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Heal the Mind and the Body Will Follow by weepingnaiad
Leo brings Jim back to Georgia for the care and quiet he needs to heal. Gorgeous look at an alternate McCoy family.
startrek  st:reboot  st:intodarkness  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  earthside  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  kirk/mccoy  slash  mccoyfamily  pov:mccoy  complete  fluff  excellent 
march 2015 by Thraesja
Papers in the Roadside by kianspo
Jim owns a small bar in Chicago, keeps on picking up strays and taking care of everyone no matter how hard it makes his own life. Spock is a journalist writing feature articles for the Chicago Tribune; he depicts the world with uncanny skill, but hides more than one personal drama and is possibly under surveillance from the Vulcan royal family. They meet by accident just before their lives start to spin out of control.
startrek  st:reboot  rating:nc-17  kirk/spock  au  earthside  abused!kirk  smart!kirk  bartender!kirk  reporter!spock  pov:kirk  complete  slash  romance  angst 
may 2013 by Thraesja
The Taste of All In It by blcwriter
The one where Jim is a chef in Iowa looking after his mom and Bones is an alcoholic food blogger who may once have had and lost a beautiful boyfriend, his wife and daughter, and his own restaurant.
startrek  st:reboot  au  earthside  kirk/mccoy  pov:mccoy  pov:kirk  chef!kirk  chef!mccoy  rating:nc-17  slash  smut  angst  winonakirk  modernau  words:5k-10k  excellent 
march 2013 by Thraesja
Rumours by JSS
Kirk and Spock are high school students, and Kirk starts sending Spock naughty PADD messages. Spock has a crush on Kirk and ends up agreeing to meet up with Jim to have sex. They go through with it, and later, someone at the school has somehow found out and the whole school knows what they've done.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:spock  rating:nc-17  au  kidfic  underage  words:25k-50k  kirk/spock  amandagrayson  sarek  winonakirk  noncon  fluff  uhura/gaila  earthside  romance 
february 2013 by Thraesja
The Camp Enterprise 'Verse by
21st century AU where a pre-med Leonard meets an aspiring USAF test pilot named Jim when they're both counselors at a summer camp. A long and windy road to eventual happily ever after.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:mccoy  slash  words:25k-50k  angst  au  modernau  earthside  pilot!jim  rating:pg-13  complete  slash  kirk/mccoy 
february 2013 by Thraesja
The Sunshine of My Love by Soroexitium
Summary: Jim and Bones met three years before life flung them together at the Academy, in New Orleans. Natural attraction struck, and now Jim is the proud father of Joanna Kirk, his two year old daughter. He never expected to see Bones again, but when a surly southern doctor stumbles onto the same shuttle as him...well, at least his life is spicing up again.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:kirk  rating:pg-13  kirk/mccoy  kidfic  joannamccoy  mpreg  words:50k-100k  academy  romance  tarsus  slash  earthside  complete 
february 2013 by Thraesja
(Very) Unfortunate Misunderstanding by Seyfrey
Jim takes Joanna for some ice cream in her hometown. They're stopped by people who thinks he's trying to abduct her.
startrek  st:reboot  kirk/mccoy  kidfic  joannamccoy  earthside  jimbeendonewrong  drama  slash  pov:kirk  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  complete 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Cookies And Tornados by Tresa Cho
Leonard takes Joanna around selling Girl Scout cookies. They stop at Jim Kirk's house just in time for a tornado.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:mccoy  kirk/mccoy  kidfic  joannamccoy  au  modernau  earthside  words:1k-5k  rating:pg  slash  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  complete 
february 2013 by Thraesja
What Part of Forever by Kairi
Vulcan is considering seceding from the Federation; Spock, a researcher at the VSA, decides now is a good time to catch up on being Human. So he visits Earth and hires Jim Kirk as his guide, with predictable results.
