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Rec: Money in my Pocket
Summary: Don’t judge Rhodey, he was totally getting paid for his, er, services. Things just happened to get a little complicated along the way. SLASH

Review: The author says she wrote this nano style, and to expect a lot of plotholes and awkward writing. But though the speedy writing style does show, it’s a fun romp and I read it in one sitting. I have to say I have a soft spot for guys who have mismatched ideas about what’s going on between them, and this story delivers that. I also have a soft spot for guys who are not nearly as much of an asshole as they think they are, and that’s here too. Plus a little of “I hate you - I love you,” and there’s also an all-seeing, all-knowing, wise girlfriend who is pretty endearing and clearly has a life of her own even though it’s not front and center. I said no warnings, but it is an M story and it does get pretty messy.
fiction  free  by:k.l.sweet  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novella  !slash  !first.time  !fluff  !friendship  !  !love/hate  !contemporary  !  !teens 
july 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Simon vs. The Homosapien Agenda
Summary: Sixteen-year-old and not-so-openly gay Simon Spier prefers to save his drama for the school musical. But when an email falls into the wrong hands, his secret is at risk of being thrust into the spotlight. Now Simon is actually being blackmailed: if he doesn’t play wingman for class clown Martin, his sexual identity will become everyone’s business. Worse, the privacy of Blue, the pen name of the boy he’s been emailing, will be compromised.

With some messy dynamics emerging in his once tight-knit group of friends, and his email correspondence with Blue growing more flirtatious every day, Simon’s junior year has suddenly gotten all kinds of complicated. Now, change-averse Simon has to find a way to step out of his comfort zone before he’s pushed out—without alienating his friends, compromising himself, or fumbling a shot at happiness with the most confusing, adorable guy he’s never met

Review: This book utterly blindsided me and I’m seriously surprised it hasn’t been recommended yet! I knew I’d probably like it when I picked it up, but I wasn’t expecting it to be a ‘stay-up-til-3-am-when-you-have-a-paper-due-tomorrow’ kind of book.

I loved how this story wasn’t about coming to terms with your sexuality but about how to deal with everyone around you coming to terms with it, which I found really refreshing. All of Simon’s friends and family are super great and you actually get to see how important their relationships are with Simon, they aren’t there just for window dressing! Becky Albertalli also nails portraying teenagers without making them mini adults or making them sound utterly detestable. It’s a super sweet book, pretty funny and I completely fell in love with all the characters.
fiction  status:complete  published  length:novel  rating:teen  !  !contemporary  !teens  by:becky.albertalli  !slash 
july 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: West
Summary: A clever and confident seventeen-year-old named West begins a risky game of deception with a fellow classmate. As lies and half truths weave a web of deceit, West is left with more questions than the answers he was seeking.

Review: West is a really clever boy. He makes me remember Light in death note, and I never thought about Light being the bad guy, and surely West is not. He’s just a too much smart guy with too much time and a big curiosity, and you know what they say about curiosity and the cat, because that’s what will probably happen to West.
fiction  free  published  by:kai.taylor  length:novella  length:series  rating:mature  status:complete  !slash  !first.time  !  !holiday  !contemporary 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Facing Rejection
Summary: 17-year-old Alexander starts texting with a nameless guy from school. He might’ve lied about the fact that he has boobs. Consequently, he might be crushing hard on a straight guy.

Review: I didn’t understand the summary given by the author at first, so I was really pleased by the true story. For someone whose mother tongue isn’t English, it’s also well written, although not perfect. The plot is interesting and the main character follows a great evolution. 

I liked the fact that the different upsetting things that happen are explicitly condemned by the author, even though some other slurs made me uncomfortable (mainly misogynistic remarks). The story may seem a bit cliché, but it’s so well done it doesn’t look like it anymore after you’ve read a bit of it.

Most of the characters if not all aren’t painted in black and white, so there’s a realistic feeling to it. And there are girls! On a side note, some of Alexander’s struggles might in my view feel relatable to some trans people (at least they did to me), even if Alex himself isn’t trans. Also: one of the main character is disabled.
fiction  free  !slash  !contemporary  !disability  !  !  !teens  by:immanenceensured  status:wip  rating:mature  length:novel 
may 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: You Give Me Butterflies
Summary: “I probably have a condition.”

“Yeah,” Nia said. “Lovesickness. That’s your condition.”

Or, Mei is a regular girl who gets a funny feeling in her stomach around the person she likes. The rest isn’t so regular.

Review: If it wasn’t obvious from the summary, this is a SUPER CUTE fic! It is an absolutely adorable fic about Mei and how she navigates her utter crush on another girl. Mei’s butterflies are literally that–butterflies, and one particular meeting between Mei and her crush creates so many butterflies that it gets plastered all over the news! (Luckily, Mei doesn’t get caught). And of course, Mei eventually gets together with her crush :)
!femslash  !fluff  !friendship  !  !modern.fantasy  !teens  by:obscurereference  free  fiction  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:teen 
march 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Evan Who is Gay (but not magical)
Summary: Evan is used to being invisible. His father’s a local football hero, which pretty much guarantees immunity from the bullies at school and he does his best not to draw attention to himself or cause trouble. High school is all about survival and he’s doing a pretty good job of skating below the radar. Things start to go a little sideways, however, when he’s forced to become a cheerleader against his will, a hot girl suddenly wants to share milkshakes and make out with him, and he realizes he’s got a growing infatuation for a suspected arsonist – who also happens to be a guy.

