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Conspiracy by Maethoriel Raina
After Voldemort's defeat, and in order to keep control of Harry Dumbledore enacts a marriage contract between Harry and Ginny. Bound by Pureblood Traditions, Harry can only use that to his advantage
harrypotter  harry/severus  preslash  bashing:weasleys  bashing:dumbledore  redeemed!lucius  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!draco  pov:multi  rating:pg  drama  kidfic  complete  post-ootp 
june 2015 by Thraesja
Yours, Mine, and Ours by AlexJanna
After his wife leaves him and abandons their children abruptly, Harry doesn't think he or his kids will ever be able to heal. But a chance meeting with an old nemesis and his son in Diagon, various childish schemes, and a little bit of quick upheaval makes Harry realize that just maybe everything isn't as irreparable or dire as he thought.
harrypotter  harry/draco  pov:chaos  slash  romance  kidfic  rating:pg-13  mpreg  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!lucius  redeemed!dudley  abandoned  bashing:ginny  post-dh 
march 2015 by Thraesja
Azoth by zeitgeistic
Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.
harry/draco  harrypotter  rating:nc-17  words:50k-100k  complete  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!draco  pov:harry  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  mentor!snape  slash  smart!harry  potionmaster!harry  smut  post-dh 
may 2014 by Thraesja
Second Chances by Kishijoten
Draco hasn't seen Potter for ten years, and yet now he finds out the man's teaching his children. The one with Lucius being a bad influence on one of Draco's sons.
harrypotter  harry/draco  homophobia  kidfic  professor!harry  professor!draco  post-ootp  rating:r  words:100k-200k  angst  romance  complete  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  pov:multi 
january 2014 by Thraesja
Harry Potter & the Soulmate Bond by Keira Marcos
A rare het story from Keira Marcos, but has the same kickass dialogue and tropes that I somewhat shamefully enjoy.
rich!harry  powerful!harry  harrypotter  abused!harry  pov:multi  wip  harry/hermione  redeemed!narcissa  lord!harry  au  bashing:weasleys  het  rating:nc-17  redeemed!draco 
august 2013 by Thraesja
Corruption Sequence by Beren
Instead of killing Harry, Voldemort conducts a dark ritual to turn him into a dark creature and then locks him in a room to destroy a disobedient Draco. But that's not what happens.
harrypotter  harry/draco  dubcon  pov:Harry  dark!harry  creature!harry  vampire!harry  hurt/comfort  hurt!harry  post-ootp  slash  rating:nc-17  complete  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa 
june 2013 by Thraesja
The Silent World Within You by Femmequixotic
Harry only wanted Malfoy for one night, one birthday. It wasn’t meant to be anything more. The one where Draco's doing community service with Hagrid.
complete  slash  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!draco  professor!harry  post-dh  romance  angst  rating:nc-17  words:50k-100k  pov:harry  pov:draco  harrypotter  mpreg  harry/draco 
january 2012 by Thraesja
Take the Air by Anonymous
Someone or something is attacking Muggles and leaving them for dead. Auror Harry Potter is assigned to the case, but with his usual partner unavailable, he is stuck with the worst, most anti-social, rude, and annoying Auror ever to walk the halls of the Ministry. Or perhaps he is only that way around Harry…
complete  post-hogwarts  post-war  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!draco  excellent  romance  animagus!harry  auror!harry  post-dh  words:50k-100k  pov:harry  rating:r  angst  harrypotter  slash  harry/draco 
january 2012 by Thraesja
Practicing Liars by lomonaaeren
Harry found out that he was Snape's son two years ago, and he's carefully concealed it. But now Snape is his Defense teacher, and Draco Malfoy is up to something, and Dumbledore is dying, and the final battle is coming up, and everything is getting very, very complicated.
harrypotter  harry/draco  mentor!snape  redeemed!draco  post-ootp  au  pov:multi  words:100k-200k  rating:pg-13  angst  hurt/comfort  drama  bashing:dumbledore  post-dh  hurt!harry  redeemed!narcissa 
november 2011 by Thraesja
The Marriage of True Minds by lomonaaeren
Lucius curses Harry and Draco into a forced marriage. They're required only to live together, not to be together, and so both of them pursue relationships on the side. But as time passes, things change. The one with the beast in the dark.
harrypotter  harry/draco  words:200k-300k  pov:harry  pov:draco  post-dh  rating:r  powerful!harry  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  auror!harry  angst  romance  hurt/comfort  bonded  slash 
november 2011 by Thraesja
Foundations by Sarahs Girl
Sequel to Reparations. Harry and Draco continue their relationship, despite the opinions of the Wizarding World. Together, they build Foundations to replace the sabotaged Chem Dep.