startrek  st:reboot  prostitution  pov:multi  au  earthside  slash  romance  drama  smart!kirk  smut  rating:nc-17  words:50k-100k  complete  mentor!pike  winonakirk  sarek  kirk/spock  noncon 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Le pas de deux By Kolotyph
Ballet AU: It's Nutcracker time for The Federation's "Enterprise Ballet Company". Young, bold, and rakish Jim Kirk is brought in to ramp up the Company's end of year performances, after a not so great season earlier in the year. Spock, the lead Principal dancer is not pleased, but cannot help but be attracted to the charismatic Jim.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:spock  rating:pg  words:10k-25k  au  earthside  mentor!pike  slash  romance  dancer!kirk  dancer!spock  complete  kirk/spock 
february 2013 by Thraesja
under imaginary circumstances by gdgdbaby
Actor AU. Some actors beat the crap out of Kirk in a bar. Chris Pike fires their asses and upon learning Jim's the son of George and Winona, hired him on the spot for his film.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:multi  words:10k-25k  rating:r  au  actor!kirk  actor!spock  earthside  slash  angst  romance  complete 
february 2013 by Thraesja
Not A Porn Star by melonbutterfly
In which John is an actor and Rodney is a scientist who doesn't get what the big deal is. The one with the sidewalk chalk.
stargate  sga  mckay/sheppard  AU  earthside  actor!john  famous!john  rating:r  words:10k-25k  pov:rodney  complete  nogate  romance 
february 2013 by Thraesja
All I Want For Christmas Is ... Inappropriate by kel_1970
Leonard hates staffing the emergency room during the holiday season. When the whole Kirk family comes in with acute food poisoning, Leonard knows it's bad form to flirt with one Mr. Jim Kirk over an emesis basin, but he can't help it. Hot, but a few things that felt like loose ends at the end.
startrek  st:reboot  pov:chaos  rating:nc-17  kirk/mccoy  kink  words:25k-50k  slash  smut  anaphylaxis!kirk  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  complete  farmer!kirk  winonakirk  au  earthside  modernau 
december 2012 by Thraesja
Catching Fire (The Firehouse AU) by kel_1970
21st Century fire department AU. Paramedic Leonard McCoy flees a disastrous break-up in Savannah and ends up working at a fire department in Iowa.
startrek  st:reboot  au  earthside  pov:kirk  pov:mccoy  rating:nc-17  words:100k-200k  slash  smut  complete  excellent  hurt/comfort  hurt!kirk  romance  firefighter!kirk  modernau  angst  mccoyfamily  homophobia  winonakirk  samkirk 
december 2012 by Thraesja
Technical Perspective: A civilised discourse in interior design by pennyplainknits
Interior Designers AU. John Sheppard is a reclusive new designer, who invents an alter ego in order to get close to sarcastic but genius designer Rodney McKay, of Athos Partners.
slash  words:5k-10k  designer!john  sga  mckay/sheppard  nogate  pov:rodney  drama  romance  au  earthside  complete  designer!rodney  pov:john  rating:nc-17  fluff 
september 2012 by Thraesja
How I Spent My Summer Vacation by facetofcathy
After a meeting of the minds in a bar in Colorado Springs, John and Rodney embark on some family visits. Driving, drinking and other fun activities ensue. Takes place immediately after Trio.
sga  complete  mckay/sheppard  pov:john  rating:nc-17  words:10k-25k  earthside  davesheppard  jeannie  slash  fluff  angst 
september 2012 by Thraesja
Circle Yes or No
Rodney joins John when he returns to Dave's place for a vacation visit.
sga  mckay/sheppard  earthside  slash  davesheppard  pov:rodney  pov:john  words:10k-25k  rating:r  complete  drama  romance 
september 2012 by Thraesja
mcshep_match: TEAM TIME: blast from the past, "paper cranes (upstairs, downstairs)"
"Oh my God," Rodney says, stricken. "This is —this is one of those British costume dramas Ronon always wants to watch and I'm the uncouth American!" John invites Rodney to Dave's wedding.
earthside  post-eatg  rating:r  slash  complete  words:10k-25k  mckay/sheppard  fluff  davesheppard  pov:rodney  stargate  SGA 
august 2012 by Thraesja
Knowing by Velocity Grass
Rodney knows he's happy enough with Jennifer. It's when he spends time with family, his, hers, and John's, that he really starts to wonder.
slash  sga  mckay/sheppard  davesheppard  pov:rodney  dadt  romance  preslash  jeannie  earthside  angst  complete  het  rating:pg  fluff  words:25k-50k  kidfic  mckay/keller 
august 2012 by Thraesja
A Family Story by Tzzz
Dave Sheppard's viewpoint as he gets to know his brother again.
mckay/sheppard  earthside  sga  slash  pov:dave  davesheppard  jeannie  kidfic  rating:pg  words:5k-10k  complete  fluff  angst 
august 2012 by Thraesja
A Change by Stealth Dragon
She's been told McKay's changed, and she believes it. She's just not seeing it.