Review: This is an interesting story - when you start reading it, you kind of assume the motivations are one thing but by the end they’re a bit more complicated and nuanced. 

It’s very much a high schooler coming-of-age and sorta coming-out story, but it has a lot of little things that really make it pop. The best friend and the best friend’s not-girlfriend were two of my favourite parts of the story. There’s a lot of subtlety going on in the small details. And it is definitely a family drama - but a complicated one, where no one is really the villain, and everything is hurty but, by the end, hurty in a good way.

If you like reading stories set in high school, or stories where the protagonist is still figuring themself out, or stories with ridiculous yet endearing protagonists, then you will probably enjoy this. (I’m going to tentatively call this a bisexual and gay story given the nature of the protag’s relationships.)
!slash  !bisexual  !abuse  !coming.out  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !  !  !teens  by:lissadiane  fiction  free  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen 
march 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Lisowski
Summary: Nickolas Cooper and David Lisowski have never really been interested in relationships. Both boys were always too apathetic to care much about anything. But when they decide to explore their unusual attraction to each other, one of them starts to discover a side of the other they never thought possible.

Review: This is a very character driven story. The artstyle of the webcomic is very minimum with typically the bare bones of a background. This actually helps the webcomic with how Nikolas and David interact. Nikolas and David’s relationship is sweet. I feel like the story is about done with establishing its base and the story is about to hit. There have been some mentions of Nikolas’ past. It doesn’t say exactly what happened but it’s implied that Nikolas has been abused as a child. Overall this story is very sweet and seems to be leading into an interesting plot.
!slash  !abuse  !  !hurt/comfort  webcomic  free  by:kota  status:wip  rating:teen 
february 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: One Little Bruise
Summary: “Amazing what joy a little misunderstanding can bring.” There’s not really any summary so you’ll have to make do with my poor attempt. Jamie’s sister gives him a pinch hickey which brings him to the notice of jock Sam Bricker. Sam had always thought he was straight but now can’t help but notice the cute little nerd and, well, if anyone’s going to be putting marks on him it will damn well be him!

Review: A cute little high school fluff piece that I enjoy. Pretty well written and nice to read to clear the palate after a reading a whole heap of angst.
fiction  free  by:pheegee  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature  !slash  !coming.out  !first.time  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !contemporary  !romance 
january 2016 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of...
Summary: Aristotle is an angry teen with a brother in prison. Dante is a know-it-all who has an unusual way of looking at the world. When the two meet at the swimming pool, they seem to have nothing in common. But as the loners start spending time together, they discover that they share a special friendship—the kind that changes lives and lasts a lifetime. And it is through this friendship that Ari and Dante will learn the most important truths about themselves and the kind of people they want to be.

Review: Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe has received a Printz Honor (for literary excellence in young adult literature), a Stonewall Book Award (for a work of children’s or young adult literature about the GLBT experience), and the Pura Belpré Author Award (for a work of children’s or young adult literature that celebrates Latino culture). In other words, a lot of people like it for a lot of reasons.

Ari is the narrator and his point of view is a beautiful thing, even with his anger. He’s prone to shocking violence, and worried about it, but he starts to come out of his shell and adjust when he meets Dante. Sáenz was a poet before he was a novelist and his skill with words shines through. This is a wonderfully crafted novel. But craft doesn’t mean anything if the story is lame. This is one of the best books about friendship I’ve read in ages. It’s also a terrific book about identity, life in West Texas, family, and overcoming your worst instincts. The gay romance is just the cherry on top of how awesome this book is.

(Note: This is historical fiction, but of the sort that’s only twenty or so years in the past so it reads pretty similarly to contemporary.)
fiction  rec  published  by:benjamin.alire.saenz  status:complete  rating:teen  length:novel  !coming.out  !friendship  !  !slash  !  !historical  !teens 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
Summary: The Perks of Being a Wallflower is based on the wildly popular novel by Stephen Chbosky about a freshman named Charlie (Logan Lerman) who is always watching from the sidelines until a pair of charismatic seniors takes him under their wing. Beautiful, free-spirited Sam (Emma Watson) and her fearless stepbrother Patrick (Ezra Miller) shepherd Charlie through new friendships, first love, burgeoning sexuality, bacchanalian parties, midnight screenings of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the quest for the perfect song.

