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Next Best Destiny by rabidchild67
AU in which Jim Kirk is a brilliant and awkward new science officer and Spock is the dashing captain. Main story is complete, sequel is WIP.
startrek  st:reboot  au  kirk/spock  scientist!kirk  captain!spock  smart!kirk  insecure!kirk  rating:pg-13  words:50k-100k  pov:kirk  humour  hurt/comfort  hurt!spock  winonakirk  wip  romance  hurt!kirk  anaphylaxis!kirk 
october 2014 by Thraesja
Universal Constants by llethe
There were three constants that were universally true, none of which Jim had known four years ago. Great Kirk voice.
startrek  st:reboot  gen  st:intodarkness  humour  fluff  pov:kirk  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  complete  friendship 
february 2014 by Thraesja
Your First Time Should Be Special by Helen
Jim knows that what he should have done—what he should do now—is gently turn Spock down and maybe try to hook him up with someone who hasn't ever made (and won, obviously) a bet that he can bone a different person every day for a month and simultaneously destroy the curve in Warp Core Physics III, but he can't quite bring himself to do it. He figures: how long can it really go on before Spock stops looking at him so—well, not eagerly exactly, but with keen interest and Jim likes him a lot, in the way that you like someone after you figure out mutually that you don't hate each others' guts.
startrek  kirk/spock  slash  st:reboot  hurt!kirk  humour  pov:kirk  rating:r  words:5k-10k  complete 
november 2013 by Thraesja
Universal Translator Fail by Janice_Lester
Five times the universal translator made Jim's life more difficult and one time it wasn't so bad. The one with the iambic pentameter
slash  complete  humour  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13  hurt!kirk  st:reboot  kirk/spock  startrek  pov:kirk 
august 2013 by Thraesja
ride that into the sunset by waldorph
Jim wants to ride that (and by "that" he means "Spock's dick") into the sunset. The one with the irritating conference.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:nc-17  words:1k-5k  slash  smut  pwp  tarsus  humour  kirk/spock 
july 2013 by Thraesja
If You're Into It by canis_takahari
Five things Jim didn’t know about Bones (and one thing he already did)
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:nc-17  slash  humour  academy  romance  words:5k-10k  complete  smut 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Never Have I Ever by ArwendeImladris
The males of the senior crew get together for a game of Never Have I Ever.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:Kirk  words:1k-5k  humour  slash  kirk/spock  team  romance  complete  rating:pg-13 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Five Things McCoy Didn't Mean That Way (And One Thing He Did) by Gadgetorius
Jim’s hobby is willfully misunderstanding McCoy. McCoy’s is pretending it doesn’t thrill him.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:mccoy  pov:kirk  slash  smut  romance  humour  words:5k-10k  rating:nc-17  academy  kirk/mccoy  complete 
january 2013 by Thraesja
Higher Love by Amanda Warrington
It’s Valentine’s Day and the Enterprise has scheduled shore leave on Wrigley’s where Jim’s all set to go carousing with Bones. But in an attempt to prove to Spock he's not really that shallow, he ends up visiting museums with his first officer and learns more about the Vulcan than he expected.
startrek  rating:NC-17  kirk/spock  pov:kirk  words:10k-25k  romance  humour  complete  fluff 
october 2012 by Thraesja
Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit by lazulisong
It really does take a village to raise a Jim. Hilarious and angsty. Perfect Kirk POV, and really interesting Vulcan OC. The one where Jim hides he's a linguistic prodigy.
smart!kirk  gen  pov:oc  words:10k-25k  rating:pg-13  empath!kirk  excellent  angst  complete  humour  st:reboot  startrek  tarsus  pov:kirk 
september 2012 by Thraesja

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