earthside  gen  hurt!rodney  pov:sam  words:5k-10k  sg-1  sga  rating:pg  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  pov:teal'c 
august 2012 by Thraesja
Christmas at the Millers' by Fia Reynne
John and Rodney spend the holidays on Earth, with Rodney's family. Each of them bonds with the Millers in their own way.
earthside  sga  complete  mckay/sheppard  fluff  slash  rating:pg  kidfic  jeannie  pov:john 
august 2012 by Thraesja
The Twenty Year Thaw by denynothing1
Rodney McKay is in charge of running the Pegasus Ski Resort, and John Sheppard is an Olympic gold medalist who is hired as a ski instructor. While there's definitely sexual chemistry between the two, there's also a shared history that needs to be resolved.
au  sga  slash  earthside  mckay/sheppard  pov:rodney  words:10k-25k  rating:r  romance  hurt/comfort  hurt!rodney  hurt!lorne 
august 2012 by Thraesja
Mile marker thirty-six by bluespirit
When John receives an unexpected legacy he heads back to Earth, taking Rodney with him. While there he must deal with some old ghosts, Rodney’s love of brownies and a life-changing discovery.
sga  mckay/sheppard  pov:john  pov:rodney  words:10k-25k  post-eatg  slash  rating:r  complete  romance  earthside  fluff 
august 2012 by Thraesja
Tangled Destinies by Keira Marcos
As a teenager, Spock convinces his father to move he family to Earth for his mother's sake. There, he meets a young human/betazoid named James Kirk.
rating:nc-17  st:reboot  telepath!kirk  pov:chaos  slash  wip  words:100k-200k  hurt!kirk  hurt/comfort  smart!kirk  startrek  underage  abused!kirk  mentor!pike  winonakirk  McCoy/pike  kirk/spock  earthside  alien!kirk  t'pring  anaphylaxis!kirk  stonn  samkirk  sarek/amanda  amandagrayson  noncon  bashing:winona 
july 2012 by Thraesja
Nice Place To Visit by sabinelagrande
When an accident leaves John and Rodney stranded on a far-flung planet, Rodney gets a crash course in- among other things- cultural relativity, calligraphy, BDSM, and the care and feeding of heavily drugged Lieutenant Colonels.
slash  mckay/sheppard  amtdi  earthside  sga  bdsm  pov:rodney  pov:john  pov:correspondence  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  sub!john  dom!rodney  complete 
july 2012 by Thraesja
The Kids Are Alright by nakedwesley
When John Sheppard's father dies, he finds himself faced with an estranged brother, runaway Replicators, and a budding relationship with the ever-complex, frequently annoying Rodney McKay. There is only so much a guy can take before reaching his breaking point.
earthside  angst  slash  complete  sga  mckay/sheppard  pov:multi  davesheppard  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  romance 
july 2012 by Thraesja
Pocket Full of Kryptonite by margarks
Rodney goes with John to his father's funeral rather than Ronan. John's past isn't exactly what either of the expected.
au  mckay/sheppard  earthside  angst  sga  slash  ancient!john  pov:john  pov:rodney  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  complete  hurt/comfort 
july 2012 by Thraesja
Canada Likes It On Top by busaikko
Alberta is out to get John; Rodney's trying to keep him around. A nice take on the hypothermia cliche, but minus the fall-in-love-while-cuddling-for-warmth crap.
mckay/sheppard  sga  slash  words:1k-5k  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  fluff  rating:pg  pov:rodney  kidfic  earthside 
july 2012 by Thraesja
when you know you were born to fly by justbreathe80
Ladies and gentleman, welcome aboard Atlantis Air flight number 1641. This is Captain Sheppard on the flight deck. I'll be flying you to San Francisco today, with First Officer Dex on my right. Approximate flight time this afternoon is six hours and thirty four minutes.
earthside  slash  complete  sga  words:10k-25k  pov:john  mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17  smut  romance  au 
july 2012 by Thraesja
Open Your Eyes by thedeadparrott
Earthside AU where John is a high school football coach and Rodney is a physics teacher subbing for his sister.
earthside  rating:r  slash  complete  sga  pov:john  mckay/sheppard  nogate  words:25k-50k  drama  romance  au 
june 2012 by Thraesja
PuddleJumper Estates and ZPM Enterprises by wingwyrm
John's new client wants a house with very specific requirements, but doesn't care what it looks like.
