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The Past is the Past (Until It's Not) by jane_x80
Tony's childhood trauma catches up with him, and he'll need his friends' help (especially Gibbs) to get past this.
ncis  Gibbs/DiNozzo  abused!dinozzo  noncon  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  vance  fornell  team  pov:multi  drama  dinozzosr  musician!dinozzo  rating:nc-17  complete 
may 2016 by Thraesja
Explosions and Other Facts of Life by The Tenth Muse
Tony saves Kate from an explosion, but ends up scarred himself. Gibbs is kind of a schmuck about it, but not for the reason Tony thinks.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  angst  hurt!dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  team  complete  rating:nc-17  pov:multi  smut  words:10k-25k 
october 2015 by Thraesja
Remember The Songbird by Jasmine2009
The team tries to keep Tony's hopes alive and his mind occupied after an accident occurs. The one with the mine shaft, the press, and the asshole base CO.
ncis  gen  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  whump  team  vance  complete 
september 2015 by Thraesja
If the King had run off with Prince Charming... by C_C
Mention of a "Hot date" leaves several Gibbs family secrets exposed. And Tony trying to hide in plain sight.
ncis  Gibbs/DiNozzo  complete  slash  rating:pg-13  words:100k-200k  romance  competent!dinozzo  team  fornell  dinozzosr  jackgibbs  gibbsabbysdad  dadt  hurt!gibbs  insecure!dinozzo  fluff  drama  excellent 
september 2015 by Thraesja
In Light of a New Day by cernicalo
Tony submits to a man who looks like Gibbs, but is viciously assaulted. Unwilling to report his rape to anyone but Ducky, he transfers away from the team and most definitely away from Gibbs. He recovers well enough to rejoin the scene with the help of friends, until more rapes and a murder turn up with the same MO.
Gibbs/DiNozzo  complete  slash  hurt/comfort  angst  rating:nc-17  drama  noncon  hurt!dinozzo  pov:multi  words:100k-200k  bdsm  dom!gibbs  sub!dinozzo  dinozzo/oc  team  NCIS 
august 2015 by Thraesja
In-Law by rageprufrock
"I'm not the one who's been divorced three times," Tony pouts. Jack Gibbs makes certain not entirely, but mostly, incorrect assumptions.
ncis  rating:pg  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  fluff  team  jackgibbs  humour  pov:gibbs  words:1k-5k  complete  preslash 
december 2014 by Thraesja
Slipping by Hilde
Tony and Gibbs start a relationship only days before Gibbs is grievously injured on a case. Add to that Jen Shepard's sudden hatred of Tony, and things become complicated for everyone.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!gibbs  bashing:jenshepard  romance  words:50k-100k  insecure!dinozzo  abused!dinozzo  rating:nc-17  pov:multi  complete  angst  team 
november 2014 by Thraesja
Tony's Dilemma by Glenda
Tony and Gibbs have only been lovers a few weeks when Shepard delivers an ultimatum. The noncon accusation is untrue, but still (or perhaps because of this), it may trigger.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  slash  rating:nc-17  noncon  pov:chaos  words:10k-25k  team  bashing:jenshepard  complete  drama  kidfic 
october 2014 by Thraesja
The prison of your mind by EternalSheWolf
Jim's experiences on Tarsus lead to comments about his inhumanity, which he internalizes for a long, long time.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:pg-13  bashing:winona  tarsus  abused!kirk  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  complete  team  friendship  gen  words:5k-10k  badass!kirk  noncon 
september 2014 by Thraesja
Obstructed Views by Detour
Gibbs backs out of an international conference and Vance is forced to bring DiNozzo instead. He's anything but impressed with DiNozzo's shenanigans, at least until they get the news that Gibbs has been kidnapped. The one with the Mounties.
ncis  humour  crack  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!gibbs  gen  pov:multi  team  vance  competent!dinozzo  respected!dinozzo  rating:pg-13  complete  words:25k-50k 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Collision Course by jumpfall
The one where Tony, Ziva, Jimmy, and Abby are in a coffee shop when it gets held for ransom.
ncis  team  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!palmer  dinozzosr  competent!dinozzo  pov:multi  words:50k-100k  complete  rating:pg  gen  friendship  excellent 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Salt in the Wound by Leimelde
Several years after her father's death, Dr. Jeanne Benoit is working the ER at Bethesda when Agent DiNozzo is admitted as a patient. Can she stay both professional and civil?
