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Heroku | Design of the Status Site
Nice write-up. Though no mention of the Facebook timeline which clearly gave some inspiration to the design.
heroku  status  timeline  design  web  bestof  bestof2012 
august 2012 by TomC
Stripe And A/B Testing Made Me A Small Fortune | Kalzumeus Software
"the CEO of eBay isn’t running git bisect for me if I have an API issue, so I feel no need to keep them in my plans forever" ... singing the praises of Stripe for payments (US only)
stripe  payments  business  ecommerce  money  web  paypal  googlecheckout  bingo  ebay  git  support  apis  javascript  quotes  bestof  bestof2012  bisect 
august 2012 by TomC
Pinterest's engineering team on using Memcached for feeds (instead of Redis).
memcached  redis  bestof  bestof2012  pinterest  ctohat  engineering  caching  feeds 
july 2012 by TomC
The pseudo-science and pseudo-feminism of Women Don't Ask |
"It’s time for feminists — and I mean anyone, of any gender, who believes in gender equality — to stop plugging Women Don’t Ask. Stop buying this book. Stop parroting the half-baked notion that women need to be cured of their failure to negotiate." - guilty.
negotiation  salary  careers  women  feminism  critique  academia  science  pseudoscience  bestof  bestof2012 
may 2012 by TomC
Turbocharging Solr Index Replication with BitTorrent « Code as Craft
Tackling a problem, in depth, finding a new solution and feeding it back to the open source community. Etsy does it right. Great write-up too.
etsy  solr  bittorrent  architecture  search  bestof  bestof2012  engineering 
january 2012 by TomC
console.log() • So you want to build a ZUI...
This post kicks off a series on all things DeepZoom. Great reading if you're wondering what makes for a good multi-scale image viewer.
zui  deepzoom  ui  interfaces  tiles  images  algorithms  animation  bestof 
december 2011 by TomC

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