Review: I LOVE Emma Watson. So I had to watch this movie even if I thought the story to be rather boring. I was proven wrong. I expected some off-the-shelf movie about some boring teenagers in high-school, but the movie is deeply emotional and highly profound and not at all what I expected. Each character is incredibly strong and fascinating. You can follow the development of each character during the movie. The reason I reccomend this movie is because one of his new friends , Patrick, is gay and has a lot of problems to overcome, which is one of the bigger themes of the movie.

I really like this movie. It’s full of life, joy and a lot of interesting characters. And it’s very difficult to describe it. There are a lot of topics that are slightly touched and that one has to figure it out for oneself, what I really liked.
film  rec  by:stephen.chbosky  status:complete  rating:teen  !abuse  !coming.out  !drugs  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !noncon  !  !romance 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Full-Spectrum Therapy
Summary: Troubled teen Damien Aattou was looking for a way out–instead, he found a new way to let Them in. After accidentally involving his persistent admirer, Quin Roberts, and Quin’s unrelenting ex, Tayler, he catches the attention of his school’s rookie Empath, who makes it his own business to tie the kids to the recent flux of alien outbreaks around town.

Full-Spectrum Therapy is a body-horror drama focusing on a group of teens in an alternate-present America where encephaloparasitic aliens invaded–30 years ago. Basically, it’s goths and queer kids kicking alien butt!

Review: This webcomic ticks all the quality boxes - interesting characters who feel alive, a complex and well thought out plot, great art, and frequent and reliable updates.

The characters are regular high school kids with all the drama and problems you expect from a group of teenagers, but there’s something more sinister going on beneath it all that’s slowly being revealed.
rec  by:alkaplan  web.series  free  status:wip  rating:teen  !slash  !bisexual  !magic.users  !aliens  !modern.fantasy  !scifi  !paranormal  !poc.main.character  !psychics  !teens  !  !drama/angst 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Pet
Summary: Arthur is in his final year of high school and finds himself entirely too interested in the new English teacher. Entirely inspired by the Police lyrics ‘Sometimes it’s not so easy to be the teacher’s Pet’.

Review: This is an Inception AU but because it has nothing left from the movie but the names of the characters (and a few characters’ traits), and because it’s absolutely AWESOME I though I would rec it here.

I read a lot of Inception AUs, but this one really stands out, even though I usually dislike Student/teacher relationships. The writing is great, grammar is faultless, but what makes it AWESOME is the characters’ depictions, their chemistry, their development, and the pace of the story, how realistic it is. So of course there’s angst, lots of it, but I’m sucker for a good angsty story if it has a happy ending. You should give it a try !
fiction  rec  free  by:ladyvader  rating:mature  length:novel  status:complete  !age.difference  !first.time  !  !student/teacher  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !slash 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Difference Between You and Me
Summary: Jesse cuts her own hair with a Swiss Army knife. She wears big green fisherman’s boots. She’s the founding (and only) member of NOLAW, the National Organization to Liberate All Weirdos. Emily wears sweaters with faux pearl buttons. She’s vice president of the student council. She has a boyfriend.

These two girls have nothing in common, except the passionate “private time” they share every Tuesday afternoon. Jesse wishes their relationship could be out in the open, but Emily feels she has too much to lose. When they find themselves on opposite sides of a heated school conflict, they each have to decide what’s more important: what you believe in, or the one you love?

Review: The Difference Between You and Me is about the relationship of Jesse, an out and proud butch lesbian, and Emily, who is in the closet and has a boyfriend. On top of the whole in/out thing, they’re on opposite sides of the campaign regarding a big box store that wants to build in their town. Then Jesse meets Esther, who shares her political views. Their relationship is platonic, but it helps Jesse realize her dissatisfaction with what Emily is willing to give.

It’s fun to read a high school novel that isn’t about coming out at all, as well as to read one about a lesbian who doesn’t present as femme. Also, Jesse and Emily’s makeout scenes are very well written. It’s a fun novel that doesn’t ignore the difficulties of being an out teen, but doesn’t focus on those difficulties to the exclusion of everything else.
fiction  rec  published  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen  !established.relationship  !femslash  !  !contemporary  !teens 
december 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Tomodachi Forever
Summary: Tomodachi Forever is a Young Adult LGBTQ webcomic for anyone who’s ever been bullied, afraid, in love, rejected, confused, depressed, or just struggling to figure out who they are and where they belong. Y'know, pretty much every person who’s ever lived. Tomodachi means “friends”. Grab yours and follow the Tomo cast as they try to hold on to each other as they graduate high school and move on to their adult lives - some more willingly than others…
rec  by:kieran.james  webcomic  free  status:wip  rating:teen  !slash  !femslash  !bisexual  !transgender  !college/university  !coming.out  !contemporary  !crime  !criminals  !abuse  !drama/angst  !friendship  !gangsters  !  !love/hate  !jocks  !music/bands  !poc.main.character  !politics/politicians  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !royalty  !romance  !teens 
november 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Storm
Summary: It comes when you believe.

Review: Chris loves Davis, but accepting Chris’s feelings goes against everything Davis is. This is the confrontation of one heartbroken teen to an anguished other. Very intelligent, soulful and skillfully written.

