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Dudley's Memories by paganaied
Professor McGonagal asks Harry to help her inform the parents of Eleanor Barton-Dursley that she's a witch. See author's page for much longer sequels with more Severus Snape involvement, although the last is sadly incomplete.
harrypotter  post-dhepi  complete  harry/ginny  redeemed!dudley  het  slash  abused!harry  rating:pg-13  words:10k-25k  pov:harry  auror!harry  kidfic  excellent  mentor!snape 
november 2015 by Thraesja
Cupboard by VoldemortCan'tStopTheRock
Petunia learns her estranged nephew is happily married,gainfully employed, and a father three times over. It pretty much rocks her world.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  post-dhepi  words:1k-5k  redeemed!petunia  complete  het  pov:petunia  angst  drama  kidfic 
june 2015 by Thraesja
New Leaf to Turn by slavetothepen
Dudley Dursley lived a very normal life. But when an all too familiar letter makes an appearance on his son's 11th birthday, Dudley must seek the guidance of a cousin he hasn't seen in 19 years. Who else but Harry Potter?
harrypotter  harry/ginny  post-dhepi  redeemed!dudley  redeemed!petunia  words:25k-50k  pov:multi  rating:pg  complete 
june 2015 by Thraesja
Rebuilding Life by Kezzabear
Set just after the final battle, Harry, Ginny, George, and the rest must recover from their losses and figure out what to do with their lives. The one with Australia, the Quintapod, Ginny and Neville's abuse, and the chocolate frog cards. Epilogue compliant.
harry/ginny  harrypotter  drama  hurt/comfort  words:200k-300k  angst  complete  post-dh  pov:harry  auror!harry  rating:pg  fluff  hurt!harry  hurt!ginny 
september 2012 by Thraesja
Turn by Sara's Girl
Just before Christmas 2017, an old man gives Harry a glimpse of what might have been if he'd helped the one person he regrets not helping.
harrypotter  harry/draco  harry/ginny  pov:harry  words:300k-400k  rating:nc-17  post-dhepi  slash  romance  angst  drama  fluff  auror!harry 
july 2012 by Thraesja
Harry Potter and the Chained Souls by Theowyn
Sequel to HP and the Enemy Within. Harry and Snape's relationship deteriorates through the summer and seventh year as a murderer stalks Death Eaters. Still, Harry's Legilimency improves so he can challenge Voldemort. Well done with excellent Severus characterization, but long-winded and the murderer was sadly obvious.
au  words:200k-300k  pov:severus  harrypotter  pov:harry  mentor!snape  post-hbp  mystery  harry/ginny  rating:pg-13  angst  auror!harry  hurt/comfort 
january 2012 by Thraesja
Harry Potter and the Enemy Within by Theowyn
Harry's visions and dreams get worse after Sirius dies. Harry must resume Occlumency lessons with Snape, to the dismay of both. Their relationship begins to change, especially when a vision of Harry's saves Snape's life. Some H/G and R/He, but is mostly about Harry and Severus.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  mentor!snape  pov:harry  pov:severus  rating:pg-13  words:100k-200k  post-ootp  angst  hurt/comfort  complete 
january 2012 by Thraesja
Harry Potter and the Battle of Wills by Jocelyn
An attack at Privet Drive leads to Harry's torture and imprisonment by Voldemort. Snape abandons his role as spy to save him. Long, well-done epic with good Severus characterization. Mostly gen, minor Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione bits.
harrypotter  het  harry/ginny  epic  mentor!snape  redeemed!draco  words:300k-400k  angst  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  rating:pg-13  pov:Harry  pov:severus  hurt!harry  post-ootp  excellent 
january 2012 by Thraesja
White Knight, Grey Queen by Jeconais
When Pansy finds herself on the wrong side of Voldemort, she persuades her parents that only one person could help them. Harry. A story that looks at what could happen if Harry had someone who loved him, someone who would push him, and someone who would back him financially.
harrypotter  harry/pansy  post-ootp  het  harry/ginny  rating:pg-13  hurt/comfort  action/adventure  pov:chaos  words:200k-300k  independent!harry  powerful!harry  bashing:dumbledore  complete  abused!harry 
august 2011 by Thraesja
The Poor of God by kilara25
Sequel to The Guiltless. Harry answers Snape's letter and the newfound respect and understanding grows. A lovely introspective piece which brushes how the changed relationship alters canon and how it doesn't.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  complete  angst  hurt/comfort  words:50k-100k  mentor!snape  abused!harry  characterpiece 
february 2011 by Thraesja
Evanescence by Creative Quill
Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny head out in search of the horcruxes.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  ron/hermione  action/adventure  drama  angst  post-hbp  rating:pg 
december 2010 by Thraesja
Stoicism (and the breakdown of...) by iluvfanfics
Ginny understands why she can't be a distraction as Harry fulfills Dumbledore's final mission. It doesn't make their separation any easier on anyone.