ncis  pov:jeanne  pov:dinozzo  rating:pg  gen  team  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  words:5k-10k  complete 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Family is as Family Does by dragonflysoul
Dinozzo Senior stops by Gibbs' house to try to locate his son, only to find Gibbs caring for a very injured and sick Tony. The one where Tony and Tim's mission goes very wrong.
ncis  gen  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  hurt!mcgee  dinozzosr  team  tonyslungs  pov:multi  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  complete 
july 2014 by Thraesja
Shouting matches and Secrets by C_C
McGee overhears something during a fight and then makes a discovery.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  team  slash  pov:multi  complete  rating:pg  words:5k-10k 
may 2014 by Thraesja
Not That Simple by slashscribe
While working a case, Tony begins to feel sick, and then he wakes up with some startling symptoms. Luckily, Gibbs is there every step of the way.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  disabled!dinozzo  pov:dinozzo  rating:nc-17  team  complete  words:100k-200k 
may 2014 by Thraesja
Blood Of My Blood by Kazzoh
Senior is murdered, leaving Tony with nothing but a little brother he didn't know he had and an enemy out to kill both of them.
ncis  kidfic  dinozzosr  jackgibbs  vance  team  gen  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  whump  fornell  pov:multi  rating:pg  wip 
may 2014 by Thraesja
Tin Star by Lilmouse
Dinozzo gets hurt saving a little girl named Katie not long after the team loses Caitlyn. High Noon.
ncis  gen  team  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  tonyslungs  badass!dinozzo  complete  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  words:25k-50k 
may 2014 by Thraesja
Razor's Edge (The Breathe 'Verse) by colorguard28
Two teammates come together after Ziva stays in Israel. Now they must survive her return, their own demons and well-intentioned meddling by teammates. Check out the rest of the Breathe universe on the author's page
ncis  dinozzo/mcgee  slash  rating:pg-13  mcgeefamily  team  words:100k-200k  angst  abused!dinozzo  tonyslungs  hurt/comfort  fluff  musician!dinozzo  fornell  noncon 
april 2014 by Thraesja
Hidden In Plain Sight by JoaniexJony
Tony is shot in the garage of NCIS. At first GIbbs and the team believe their current suspect is responsible, but the facts don't line up and someone makes another attempt on Tony's life in the hospital. They need to figure out who's trying to kill DiNozzo and why before a third attempt is successful. The one with Coralee and the Chateauneuf du Pape.
ncis  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  mystery  words:25k-50k  complete  whump  gen  team 
april 2014 by Thraesja
Silent Night by Mokibobolink
Gibbs gets a call on Christmas Eve from a missing, disoriented, and dying Dinozzo.
ncis  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  team  gen  words:25k-50k  pov:multi  rating:pg  kidfic  complete 
april 2014 by Thraesja
A Hiding to Nothing by Laine3112
When Tony and Palmer stumble into a perilous situation, Gibbs and Ducky exhaust all avenues to get them back safely. Good Tony whump, though warning for islamophobia.
ncis  gen  team  pov:chaos  rating:pg  words:25k-50k  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  complete  whump  kidfic 
march 2014 by Thraesja
Family of Three by Julesmonster
When Tony finds a baby on his doorstep, it changes his and Gibbs' lives forever.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  kidfic  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  rating:pg  words:25k-50k  pov:multi  drama  slash  complete  au  team  fluff  bashing:vance 
march 2014 by Thraesja
Plans, Rules, And Yachts by AzureKMello
Everyone needs a code to live by and someone to be with. Once you get the person and the rules you can deal with anything. But when Tony first makes his plan he has no idea how his life will change. Plus sequel The Trial, Love, and Murder.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  dinozzoSr  abused!dinozzo  insecure!dinozzo  team  pov:multi  rating:nc-17  kink  words:100k-200k  slash  smut  drama  romance  smart!dinozzo  pining!dinozzo 
march 2014 by Thraesja
The Deepest Significance by Bananacosmicgirl
Whilst working on a case, Tony gets sick but pretends nothing is wrong. When Gibbs sends Tony and Ziva out to track the possible murderer, things take a turn for the worse.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  rating:pg  words:10k-25k  slash  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  tonyslungs  action/adventure  insecure!dinozzo  pov:multi  complete  team 
march 2014 by Thraesja
Caught Between a Rock and a Gibbs by Florence1
Tony is injured but no one knows how or why, Worse Tony himself is distinctly uncooperative, who or what is he covering for and why? The one with the ex-fiancée from hell.
