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Ask Me No Questions by T'Pring
A meeting with Homeland security to discuss the situation off the coast of San Francisco brings Nancy into unexpected contact with John again. That's be about when they get kidnapped by a Mexican drug cartel, too.
sga  post-eatg  gen  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  words:25k-50k  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  nancysheppard  complete 
october 2012 by Thraesja
Sheppard's Law by Speranza
"Weird? You don’t know what weird is. Weird is being in a– with the– and the crazy alien–” He stopped, incoherent, hands flailing. “And then your best friend is twelve, and you’re his piano teacher. That–now, you’re talking weird!”
characterpiece  drama  romance  nancysheppard  underage  rating:nc-17  complete  words:25k-50k  pov:rodney  pov:john  angst  slash  earthside  timetravel  mckay/sheppard  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja

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