harrypotter  post-hbp  harry/ginny  angst  rating:pg-13 
december 2010 by Thraesja
Timing is Everthing by iluvfanfics
Harry and Ginny start young, but their love and lust for each other keeps them strong.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  het  smut  rating:r  pwp 
december 2010 by Thraesja
Sleeping Beauty by TheTrioMakesMeHot
It's too hot for Ginny to sleep, and Harry looks too gorgeous to resist waking.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  pwp  smut  het  rating:nc-17 
december 2010 by Thraesja
Need by iluvfanfics
At Dumbledore's urging, Harry befriends Ginny after the events of CoS. AU where Ginny is close to the action all along.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  rating:r  angst  drama  romance  het  AU  epic  parselmouth!harry  complete 
december 2010 by Thraesja
After King's Cross by oldenuf2nobetter
After they see the boys off to Hogwarts, Harry and Ginny enjoy themselves on their porch, to the bafflement of their neighbour.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  het  smut  pwp  rating:nc-17  post-dhepi 
december 2010 by Thraesja
Snow by emmilyne
It's been a year and a half since Harry left Ginny to hunt Horcruxes. On Christmas Eve, sick of her family's protection, Ginny takes a reckless walk. An angry Harry finds her and whisks her away. Blissfully hot, especially chapter three.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  drama  angst  smut  rating:nc-17  post-hbp 
december 2010 by Thraesja
A Pretty Package by Lady Tory
Hot, desperate, need-you-now-on-the-kitchen-table sex.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  het  smut  pwp  rating:nc-17 
november 2010 by Thraesja
Heat by simons_flower
Ginny has a thing for leather. Especially Harry in leather.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  pwp  smut  rating:nc-17  het 
november 2010 by Thraesja
Happy New Year by Jenadamson
Ginny's not impressed that the only woman Harry wasn't able to kiss at New Year's is her.
harrypotter  romance  harry/ginny  pwp  smut  rating:r  het 
november 2010 by Thraesja
VID: The Last Horcrux by Ariel Lindt
Voldemort is slowly possessing Harry, taking away everything he loves. Video to Hello by Evanescence.
Video  AU  harrypotter  harry/ginny  angst 
november 2010 by Thraesja
Braving the Dance Floor by deenas
Harry watches Ginny dance with other men and wants her for himself.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  rating:nc-17  smut  pwp 
november 2010 by Thraesja
Another Beginning by Zannie
Ginny hasn't seen Harry for three years before Ron and Hermione's wedding.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  het  smut  angst  rating:nc-17 
november 2010 by Thraesja
Curse of the Damned by melindaleo
Sequel to The Power of Emotion. AU. Harry's 7th year. Voldemort and the world know of the prophecy. Harry must find the strength and the spell to defeat immortal evil.
harrypotter  AU  harry/ginny  powerful!harry  epic  action/adventure  angst  romance  rating:pg-13  complete 
november 2010 by Thraesja
The Power of Emotion by melindaleo
AU. Harry grieves for Sirius after 5th year. Dumbledore takes over his occulmancy training and brings in others to ensure Harry can stand against Voldemort. The new DADA prof starts out pleasant but cools off, and Harry and Ron have a rougher end of year than usual, even for them.
AU  harrypotter  epic  harry/ginny  hurt/comfort  angst  action/adventure  powerful!harry  rating:pg-13  complete 
november 2010 by Thraesja
The Seventh Horcrux by melindaleo
AU. Harry, Ron, and Hermoine return to the Dursleys before setting out to destroy the horcruxes. Dudley is not as much of a muggle as believed, nor is Malfoy as evil.
AU  post-HBP  harrypotter  harry/ginny  action/adventure  drama  rating:pg-13 
october 2010 by Thraesja
The New Order by muggle_born
AU. Post-HBP. Harry fights to keep Voldemort from possessing him, and it seems Snape has sabotaged him more than just by failing to teach him occulmancy. Hermione receives a letter she won't share with anyone, and Ginny takes Harry back.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  rating:pg-13  drama  action/adventure  post-HBP  epic  complete 
october 2010 by Thraesja
The Hogs Head by MyGinevra
Follows Harry and Ginny for a year, starting the night of the Final Battle, through Harry buying the Hog's Head, to his attempted murder by soft drink, to his training as an auror, her tryouts with the Harpies, and their eventual wedding.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  rating:PG-13  romance  drama  epic  complete 
october 2010 by Thraesja
Normalcy by notadryeeye
After a rare good night with the Dursley's, a horrific car accident changes Harry forever. An (acknowledged) Anakin Skywalker rip.
harrypotter  angst  hurt/comfort  powerful!Harry  dark!Harry  Harry/ginny  ron/hermione  AU  epic  whump  rating:R  animagus!harry  complete  redeemed!dudley  pov:multi  words:>500k  action/adventure  disabled!harry  het 
october 2010 by Thraesja
Demons In The Dreams by YelloWitchGrl
AU. Harry and Ginny have been having nightmares since Harry ran Voldmort through with Gryffindor's sword. Now that they're auror partners, Ginny's dreams are becoming much, much worse.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  angst  hurt/comfort 
october 2010 by Thraesja
Cat & Mouse by alzzu
Ginny walked out of Harry's life two years ago.
harrypotter  harry/ginny  angst  drama  hurt/comfort  rating:pg 
october 2010 by Thraesja

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