ncis  pov:chaos  words:100k-200k  rating:pg-13  hurt!dinozzo  hurt/comfort  angst  mystery  team  whump  gen  complete 
march 2014 by Thraesja
Accidental Heroes by Laine3112
While investigating a murder at a remote country property, Tony, McGee and Palmer are cut off from the others by a hurricane. One is dangerously ill. Can the others keep him alive and can Gibbs get to them in time?
ncis  gen  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  rating:pg-13  team  friendship  pov:multi  words:25k-50k  complete 
february 2014 by Thraesja
Wrong at the Top of my Voice by cyndrarae
DiNozzo has always looked up to Gibbs as a father figure. But after the Frog debacle and a year full of lies and deception, Tony realizes the grave error he’s made all these years – he never asked if Gibbs wanted the job in the first place. Enter disgraced marine Damon Werth, the man who couldn’t be more Gibbs-Junior if he tried. And it’s like Tony is eleven again, teetering on the edge of abandonment, fighting to hold on even though he knows he’ll lose again. Except 'abandoned' isn't all that Tony is feeling. How screwed up must he be to feel both jealous of and attracted to one guy at the same time? AU set after S5E10 (Corporal Punishment)
ncis  dinozzo/werth  pov:multi  hurt/comfort  hurt!dinozzo  gibbsasdad  action/adventure  angst  rating:nc-17  slash  words:50k-100k  complete  team 
february 2014 by Thraesja
We Climbed So High Once by Tivteryn
The team learns of Tony's secret past in Peoria when a killer he captured returns. Can they find the killer and protect Tony as their efforts are undermined by the FBI? The one where Gibbs finds out he has more in common with Tony than he thought.
ncis  gen  dinozzo/oc  friendship  hurt/comfort  team  hurt!dinozzo  angst  pov:multi  words:25k-50k  kidfic  mystery  complete 
february 2014 by Thraesja
Dilithium and Dreams by starandrea
Spock doesn't leave Jim's side for the weeks it takes him to recover from death by warp core. The one with action movies as Coles notes, Jim protecting the sick girl from London, the crew breakfast plotting to get by their debriefs, Spock telepathically controlling Jim's bio readings, and best of all Spock's relationship with Jim not negating his relationship with Nyota.
startrek  st:reboot  st:intodarkness  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  kirk/spock  spock/uhura  slash  het  friendship  team  complete  pov:multi  rating:pg  words:25k-50k 
february 2014 by Thraesja
infixion by Etharei
Lovely post-Into Darkness look at the crew as a team and a family. The one with the Dar, the Vulcan observers, the rescued children, and Uhura being an awesome friend.
startrek  st:reboot  rating:r  pov:multi  words:25k-50k  st:intodarkness  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  kirk/spock  friendship  team  5ymission  pining!kirk  action/adventure  complete  slash 
december 2013 by Thraesja
Transitions by Beamirang
Jim takes Uhura to a linguistics symposium as a peace offering. Then the terrorists show up. Nice Kirk whump and set-up to Into Darkness.
startrek  st:reboot  st:intodarkness  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  whump  samkirk  tarsus  abused!kirk  gen  friendship  team  smart!kirk  pov:multi  words:25k-50k  complete  rating:pg-13  badass!kirk 
october 2013 by Thraesja
Beside Manners by BreakfastTea
The crew during Jim's two weeks in the coma, followed by Jim's POV for the first two months of his recovery.
startrek  st:reboot  st:intodarkness  pov:multi  pov:kirk  rating:pg  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  mentor!pike  winonakirk  words:25k-50k  gen  team  friendship  complete 
september 2013 by Thraesja
These Hands by thesecretmichen
"Spock knocked you up?" Bones asked quietly, eyes wide, lips pulled back in a grin. "That robot got it up and put a telepathic bun in your oven?" He held a hand up. "I need a moment." The one with the flowers, snarky Bones, obnoxious admirals and awesome Uhura.