nogate  au  kidfic  mckay/sheppard  romance  angst  slash  earthside  sga  pov:john  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  complete  hurt/comfort  hurt!rodney  action/adventure  Stargate 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Out Of Bounds by Icarus
John's a rebellious figure skater who after twelve years of competition has one last shot. Rodney's the former World Champion, shattered by defeat who can make it happen.
slash  sga  mckay/sheppard  pov:multi  nogate  drama  words:100k-200k  romance  au  earthside  complete  rating:nc-17  skater!john 
june 2012 by Thraesja
After the Other by Siria
John and Rodney as staff at Trinity College in Ireland. Lovely setting and relationship.
prof!rodney  mckay/sheppard  nogate  prof!john  pov:rodney  smut  romance  au  earthside  complete  pov:john  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k 
june 2012 by Thraesja
101 Ways to Get Lucky (In Love) by Lenore
Harlequin Challenge. Earthside AU where Rodney is a successful business man with no personal life and John is a relationship coach and single father.
complete  slash  words:10k-25k  romance  pov:rodney  kidfic  earthside  sga  rating:nc-17  au  mckay/sheppard 
june 2012 by Thraesja
N.O.R.W.I.C.H. by Tzigane and Zaganthi
AU where John's vision was too poor to become a pilot. He became a mathematician and then an author. He had an affair in college with Rodney, but when Rodney's grants and visa fell through and he joined the Air Force, John was left alone.
writer!john  slash  sga  sg-1  mckay/sheppard  pov:multi  hurt/comfort  drama  romance  dadt  au  earthside  hurt!rodney  complete  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Ventura Highway Series by Telesilla
A series of vignettes where Rodney's a prof and John owns a surf shop in So Cal.
slash  sga  words:10k-25k  mckay/sheppard  wip  pov:rodney  smut  romance  au  earthside  pov:john  fluff  rating:nc-17 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Sheppard's Law by Speranza
"Weird? You don’t know what weird is. Weird is being in a– with the– and the crazy alien–” He stopped, incoherent, hands flailing. “And then your best friend is twelve, and you’re his piano teacher. That–now, you’re talking weird!”
characterpiece  drama  romance  nancysheppard  underage  rating:nc-17  complete  words:25k-50k  pov:rodney  pov:john  angst  slash  earthside  timetravel  mckay/sheppard  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Love is a Long Long Road by Telesilla and Hily
John and Rodney bump into each other as college students. They discover their mutual interest in the kinkier side of sex.
sga  au  earthside  pov:chaos  rating:nc-17  words:50k-100k  romance  smut  pwp  bdsm  sub!john  dom!rodney  complete 
june 2012 by Thraesja
My Favorite Colonel by pir8fancier
John was stranded on a deserted island for five years. This is the story of his homecoming. Earthside AU.
pov:john  pov:rodney  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  complete  slash  romance  angst  mckay/keller  earthside  au  sga  stargate 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Baby Steps by gottalovev
Don't Ask Don't Tell is history and it throws John for a loop. If he's going to come out of the closet, he'll do it at his pace.
earthside  romance  dadt  sga  mckay/sheppard  jeannie  pov:john  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13  fluff 
june 2012 by Thraesja
In This Era of Liberty by Chandri MacLeod
The one where Earth is unable to help or contact Atlantis for two years, Sam repeals DADT and fraternization, and John and Rodney have a beautiful if somewhat dysfunctional thing.
dadt  mckay/sheppard  earthside  angst  slash  sga  pov:rodney  words:25k-50k  rating:pg  complete  romance  independent!atlantis  gatemadepublic 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Regions of Darkness and Light by puddleofgoo
After a particularly disastrous mission for Sheppard and McKay, the two are forced onto medical leave and into an even more volatile situation as word of Atlantis is leaked to the media. Forced into the limelight and onto the television sets of millions worldwide, Sheppard and McKay discover there is more to the announcement that meets the eye. Some nice h/c, but too much circular dialogue and repetition.
mckay/sheppard  au  slash  earthside  sga  angst  hurt/comfort  hurt!rodney  hurt!john  pov:multi  rating:nc-17  words:100k-200k  complete 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Providing the Flame by sharkie
When the American Government and IOA decide to declassify the Stargate program, they don't expect the reaction that they get, and John Sheppard is portrayed by anti-war protesters as "The Butcher of Pegasus".