Beautiful. I hate one-shots, but this is wholly satisfying and heart-breaking and perfect and I wouldn’t want anything changed about it.
fiction  rec  free  by:winterbridge  length:short.story  status:complete  rating:mature  !friendship  !  !religion/spirituality  !  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !teens 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Self Proclaimed Messiah
Summary: He wants to take the lumps for me, but the best he can offer is to clean me up afterwards.

Review: Bo and Carlton come from abusive family backgrounds. Bo takes things into his own hands one day and breaks himself and his family free of his father’s cruelty, but will Carlton ever escape his mother’s drunken maltreatment?

Despite its “shortness” the story progresses at a satisfactory pace and gives proper closure. Also, better written than most online slash.

Note: This rec was made for an earlier version of this story. The author has since revamped it and the link leads to the new version.
fiction  rec  free  by:xanthofile  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature  !abuse  !drugs  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !parents/guardians  !  !slash  !contemporary  !dark  !drama/angst  !teens 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Trenza
Summary: Daichi, a ninja, and Medoro, a half-serpent, must work together to save Trenza, the country they are living in, before it disappear. Trapped in a time loop and with the islands vanishing each morning, they will face strange worlds in their race against time; one misstep could be the end of Trenza, of themselves and of the whole world.
rec  !bisexual  !  !magic.users  !magical.creatures  !modern.fantasy  published  fiction  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen  by:laura.lauman  language:spanish 
october 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Overlapse
Summary: It seems that Audrey, a time-travelling runaway, has taken an interest in a girl named Jen. As the two learn more about each other, the key to saving the future might finally come to light.

Review: Here’s a new GL/lesbian webcomic I’m really excited for! The art is great and the plot seems really interesting so far. Fans of time travel and lesbian romance should definitely check it out.
rec  webcomic  free  status:wip  rating:teen  by:crossanima  !femslash  !scifi  !teens  !  ! 
september 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Rubyfruit Jungle
Summary: Molly Bolt is a young lady with a big character. Beautiful, funny and bright, Molly figures out at a young age that she will have to be tough to stay true to herself in mid-twentieth-century America. In her dealings with girlfriends and boyfriends, in the rocky relationship with her mother and in her determination to pursue her career, she will fight for her right to happiness. Charming, proud and inspiring, Molly is the girl who refuses to be put in a box.

Review: This book was written at the beginning of the 70s, but it still doesn’t get old. Of course women are taken more seriously today, but some of the events of the story may hit close home if you’re a woman too. Outside of Molly’s struggles as a gender nonconforming woman, the author tried to challenge the reader’s view on labels (outside and inside the LGBT community). I found the underlying reflexion very interesting, although I don’t agree with everything. If there’s one thing that really bugged me in this work, it’s the end. It kinds of leave you hanging. On another note, the book is funny, the main character has the guts to give the homophobes a piece of her mind - which is awesome - and it’s easy to read. I really enjoyed it.
rec  !femslash  !slash  !age.difference  !cheating  !college/university  !coming.out  !contemporary  !food.industry  !friendship  !  !  !teens  fiction  published  by:rita.mae.brown  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete 
september 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Clicking Beat on the Brink of Nada
Summary: I remember friends like brothers, when friends were what you lived for. I remember friends always there, to live your life with. I remember friends who knew every secret, when friends loved you for everything you were.

Review: I bought this on a whim when I ordered my last batch of slashy good-ness. It blew me away and punched me in the gut at the same time. Repeatedly. Basically, it’s about a teenager who moves to a new city with his family and makes new friends and meets his soul-mate. You know the drill, pretty cliché. But this story is anything but.

I’ve been trying for the last hour to write something coherent about it, but have failed miserably. Please, if you have the opportunity, either buy or borrow this book at a library, because it’s amazing and worth the read, even if it doesn’t sound like something you’d normally pick up. This might just be the best coming-of-age I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. It feel realistic and honest, no angst, whinging or over-the-top drama. The main character is likable and believable, the plot both deep as well as shallow and the witty humor is actually funny.

The best part, for me personally, is the fact that it’s not that long and can easily be read in one sitting. This is a blessing, since I’m currently trying to chew my way through the “Song of Ice and Fire” series. One really should appreciate the easy reads more…
fiction  rec  published  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen  by:keith.hale  !slash  !friendship  !  !  !contemporary  !teens 
september 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: And Then I Met Him
Summary: Sebastian longs to find his true soul mate, but love just seems to pass him by. With loneliness lurking in the shadows, he finds comfort in his work. Doing so creates a cycle that’s perfect for distraction. That is, until he meets HIM.

Review: I liked this story because the relationship progressed gradually. I’m a bit tired of instant attraction and “I can tell at first sight that you’re my soul-mate” type of stories. Here, there is a confusing beginning emotion, but because of some nagging undefined interest in the other person they start to connect.