startrek  st:reboot  kirk/spock  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  mpreg  team  slash  rating:nc-17  words:100k-200k  wip  5ymission  angst  pov:multi 
july 2013 by Thraesja
The Christmas Song by TDazz
Jim is usually the instigator of the holidays on the Enterprise, but when unexpected illness turns him into an invalid for most of the month of December, the other officers step up. Sort of. Badly.
startrek  st:reboot  kirk/spock  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  pov:multi  slash  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  complete  fluff  team  5ymission 
july 2013 by Thraesja
Genesis by Beamirang
A Captain is all things to all people. Jim is running on fumes, and it takes more than good luck and nerves of steel to be the leader the crew of the Enterprise need. The one where Section 31 arrests Jim as soon as they arrive home. Plenty of sequels, see author's bio.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:multi  gen  friendship  words:25k-50k  complete  returnhome  tarsus  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  team  rating:pg  joannamccoy 
july 2013 by Thraesja
Cost of a Kiss by darkseraphina
Nyota wasn't prepared for this - the sight of Kirk of the thousand one-night stands, and McCoy, gruff and snarky divorcee, in a lip-lock that could've powered the warp core. Or for it to be so hot.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:uhura  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  kirk/mccoy  5ymission  slash  team  angst  complete 
may 2013 by Thraesja
Lucky Man by Penknife
The anniversary of the massacre on Tarsus IV comes along and everyone wants a sound bite from Jim.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  tarsus  friendship  team  complete  angst  gen  5ymission 
march 2013 by Thraesja
By Any Other Name by Moogsthewriter
Cultural miscommunications are annoying for everyone, but they’re almost always painful for Jim Kirk. AKA, Five times aliens mistook Kirk for someone (or something) else, and one time they didn’t.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  gen  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  team  friendship  complete  5ymission 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Between the Lines By Moogsthewriter
Of all the things they thought he was, an artist had never been one of them. AKA, Five people who discover Kirk's hidden talent, and one who's known all along.
startrek  st:reboot  artist!kirk  gen  pov:multi  team  friendship  angst  amandagrayson  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  complete  insecure!kirk  complete 
march 2013 by Thraesja
James and the Giant Ship by blcwriter
It was Chekov who remarked "Where does ze Keptin go after ze observance iz over? Iz serious, yes, but I vould think he vould vant to spend his birthday vith friends." Cold silence fell across the table and Bones felt the coldest of all. "Fuck."
gen  rating:pg-13  words:5k-10k  team  abused!kirk  angst  complete  st:reboot  friendship  startrek  fluff  pov:kirk  pov:mccoy 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Stitches by Alone Dreaming
Sequel to Five to One. Kirk's recovery after his imprisonment...assuming his imprisonment is actually over.
gen  rating:pg-13  5ymission  hurt!kirk  st:reboot  whump  startrek  team  hurt/comfort  pov:kirk 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Five to One by Alone Dreaming
Kirk is imprisoned as a political prisoner. The food is incompatible with his system, his roommate is a pink panda, medical care is negligible and there are psychotropic bugs. All in all, not a good time. Sequel is Stitches.
gen  rating:pg-13  hurt!kirk  5ymission  st:reboot  whump  startrek  team  hurt/comfort  pov:kirk 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Sestina by Lyricoloratura
In space, you need your friends. Jim's been taken hostage, the Enterprise is threatened in enemy territory, and the crew must risk everything to try to save their captain. Very slow to start, but decently done apart from POV. Slow updates.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:chaos  kirk/spock  mccoy/uhura  sulu/chekov  slash  het  words:50k-100k  fluff  action/adventure  tarsus  abused!kirk  team  wip 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Never Have I Ever by ArwendeImladris
The males of the senior crew get together for a game of Never Have I Ever.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:Kirk  words:1k-5k  humour  slash  kirk/spock  team  romance  complete  rating:pg-13 
february 2013 by Thraesja
The Long Way Home by Jezebel Rising
Jim doesn't know what it's like to have friends. He also doesn't know how to recognize people caring about him. The one with the Andorian nanny and Frank's murder trial.
