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Absolute Magnitude by Anonymous
Modern AU wherein Merlin is the Prince of Wales, Arthur attends Harvard, and Uther is awesome.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  rating:r  words:10k-25k  royal!merlin  famous!merlin  pov:arthur  pov:merlin  modernau  non-magic  complete  romance  angst  slash 
july 2013 by Thraesja
The Sex Shop Around the Corner by Anonymous
Merlin owns a sex shop. Arthur is a customer who has just come out of the closet and is adorably clueless about gay sex.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  modernau  non-magic  pov:arthur  pov:merlin  smut  slash  words:10k-25k  complete  romance  rating:nc-17 
july 2013 by Thraesja
The Times Tried Our Souls...and Through The Darkness, We Overcame by Anonymous
Merlin goes through a lot of trauma and has gotten very used to hiding it, moving on (or at least appearing to), and coping silently and without anyone noticing, because most of the time no one can know something happened.

One day something traumatic happens to him, which everyone knows about, and everyone is waiting for Merlin to snap, only for him to...not. Arthur is caught between worried and suspicious, and sets about to get to the bottom of this.
fandom:merlin  gen  friendship  hurt/comfort  pov:arthur  rating:pg-13  words:1k-5k  hurt!merlin  arthurfindsout 
june 2013 by Thraesja
Destined by ayane_tsurugi
when Arthur was little he was told his soulmate was a boy named Emrys, when he grew older he started looking for him but could not find him. Merlin loves Arthur but Arthur rejected him because he won’t be unfaithful to Emrys.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  pov:arthur  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  slash  arthurfindsout  complete  humour 
june 2013 by Thraesja
The Dragon Within by gfeather
Uther loses his mind, and Merlin finds there's more to being a Dragonlord than he'd thought.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  arthurfindsout  creature!merlin  angst  pov:arthur  pov:merlin  words:25k-50k  complete  rating:pg-13  slash 
june 2013 by Thraesja
Differences by Beren
Since his encounter with the questing beast Arthur has been noticing things about Merlin. Things are not quite the same any more and he needs to understand why. The one about power.
fandom:merlin  pov:arthur  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  pre-s3  characterpiece  gen  arthurfindsout  complete  preslash  arthur/merlin  friendship 
june 2013 by Thraesja
Am prionnsa, an t-amadan agus na meirlich by Aithris
In which there is a plethora of exceedingly incompetent bandits, Merlin flails, and Arthur fails at emotional comprehension. The one with the bracelets.
complete  arthurfindsout  pre-s3  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  pov:arthur  hurt!merlin  gen  humour  fandom:merlin 
march 2012 by Thraesja
The Office Christmas Party by social_retard86
Arthur is used to the interns fancying him.  He's not used to the interns being male.  Nor is he used to everyone else loving the interns.
fandom:merlin  modernAU  arthur/merlin  rating:r  slash  humour  pov:arthur  excellent  words:5k-10k  complete  smut 
march 2011 by Thraesja

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