One of the characters,Eli, is 17 and is the definition of a troubled teen. The other is just a 20 year old with a pretty average life that leaves him feeling lonely and empty. There is some angst, but I wouldn’t say it’s a very angsty story.
fiction  rec  free  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novel  by:l.arthur  !slash  !college/university  !coming.out  !drugs  !dubcon  !first.time  !  !hurt/comfort  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !romance  !teens 
august 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Penny and Aggie
Summary: The prom queen, the class weirdo and the bond between them that neither can explain.

Review: “Penny and Aggie” has a repertory feel to it, but be assured that the drive of the story is the complicated relationship between the title characters. They are strong personalities and classical high school rivals in a tangle of cliques and scandals. It’s no spoiler that they eventually discover other feelings besides rivalry.
webcomic  rec  free  by:t.campbell  by:gisele.lagace  rating:teen  status:complete  !femslash  !college/university  !coming.out  !first.time  !fluff  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !love/hate  !mental.disorder  !parody  !  !contemporary  !teens 
august 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Always Raining Here
Summary: Adrian is heartsick, Carter is horny. This is a story about their misadventures as awkward teenagers as they fumble through unrequited romances.

Review: It’s surprising this webcomic hasn’t been rec’d here before, because it’s seriously popular. It has good art and a good story, but I think a big part of why people like it so much is that the teen characters actually feel like teenagers. So naturally plenty of drama, but there’s humour and romance as well. If you’ve someone managed not to have seen this one before, I suggest checking it out.
rec  free  webcomic  by:hazel  by:bell  !slash  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !  !romance  !teens  !  status:complete  rating:teen 
august 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Neighbor
Summary: Due to a bad event in his early teens, Paris hides himself behind tons of responsibilities. At least, until his new neighbor, Adam, arrives in town. Adam has his own demons from the past, too, and is trying to use the move as an opportunity to start over and change some bad habits that turned him into a kind of melancholy boy. He sees in Paris something that he never thought he could find so amazing before, and he wants to do things right this time.

Review: This is a full colour webcomic with some very attractive art that centres around two high school boys. I especially like how the creator draws characters, making them both attractive and distinctive. You can follow it on Tumblr for free, or you can pay $2.50 a month to subscribe for much faster updates.
rec  !slash  webcomic  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !  !romance  !  !teens  free  by:slashpalooza  status:wip  rating:mature 
july 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: and i'm trying my hardest not to fall
Summary: “Of course, this sort of colour is also designed to indicate social class, which, although we British are far too squeamish to say so, still fascinates most of us.” (Re: the papers quoting murder victim Joanna Yeates parents’ house price, Sally Baker, Feeedback, Times Jan 8 2011)

Review: This started life as commentfic about boys getting together over the English class divide. It got longer. :D It’s still about boys getting together over the class divide, though, with a lot of awkwardness and negotiation and occasionally some cuddling. Basically a romance fic, with some deep stuff intended to be going on under the surface.
fiction  rec  free  !slash  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !  !sports  !contemporary  !romance  by:surexit  length:novella  rating:mature  status:complete 
july 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Fast Falls the Eventide
Summary: Two young men are drawn to each other for reasons they can’t explain. Of course, one of them is insane and hears voices, and the other one can’t manage to get his life together, and then there’s that ghost and/or delusion that’s following Rowan around…

Review: This story is so awesome and well-written. The characters are extremely likeable, and the relationship takes time to develop. And things don’t magically become ok once a certain situation is remedied (can’t say more or will be spoiler, but I like that its realistic in that sense).
original.slash  !slash  !college/university  !  !hurt/comfort  !mental.disorder  !paranormal  !  !drama/angst  !modern.fantasy  !romance  by:kouri  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: More Than You'd Think
Summary: Joshua Courtland is gay. Kay Marks is gorgeous. How can they possibly help sleeping together?

Review: I cannot sing enough praises! I adore this author so much. This story has drama, good writing, awesome characters, and so much more that I can’t even do it justice. I’m serious though, please read it!
original.slash  !slash  !age.difference  !  !law/lawyers  !parents/guardians  !contemporary  by:sitaloire  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Lighthouse
Summary: Macon could barely handle fighting with his best friend. Everything only escalated from there.

Review: Unlike most other slash fics, “The Lighthouse” portrays the protagonists with clearly masculine characteristics. It’s refreshingly different to the emo theme that most other slash writers veer towards, illustrating their protagonist as being abused and weak-willed or almost always having overtly feminine qualities. Thankfully “The Lighthouse” instead chose to form the central pairing between macho guys and does this successfully by depicting them convincingly with their testosterone-driven behaviour.

Attention-to-detail has also been obvious in the plot’s structure, which progressed at a realistic and tentative pace. Macon and Wilson’s relationship was believable thanks to the depth that was consistently highlighted in their friendship. Both show genuine concern towards one another and their relentless commitment to preserving and progressing their closeness gives a very romantic touch without being corny or clichéd.