harrypotter  harry/draco  pov:harry  words:200k-300k  rating:nc-17  kidfic  angst  drama  romance  healer!harry  excellent  redeemed!draco  complete  redeemed!narcissa  slash 
october 2011 by Thraesja
Birthday Gift by Dracosoftie
Harry brings in an exorbitant amount from an unknown buyer at the charity bachelor auction. Turns out he's a birthday gift for an unexpected and unexpecting recipient.
harrypotter  harry/draco  angst  romance  words:25k-50k  pov:chaos  post-dh  rating:nc-17  mpreg  fluff  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  slash  smut 
september 2011 by Thraesja
Gold Tinted Spectacles by Beren
A face to face with Voldemort changes Draco's mind on the wisdom of becoming a Death Eater. To his surprise, Harry not only accepts him, but their relationship becomes very much more. Hecatemus.
harrypotter  harry/draco  words:100k-200k  pov:harry  pov:draco  rating:nc-17  powerful!harry  rich!harry  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  bonded  romance  hurt/comfort  creature!harry  post-ootp  slash  smut  angst  complete  excellent 
september 2011 by Thraesja
Boys Don't Cry by Furiosity and Pixies
Harry didn't remember the mirror Sirius gave him in Fifth Year, but Hermione did. The one with the in character Harry and Draco. Ends abruptly.
harrypotter  harry/draco  pov:draco  words:25k-50k  rating:nc-17  art  slash  smut  drama  angst  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  pov:harry  complete  post-hbp 
september 2011 by Thraesja
Bloody but Unbowed by Lomonaaeren
Nothing in Harry’s life since the war has gone the way he expected. And now he’s the mediwizard assigned to take care of Lucius Malfoy, of all people. But he’s Harry; he grits his teeth and endures. He won’t allow even Draco Malfoy’s flirting, which he knows is just a joke, to disconcert him.  EWE
harrypotter  harry/draco  rating:r  pov:harry  words:100k-200k  healer!harry  mystery  romance  hurt/comfort  angst  post-dh  slash  complete  redeemed!draco  redeemed!lucius  redeemed!narcissa 
september 2011 by Thraesja
Dearest Harry - Eileen's Story by quill lumos
On the run after killing Dumbledore, Snape and Draco visit Snape's mother. She's dying, and has family secrets to share before she goes. The one where Snape is Harry's uncle.
harrypotter  harry/draco  rating:r  hurt/comfort  powerful!harry  abused!harry  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!lucius  bashing:dumbledore  pov:multi  words:200k-300k  drama  action/adventure  slash  animagus!harry  post-hbp 
august 2011 by Thraesja
Birth of the Serpent King
What if Lucius Malfoy had interfered and saved Harry Potter’s life during the third task? The Harry that returns to Hogwarts after the resurrection of Voldemort has been tempered by fire, the Potter Family legacy, and a relationship he couldn't have ever expected. In the wake of his father’s redemption—Draco Malfoy finds everything he could have ever wanted in the man that was once his enemy. Technically complete, but abrupt ending with some loose plot threads. Some of my favourite tropes though.
rich!harry  slash  powerful!harry  redeemed!draco  harrypotter  abused!harry  redeemed!narcissa  harry/draco  hurt/comfort  drama  romance  lord!harry  words:100k-200k  independent!harry  rating:r  bashing:dumbledore  bashing:weasleys  complete  pov:chaos  veela!draco  bashing:dumbledore 
august 2011 by Thraesja
A Change in Perspective by Roozette
The Slytherins for the most part have no desire to be Death Eaters. They come up with a plan to convince Harry to protect them. Sadly, they choose Potions class to do so and it all goes horribly awry. Potions accident leading to downsizing cliche.
harrypotter  harry/draco  deaged!harry  rating:pg-13  words:100k-200k  pov:multi  complete  hurt/comfort  angst  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!lucius  mentor!snape  romance  post-ootp  slash 
august 2011 by Thraesja
Secrets by Vorabiza
Draco Malfoy shows up at Privet Drive after Dumbledore's death with a baby. It changes everything.
action/adventure  mentor!snape  harry/draco  post-hbp  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!draco  words:400k-500k  redeemed!lucius  harrypotter  slash  drama  pov:harry  rating:r  complete 
august 2011 by Thraesja
Double Edged Sword by romaine
After Dumbledore's death, Draco turns himself in. No one is more surprised than he when Harry turns up to defend him at his trial. Dumbledore gifts Harry with the Phoenix patronus, and they soon discover Draco is the matching dragon. Love, smut, and ashes ensue. The one where Harry has psychologically sound memory failure.
harrypotter  harry/draco  rating:nc-17  words:>500k  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  drama  powerful!harry  powerful!draco  disabled!harry  rich!harry  redeemed!draco  redeemed!narcissa  redeemed!lucius  post-hbp  bonded  pov:harry  pov:draco 
march 2011 by Thraesja

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