earthside  mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17  slash  dadt  sga  hurt/comfort  words:50k-100k  smut  pov:multi  romance  drama  gatemadepublic  complete 
june 2012 by Thraesja
This Bolder Life by Darkrose and Telesilla
After a pair of newspaper reporters uncover the existence of the Stargate Program, the team, along with Rodney and Teyla's baby daughter Elizabeth, travel to Earth in order for John and Rodney to testify before the US Congress. However, not everyone in the world approves of the program, and as Team AR-1 fights bureaucrats and politicians to keep the program alive, a group of extremists take matters into their own hands.
slash  moresome  sga  pov:multi  davesheppard  team  drama  earthside  mckay/sheppard/emmagan/dex  gatemadepublic  complete  het  rating:nc-17  words:25k-50k  stargate  kidfic 
june 2012 by Thraesja
A Mr. Toe Christmas by The Grrrl
Jeannie says Rodney can bring someone special with him for Christmas.
smut  jeannie  romance  fluff  slash  complete  rating:nc-17  words:5k-10k  pov:rodney  mckay/sheppard  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
You're My Wonderwall by Ionaonie
John worries that Rodney is going to break up with him and so has a little chat with Jeannie about what could she could possibly have said to make Rodney so broody.
romance  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  pov:jeannie  slash  angst  jeannie  mckay/sheppard  earthside  sga  stargate  complete 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Bridges by chelle
Jeannie's husband thinks John and Rodney are more than friends. She isn't so sure. When Rodney and John come to visit they have a chance to find out which of them is right.

Nice fluffy first-time fic from Jeannie's POV.
fluff  romance  complete  words:5k-10k  rating:pg-13  pov:jeannie  mckay/sheppard  earthside  jeannie  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
The Bobby Newman Factor by Clockstopper
John and Rodney go to visit John's dad. It just so happens that Bobby Newman, the guy John could never in his life live up to, is also there. Nicely protective!Rodney. Pre-Outcast, so John's family isn't canon.
complete  mckay/sheppard  slash  gatemadepublic  patricksheppard  drama  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  pov:john  dadt  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
The Crooked Path by facetofcathy
Rodney comes back to Earth ostensibly to work for the IOA in preparation for the gate being made public, but really to be with John, who is currently living with his brother after being medically discharged. Awesome Rodney vs. reporters scene in the coda.
hurt!john  hurt/comfort  homophobia  mckay/sheppard  earthside  sga  slash  pov:rodney  rating:nc-17  words:10k-25k  complete  disabled!john 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Glass Houses by MistoKitt
Rodney has just dropped by to visit Sheppard while they're on leave Earthside when John's father, who Rodney had been under the impression was dead, comes to visit. John introduces Rodney as his lover in an effort to shock dear old dad, but it doesn't have the effect intended. Written before Outcast, so it's Bill Sheppard rather than Patrick, and he's way nicer.
romance  drama  angst  patricksheppard  earthside  words:10k-25k  rating:nc-17  pov:rodney  mckay/sheppard 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Jeannie Miller’s Guide to Holiday Romance by Klinoa
Jeannie makes sure the boys get what they want for Christmas. Post-The Shrine.
complete  mckay/sheppard  words:5k-10k  rating:pg  sga  earthside  jeannie  fluff  romance  pov:john  stargate 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Mer and the Colonel by chocolatephysicist
“I didn’t--” she began, staring over at him. Then she plunged ahead again. “Come on, Mer, you always fall for someone who wouldn’t give you the time of day. Even if Colonel Sheppard were gay and you were the last two people on Earth, he’d never--”
complete  fluff  words:5k-10k  rating:r  pov:rodney  SGA  mckay/sheppard  jeannie  angst  earthside  slash 
june 2012 by Thraesja
The Bridge by kariesue
Dave flies to San Francisco to have lunch with his brother and meets a few people he works with, as well as a toddler who seems to think John hung the moon and stars. Indulgent wish fulfillment, but cute. John/Teyla UST.
het  complete  words:10k-25k  rating:pg  pov:dave  sheppard/emmagen  fluff  kidfic  earthside  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Let It Snow, Let It Snow by coolbreeze1
It was pure chance that John, Teyla and Torren ended up stranded just outside of John’s hometown.
fluff  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  complete  rating:pg  words:1k-5k  pov:multi  davesheppard  gen  sga  kidfic  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
My Brother's Keeper, a Stargate: Atlantis fanfic - FanFiction.Net
John Sheppard is exhausted, but when he receives a mysterious email in the middle of the night, he finds himself heading back to Earth to help David Sheppard. That is, if he can even find his brother. And if The Trust doesn't kill him first.