Moreover details throughout the chapters were clearly organised with plenty of consideration. It’s tough to depict believably the sequence of events that led to a skirt-chasing “straight” boy falling in love with his masculine friend. However this was achieved by pacing the progression comprehensively so that it doesn’t jump from one development to another. For example Macon finding himself becoming attracted to Wilcon since finding out about his sexuality was made more reasonable from the deep friendship they shared.
rec  !  !coming.out  by:thenorthface  free  length:novel  status:complete  !sports  fiction  rating:teen 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Adam and Evan
Summary: When you’re a 16-year old shut-in with a deadly skin allergy and the communication skills of a rock, things like handsome devils dropping into your bedroom in the middle of the night might take a little bit of getting used to. Okay, a lot of getting used to.

Review: A fun read, with witty and humorous dialogue. Characters are all wonderful, and even the parents are fleshed out.
rec  !slash  !coming.out  !first.time  !  status:complete  length:novella  rating:teen  free  by:senatorblitz  fiction 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Simple Math
Summary: The Fake Boyfriends High School AU.

Review: This Inception fanfic is so AU the only thing you need to know is that there are characters named Arthur, Eames, and Ariadne. Arthur and Eames pretend to be boyfriends in order to save face and get a good trig grade respectively, but of course they are obviously in love with each other and can’t see it because they’re stupid high school boys. The plot is nothing new, but the writing is funny and hot. Foxxcub owns her cliches and the result is a story that’s much better than it has any right to be.
!slash  !  !contemporary  !romance  !teens  by:foxxcub  fiction  rec  free  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Cloud & Rain
Summary: Cloud & Rain (Vietnamese: Vân Vân Vũ Vũ) is a Vietnamese BL comic about two 15-year-old boys and their unacknowledged teenage love as they go through different high school situations. Hilarity ensues.

Review: Funny, cute and relaxing, I absolutely adore this series so I gotta translate it~
rec  !slash  !contemporary  !fluff  !friendship  !  !humor  !romance  !  !teens  webcomic  free  status:wip  rating:teen  by:monizilla.aprilf  by:annapotterkiku 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Breaks
Summary: Breaks is an intelligent and well-crafted comic about two sixth form (equivalent to junior and senior year in the U.S.) students. Cortland Hunt is a transfer student with a mysterious past and Ian Tanner is an aimless class clown with a secret. They have a relationship similar to a couple of eight-year-olds punching the other in the arm because they like each other. It’s all friendly teasing, at least as far as Ian is concerned anyway. Cort has another, not-so-friendly tormentor — Spence. Spence is a bully who uses every trick in the jerk-ass, alpha book to rule the schoolyard. Ian has had long practice at staying on Spence’s good side with a combination of conciliation and buffoonery, but Cort is not the conciliatory type and he underestimates the lengths to which Spence will go if he is crossed.  

Review: Breaks is drawn on a sepia background with a very occasional hint of red color. The art is very professional — the characters are distinct, the paneling is interesting and dynamic, and even the background textures help tell the story. One texture in particular (It looks like a close-up of a snake mating ball.) tends to show up when one of the main characters is particularly angry. The style is realistic and the students look like the students you would expect at a modern British school — with different body types, clothing preferences, and races represented.

The narrator of Breaks is Ian, and he draws the reader in by immediately spilling two facts — he will kiss Cort in a stairwell, and he will kill a man. Then he backs up and starts telling his story from the night of the spring dance and slowly, teasingly, we begin to move toward that promised kiss and whatever events lie beyond. The art and the writing blend seamlessly to tell us about the characters’ personalities and emotions, and their backgrounds are revealed through hints dropped naturally in conversation. Ian’s girlfriend, Amilah, is a particularly interesting and complex character. She has her own thoughts and interests, and it is apparent that she cares about Ian even if she isn’t terribly satisfied with their relationship. We haven’t seen much of Cort’s friend, Irena, but I hope she will have as much depth as the other characters. Even Spence has his own problems to differentiate him from a one-dimensional stock villain. This is a great comic for fans of character-driven stories.
rec  webcomic  !slash  !contemporary  !crime  !drama/angst  !  !robots/ai  !  !teens  by:emma.vieceli  by:malin.ryden  free  status:complete  rating:teen 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Rock and Riot
Summary: Rock and Riot follows the tales of two opposing teenage gangs in the 1950s with an LBTQ theme! Will the two teams set aside their differences to fight for what they have in common? 

This comic will consist of a series of chronological mini stories of around 10 pages each!

Review: A very adorable and quick read!
rec  !femslash  !slash  !  !teens  !historical  !poc.main.character  !romance  by:cheriiart  free  webcomic  status:wip  rating:everyone 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Gives light
Summary: Sixteen-year-old Skylar is witty, empathetic, sensitive–and mute. Skylar hasn’t uttered a single word since his mother died eleven years ago, a senseless tragedy he’s grateful he doesn’t have to talk about.

When Skylar’s father mysteriously vanishes one summer afternoon, Skylar is placed in the temporary custody of his only remaining relative, an estranged grandmother living on an Indian reservation in the middle of arid Arizona.