startrek  st:reboot  kirk/spock  preslash  slash  het  kirk/oc  rating:r  words:25k-50k  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  winonakirk  abused!kirk  samkirk  team  bashing:winona 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Taking the Slower Path (we'll get there in the end) by BlackEyedGirl
They're not friends yet. That takes time, more than a few really disastrous missions, two anniversaries, and quite a lot of bloodshed. Jim's never been the patient type.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:pg-13  words:25k-50k  slash  kirk/spock  romance  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  team  complete 
february 2013 by Thraesja
What We Know by Danahid
We didn't know then that Jim Kirk specialized in not living up (or down) to anyone's expectations.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:oc  characterpiece  gen  words:5k-10k  rating:pg  complete  cupcake  abused!kirk  5ymission  team 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Measure of Men by Monstrousreg
Four years into the DS5 mission, Starfleet Command calls for an investigation regarding the nature of the relationship between Commander Spock and Captain Kirk. These are the interviews of the command core and their insights on said relationship. It seems Kirk's apparent delight in making Command's life impossible is contagious. To get to further chapters click next entry. Note the sequel,Simple Feeling.
startrek  st:reboot  5ymission  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  angst  hurt/comfort  abused!kirk  tarsus  kirk/spock  team  complete  badass!mccoy  slash 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Coming Home by CD1996
Enterprise has docked following the Narada engagement, the crew has been beamed to Earth for a litany of painful and exhausting debriefings (or reprimands), and Jim's physical/mental depletion has ended up resulting in one helluva migraine. Thankfully, he's got a best buddy doctor who knows just how to handle it and take care of his friend...and a surprising few others who just might, as well.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:mccoy  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  team  slash  complete  returnhome 
february 2013 by Thraesja
That's what Friends are for by amerasu1013
The Enterprise crew takes take of each other. They are friends, they went through thick and thin together, and they are violently protective of theirs. They are family.
startrek  st:reboot  gen  team  cupcake  friendship  pov:multi  words:5k-10k  complete  rating:pg-13 
january 2013 by Thraesja
5 occasions upon which Spock earned the trust and/or affection of crew-mates By Janice Lester
5 occasions upon which Spock earned the trust and/or affection of crew-mates, and one occasion on which crew-mates demonstrated these emotions. Win for the open letter to T'Pring.
gen  startrek  st:reboot  pov:Spock  friendship  team  hurt/comfort  t'pring  rating:pg-13  words:1k-5k  complete 
january 2013 by Thraesja
Secret Garden by Mijan
Captain Kirk has a garden. It has tomatoes, corn, snap peas, and secrets.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:multi  team  gen  tarsus  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  complete  characterpiece  angst  excellent  5ymission  team 
december 2012 by Thraesja
Frequency by liketheriver
The team finds that on a hostile planet, the radio can be your best friend, especially when that's the only way you can talk to each other.
gen  team  pov:multi  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  complete  action/adventure  hurt/comfort  hurt!rodney  hurt!john  hurt!ronon 
october 2012 by Thraesja
Many Different Suns by Rustler
Episode tag to Search and Rescue. Ronon watches Sheppard recover.
sga  hurt/comfort  pov:ronon  team  friendship  gen  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  complete  hurt!john 
october 2012 by Thraesja
The New Guys by T'Pring
Colonel Sheppard's command style is atypical and eclectic. It's not for everyone, but it certainly works when his team and some new trainees get ambushed off world.
sga  gen  pov:multi  rating:pg  words:10k-25k  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  badass!john  respected!john  team  complete  action/adventure  pov:oc 
september 2012 by Thraesja
Here Be Dragons by tepring
Shortly after the nano virus outbreak and their subsequent argument, Elizabeth finds herself trapped on the mainland with a seriously injured John Sheppard.
gen  complete  smart!john  words:10k-25k  sga  friendship  pov:multi  rating:pg  team  hurt!john  hurt/comfort 
august 2012 by Thraesja
Skipping the Angles by T'Pring
Sheppard and Team cross the locals on an anarchistic, violent planet and find themselves caught up in the Clan's battle for leadership. John is injured, friends are not what they seem, and the jumper won't be back for twelve more hours. Cue action, knives and thugs.
gen  team  sga  complete  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  excellent  stargate  pov:multi  words:25k-50k  rating:r  pov:oc 
august 2012 by Thraesja
OK Computer by Speranza
The one where John dies and Rodney finds the virtual entertainment device.
