ve never had (or given) a really well executed developer-centric performance review, and it had me thinking about what should be in such a review."
programming  code  software  reviews  business  management  performance 
january 2010 by TomC
2010: The year of the products + a new way of working - (37signals)
"To start, we will have two dedicated teams plus one slack team. The slack team is available to help either team, or take on other stuff that inevitably comes up."
37signals  business  management  quotes  teams 
january 2010 by TomC
Forget Being a 'Lead' Agency; Strive to Be a Dream Agency - Advertising Age - Guest Columnists
"It wouldn't be wedded to a specific craft such as TV or print. ... would have innovation at its core and the ability to craft campaigns to promote these innovations ... would start with the innovation -- not the other way around ... Data would be its guiding light. It would have the right people to mine the data, interpret it and, based on the results, provide direction on whether and how to proceed to achieve the best ROI. ...
It would produce things with efficiency and fidelity, recognizing that brilliant ideas can fall apart with poor execution (a bad user interface, for example)."
advertising  agencies  innovation  digital  culture  trends  business  design 
january 2010 by TomC
The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office”
The loaded language (sociopaths and losers) is hard to get past but the idea is interesting.
gervais  business  managment  culture  theoffice  human_condition 
january 2010 by TomC
An MBA in Gordon’s Restaurant
Totally agree with this, but I also find Jamie Oliver equally informative/compelling without the confrontation.
cooking  restaurants  business  gordonramsay  mba  management  tv 
january 2010 by TomC
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