Adapting to a brand new culture is the least of Skylar’s qualms. Because Skylar’s mother did not die a peaceful death. Skylar’s mother was murdered eleven years ago on the Nettlebush Reserve. And her murderer left behind a son.

And he is like nothing Skylar has ever known.

Review: A really sweet story about forgiveness, family, friendship and love. There are six novels currently published with one on the way, but Iv’e only read up to the 4th one. It’s well written with well developed characters and an interesting look into Native American culture and some of the struggles they have to go through with keeping their children and the American governments notorious and historical disrespect on what is their land. The story is centered on Skylar’s life, him over coming his introversion only partially caused by his mutism and his relationship with Rafael, the son of the man who murdered his mother and took Skylar’s voice.

There’s a lot of the hurt/comfort theme between them both as they both have had hard childhoods, but they come to care about/lean on each other very naturally. A bit of a sad read, but I highly recommend it :)
rec  !disability  !drama/angst  !friendship  !slash  !  !hurt/comfort  !poc.main.character  !teens  by:rose.christo  fiction  status:complete  length:novel  published  length:series  rating:teen 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Band Geek's Dictionary
Summary: What’s a band geek to do when he has a crush on his best friend, fantasies about making out on marimbas, and a nosy sister who bribes him with snickerdoodle cookies? Band sure is wild! Like American Pie Band Camp, only better. Really.

Review: The first few paragraphs drew me in for this one. This story also has its doses of humor to keep the mood light.
rec  !slash  !  !teens  !music/bands  !friendship  !contemporary  !humor  by:ryette  fiction  free  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Moonlight Denial
Summary: Nicoli always looked down on those who believed in things like vampires, witches, and ghouls. But when he moves to the town of Whixton he’ll realize that the things that go bump in the night are more real than he ever imagined

Review: This fic’s plot goes to epic proportions to be…well epic. And it works. I really loved this fic. Almost all the characters are well rounded, even the villains are sometimes shown on a good light, or have certain reasons to drive them to do their evil deeds (aren’t evil for the heck of it). I really liked the MC and his outlook, and how he holds his own and doesn’t roll over even though he is obviously the weakest link in the entire group.
original.slash  !slash  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !paranormal  !magic.users  !travel.between.worlds  !vampires  !dark  !drama/angst  !modern.fantasy  !fairytale/mythological  by:darkness  fiction  rec  free  rating:mature  length:novel  status:complete 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Mahou Shounen Fight!
Summary: A magical girl comic… with boys. All Mike Smith wanted was an ordinary life. What he got was body-snatching spirits, glittering fairies, mutated kittens, and a magical mission to protect the Earth. Oh, and hot pink boots.

Review: Do you all remember waking up on Saturday mornings, plopping in front of the TV and watching your favorite cartoons? Did one of those favorite cartoons just so happen to be Sailor Moon? Well, replace all of the main girls with guys, but keep the glitter and magic, and you’ve got Shounen Fight.

There’s a lovely cross-dresser, a designer savant, a stoic archer with an adorable secret, and in the middle of all the crazies is Mike. I would read this comic just for Mike’s reaction to the team’s antics. Oh, the situations that he gets into. The comic is more than that though. There’s actually plot to go with the funny! The comic is pure comedy so the romances sort of get pushed to the back burner which is sad, but I was laughing so hard that I didn’t notice much. Oh yes, and Mike, the MC, is straight. Not “straight at the moment” straight either. But there are other gay characters. So this is really a borderline slash/yaoi or whathaveyou comic. Personally, I think the outfits and glitter make up for any lack of slash.
webcomic  !crossdressing  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !magic.users  !parody  !humor  rec  free  by:dustyjack  by:jadeprince  status:wip  rating:teen 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Love or Blood
Summary: This is a story of love, betrayal, and hope between three childhood friends in their quest for happiness… Did I mention there are VAMPIRES?

Review: It’s my first webcomic, so the art and format has evolved. 
rec  !vampires  !scifi  !romance  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !religion/spirituality  !powerplay  !poly  !  !geeks/nerds  !friendship  !espionage  !drama/angst  !doctors/nurses  !bdsm  !assassins/hitmen  !agents  !slash  by:blackchick  free  webcomic  status:wip  rating:mature 
june 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: No Apologies
Summary: Cheerful and friendly, Aaron Blake has never met a puzzle that intrigues him more than brooding Greg Falkner. He wants to get to know his roommate, but it seems the only way past his shell is through it. When a reluctant friendship turns into a budding romance, can the two keep their feelings secret from their classmates? Or will their newfound love destroy them both?

So goes the story screenwriter Greg Falkner spins for audiences and his longtime partner, Aaron Blake, in No Apologies. Loosely based on their lives together, the film rocks Hollywood with its blatant portrayal of two teenagers falling in love and coming of age in a world that struggles to accept them, while they in turn struggle to accept themselves.

At the end of the evening, will Greg’s risky venture break a relationship that’s already foundering? Or will the real life Greg and Aaron also find their happily ever after with no apologies?