gen  action/adventure  davesheppard  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  whump  words:50k-100k  rating:pg-13  pov:multi  sga  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Real Heroes Wear Orange by Titan5
John visits his brother to see if they can connect again. Of course even vacation trips are never that simple. The one with the hideous shirt.
angst  fluff  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  davesheppard  complete  words:5k-10k  rating:pg  pov:john  sga  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Dave's Brother by kriadydragon
After being severely injured, John stays with his brother to heal.
gen  hurt!john  rating:pg-13  words:5k-10k  complete  pov:dave  davesheppard  hurt/comfort  angst  sga  earthside 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Brother's Keeper by Titan5
Tag to Outcast. The conversation with Dave right after the episode. This one features John being a little more banged up than most, as well as Dave getting a bit of a shock.
gen  complete  words:1k-5k  rating:pg  pov:john  hurt/comfort  hurt!john  davesheppard  earthside  sga 
june 2012 by Thraesja
Catalysis by Chandri
John accompanies Rodney to Vancouver and the Millers when Rodney's forced to take leave after a traumatic event. PTSD!Rodney.
slash  sga  earthside  mckay/sheppard  angst  hurt/comfort  jeannie  pov:john  pov:rodney  words:50k-100k  rating:pg-13  complete 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Learn Something New by Speranza
John and Rodney, some impressed academics, some surfing, and a road trip in a red convertible.
earthside  mckay/sheppard  sga  slash  fluff  rating:r  words:5k-10k  pov:rodney  complete 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Casting On by Chandri
In Rodney's opinion, anybody who thinks that Jessica Fletcher is sweet clearly just isn't paying very close attention.
earthside  mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17  slash  pining!john  sga  complete  pov  multi  romance  words:5k-10k  crossover 
may 2012 by Thraesja
The Sheriff and the Physicist by Sandy
John Sheppard is a small town sheriff. Rodney McKay is a physicist who comes to town for peace and quiet while he finishes writing a book. It only took one look for John to know that this was the man he'd been looking for.
earthside  slash  complete  words:10k-25k  sga  pov:john  mckay/sheppard  rating:nc-17  romance  au 
may 2012 by Thraesja
A Better Fate by Chelle
After a mission that was much worse than their usual, John brings Rodney to meet his parents. Non-canon Sheppard family.
patricksheppard  hurt!john  words:10k-25k  complete  smut  rating:nc-17  pov:rodney  hurt/comfort  slash  angst  earthside  sga  mckay/sheppard 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Always Sleep With My Guns by fiercelydreamed
AU with John as Rodney's bodyguard. Wins for awesome detail and action.
writing  earthside  au  words:1k-5k  rating:pg-13  pov:john  mckay/sheppard  sga  stargate 
may 2012 by Thraesja
Where the Brave Dare Not Go by telisilla
John Sheppard has had over twenty years to come to grips with the fact that every four or five weeks, he turns into a mountain lion. Like most Were, he accepts that that's just the way it is, and so he's not particularly interested when he learns that researchers at the local university are trying to to develop drugs that will help Were control their cycles. Then he meets Dr. Rodney McKay, a brilliant but irascible biochemist with reasons of his own for spearheading the university's Were research and John suddenly finds himself struggling with more than just his attraction to McKay.
mckay/sheppard  earthside  au  sga  slash  creature!john  hurt!john  hurt/comfort  romance  pov:john  rating:nc-17  words:10k-25k  complete 
may 2012 by Thraesja
The Other's Each by ladycat777
John seeks refuge after the events of Outcast with the people he considers part of his family -- the Millers. Really nice character studies and emotional hurt/comfort.
angst  earthside  complete  jeannie  rating:pg  pov:john  words:5k-10k  preslash  mckay/sheppard  sga  stargate  kidfic 
may 2012 by Thraesja
It's What You Don't See by Telesilla
Rodney's frequented plenty of blood banks, but he's never met anyone like John.
earthside  angst  romance  mckay/sheppard  vampire!rodney  sga  words:5k-10k  complete  rating:nc-17  pov:rodney  creature!rodney  au 
may 2012 by Thraesja
It's What You Hear by Argosy
Remix of It's What You Don't See. John's been to plenty of blood banks, but he's never met anyone like Rodney.
mckay/sheppard  vampire!john  creature!john  angst  romance  complete  words:5k-10k  rating:nc-17  pov:john  earthside  sga  au 
may 2012 by Thraesja
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