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For Your Information by Anonymous
After Arthur comes out, Uther is in need of advice on how to adapt to the new...situation. Merlin agrees to do a rather odd favour for his Uncle Gaius.
fandom:merlin  arthur/merlin  slash  modernau  non-magic  pov:merlin  rating:pg-13  words:5k-10k  complete  humour  angst  homophobia 
june 2013 by Thraesja
The Office Christmas Party by social_retard86
Arthur is used to the interns fancying him.  He's not used to the interns being male.  Nor is he used to everyone else loving the interns.
fandom:merlin  modernAU  arthur/merlin  rating:r  slash  humour  pov:arthur  excellent  words:5k-10k  complete  smut 
march 2011 by Thraesja

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