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Empathy by Kesterpan
Tony's missing. Time is running out and Gibbs is forced to use skills he'd long since tried to bury.
ncis  slash  complete  words:5k-10k  hurt/comfort  pov:gibbs  pov:dinozzo  Gibbs/DiNozzo  hurt!dinozzo  empath  telepath  telepath!gibbs  super!gibbs 
september 2015 by Thraesja
'Flung roses, roses' by Polly_bywater
Tony meets Blair Sandburg at a conference. They form an instant connection,including Jim, and Tony feels appreciated, loved, and valued more in one night than he has for years with Gibbs. Complete, sequel is technically WIP, but ends in an okay place.
ncis  sentinel  threesome  angst  bashing:gibbs  bashing:mcgee  sentinel!dinozzo  guide!gibbs  hurt/comfort  drama  telepath  empath  complete  pov:multi  rating:nc-17  dirtytalk  insecure!dinozzo  tonybeendonewrong  suicide  Dinozzo/Sandburg/Ellison 
november 2014 by Thraesja
The Triumvirate of Resolve by Vicarious Leigh
Sequel to The Power He Knows Not. Seventh year brings new friends, a new enemy, and a new bond for Harry, Hermione, and Ron. The one with Mercury and the big Dumbledore reveal at the end.
harrypotter  harry/hermione  ron/oc  rating:r  action/adventure  redeemed!petunia  romance  angst  words:200k-300k  empath 
february 2011 by Thraesja
The Power He Knows Not by Vicarious Leigh
Description: During the summer between 5th and 6th year, what begins as an innocent flying lesson at the Burrow results in Harry's realization that something more is happening between he and Hermione. However, fast upon this realization is the mortifying thought that loving Hermione marks her as a tempting target in an unfinished battle with Voldemort. The one with Krum not appreciating Hedwig.
harrypotter  harry/hermione  empath  rating:pg-13  action/adventure  romance  words:50k-100k 
february 2011 by Thraesja
Born Of Evil by Jadealinda
Bellatrix Lestrange dedicated her daughter to the service of the Dark Lord and hid her from the world. Aurielle, a powerful and uncontrolled empath, comes to Hogwarts the same year as Harry. But her mother's desires are not her own. First two years are complete and consistent with canon, but appears abandoned.
harrypotter  harry/oc  drama  angst  action/adventure  rating:pg  empath  abandoned  words:50k-100k  pov:oc 
february 2011 by Thraesja

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