team  hurt!john  words:25k-50k  rating:nc-17  pov:rodney  romance  slash  angst  timetravel  mckay/sheppard  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
This Bolder Life by Darkrose and Telesilla
After a pair of newspaper reporters uncover the existence of the Stargate Program, the team, along with Rodney and Teyla's baby daughter Elizabeth, travel to Earth in order for John and Rodney to testify before the US Congress. However, not everyone in the world approves of the program, and as Team AR-1 fights bureaucrats and politicians to keep the program alive, a group of extremists take matters into their own hands.
slash  moresome  sga  pov:multi  davesheppard  team  drama  earthside  mckay/sheppard/emmagan/dex  gatemadepublic  complete  het  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  stargate  kidfic 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Written by the Victors by speranza
Epic secession fic told in a series of book excerpts, personal correspondence, and narrative that's just so realistic it's both painful and beautiful.
excellent  kidfic  drama  team  independent!atlantis  het  slash  words:50k-100k  rating:r  pov:john  pov:correspondence  sheppard/emmagen  mckay/sheppard  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Blood is Thicker by T'Pring
When John is severely injured by an unusual weapon, it may be that only a family member can save his life. And that means David Sheppard must come to Atlantis...if John's friends can convince him to do it.
whump  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  words:25k-50k  rating:pg-13  pov:multi  gen  davesheppard  team  angst  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Just Your Typical Day by Wildkat88
An example of how Ronon spends a typical day in Atlantis. Well, the ones with no missions or emergencies, anyway.
team  gen  sga  complete  fluff  words:1k-5k  rating:pg  pov:ronon 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Brothers by Wildcat88
When John is declared KIA in The Last Man, his brother Dave and his ex-wife Nancy are informed. Wins for characterization; Nancy is awesome and Dave's still an ass, but their reactions feel real.
team  angst  gen  complete  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  nancysheppard  davesheppard  pov:dave  pov:nancy 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda by liketheriver
Caring for your injured CO isn't the easiest job for a Marine. And Sheppard's isn't the only team on Atlantis.

Very nice outsider perspective, hurt/comfort, teamy goodness fic. Reminiscent of SG-13 in Heroes (SG-1).
complete  words:5k-10k  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  team  gen  pov:oc  rating:pg-13  sga 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Subterfuge by liketheriver
The team suffers separation anxiety, Sheppard gets whumped by the Genii, and McKay MacGyvers a bomb out of an MRE.
action/adventure  sga  gen  hurt!rodney  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  words:10k-25k  rating:pg-13  pov:multi  team 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Reckoning by tacit
In the first year, they're not used to it and don't trust each other. In the fourth, they are and they do. Tag to The Defiant One. Shepwhump with gen McKay comfort.
gen  complete  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13  pov:rodney  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  whump  team  sga 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Lovesick (No, Really) by pansychubb
Amusing dialogue-only fic where John's been made ill by an alien aphrodisiac. Teyla FTW.
hurt/comfort  hurt!john  sga  words:1k-5k  rating:pg  humour  team  gen 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Flying With a Broken Wing by tridget
Neither the Air Force nor his father believes John's story of how he ended up with wings. The one with the antipsychotics and the sanatorium and the evil circus and Rodney to the rescue.
au  sga  gen  pov:john  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  creature!john  abused!john  team 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Endings by mirabile dictu
The lovely post-apocafic on an overheated and drowning world with a beautiful and aging team.
moresome  mckay/sheppard/emmagan/dex  words:5k-10k  angst  smut  rating:nc-17  pov:multi  team  het  slash  ot4  apocafic  sga  asexuality 
may 2012 by Thraesja
The Care and Feeding of a CO by Domenika Marzione
There were times Lorne felt like nothing more than a well-trained dog and for reasons that had nothing to do with the sit-stay-heel aspects of military life.

Post-Conversion fic from Lorne's perspective.
complete  gen  words:5k-10k  rating:pg  sentient!atlantis  action/adventure  humour  pov:evan  team  sga 
april 2012 by Thraesja
Failure to Communicate by Tipper
Caught in the middle of an offworld battle, Rodney is badly wounded. John has to leave him in order to rescue the other four members of the team. Very nice action/adventure with lots of The Great Escape references, though with head-hopping and irritating epithets everywhere.
rating:pg  words:25k-50k  pov:chaos  stargate  friendship  gen  team  action/adventure  hurt/comfort  angst  sga 
march 2012 by Thraesja
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