Review: Honestly? Just read it. It’s that good. Intelligent, touching, sweet.
mm.romance  !artists/writers  !coming.out  !  !powerplay  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !romance  !slash  !teens  by:tibby.armstrong  fiction  published  rec  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novel 
january 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Always Joey
Summary: Joey is assigned to work on a school project with Jimmy, the class (queer) outcast…

Review: This might not look attractive to the reader, seeing as it’s on nifty, and the plot is kinda VERY cliché, but it’s reaaally worth a look. For a start it’s well written, with few spelling mistakes, and it’s sweetly realistic. The protagonists are two regular boys (one slightly less lucky than the other, certes), the pace of the action is right, and it’s sweet sweet sweet!

I’ve read pretty much all the college and high school section of nifty (what’s passable anyway), gay authors, fictionpress and the recommendations here on The Slash Pile, and still I go back to this story every few month because I just really like it. There’s really something about this story and the two boys in it and I hope some of you will give the story a chance.
original.slash  !coming.out  !first.time  !fluff  !friendship  !  !slash  !contemporary  !romance  !teens  by:adelhardt.h.  free  rec  fiction  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature 
january 2015 by TheSlashPile
Rec: A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend
For months, Cass Meyer has heard her best friend Julia, a wannabe Broadway composer, whispering about a top-secret project. Then Julia is killed in a sudden car accident, and while Cass is still reeling from her death, Julia’s boyfriend and her other drama friends make it their mission to bring to fruition the nearly-completed secret project: a musical about an orphaned ninja princess entitled Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad.

Cass isn’t one of the drama people. She doesn’t feel at home with Julia’s drama friends, and she doesn’t see a place for her in the play. Things only get worse when she finds out that Heather Galloway, the girl who made her miserable all through middle school, has been cast as the ninja princess.

Cass can’t take a summer of swallowing her pride and painting sets, so she decides to follow her original plan for a cross-country road trip with Julia. Even if she has a touring bicycle instead of a driver’s license, and even if Julia’s ashes are coming along in Tupperware.

Totally Sweet Ninja Death Squad is a story about friendship. About love. About traveling a thousand miles just to find yourself. About making peace with the past, and making sense of it. And it’s a story about the bloodiest high school musical one quiet suburb has ever seen.

Review: This book started really strongly for me and then sort of petered out, but I still enjoyed it a lot. It’s definitely a coming of age story, and it has a lot of other characters’ coming of age stories packed in, too. It has a lot of really great character moments, and it has quite a few interesting things about religion that is non-committal about making a point - the protagonist is Quaker, and homosexuality is fine with her family while wearing makeup is not; her love interest is Catholic, who has a complicated relationship with her faith; her dead best friend was Christian and tried to mediate between her pastor and a gay friend after he came out. I think the book should probably have been longer to develop everything properly, but it had genuine emotional beats and the protagonist was immensely likeable even when she was being kind of a jerk. 
rec  !action/adventure  !age.difference  !artists/writers  !coming.out  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !femslash  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !hurt/comfort  !love/hate  !teens  by:emily.horner  fiction  published  status:complete  length:novel  femslash 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: YU + ME: dream
Summary: Fiona Thompson goes to Catholic high school. She doesn’t have much in the way of friends until she meets Lia, a new girl at school. The two begin a relationship. Meanwhile, the people in her life begin acting strangely, and her parents are hiding someone from her past from reaching her.

Just when she thinks she has it all figured out, she discovers that the past six months of her life were just a dream while she was in a coma. It’d be very cliche, if that was the end of the story.

But Fiona finds her way back into the Dream World, ruled by a mysterious girl called Sadako. Now she’s literally searching for the girl of her dreams.

Review: It’s a lesbian webcomic about two girls who meet in the dream world and is super cute and I love it and it’s been around forever and a day (by which I mean since 2008). This is the comic that made me realize I was gay.
webcomic  rec  !fantasy  !drama/angst  !femslash  !friendship  !  !romance  !teens  free  by:megan.rose.gedris  status:complete  rating:mature  femslash  ff.webcomics 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Alex and Bobby
Summary: Bobby had a hard time getting over it when Alex admitted that he was gay. The worst part was - apparently it was Bobby who was going to have to find him a boyfriend. How does he get himself into these things?

Review: When this story starts, you know where it is going…and you´re wrong!  It is a nice, amusing story about friendship, confessions, school life and misunderstandings.
original-slash  !coming.out  !  !contemporary  !teens  by:failte200  fiction  free  length:novella  rating:teen  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Perhaps Love
Summary: Life was set in place for Adam and Blake and neither of them thought they needed anything more out of it. But when they meet each other, they’re forced to reevaluate. But is it all worth it?

Review: This story is more than worth reading.

The main characters are really likeable and the plot is interesting. It is not just an average jock/nerd story, though the main characters belong to these categories. It is more or less realistic take on (love) life of queer youth (how I know it) with a few comic/absurd situations, showing also a great variety of reactions to coming out - from parents, friends, authorities…

There is not much I can complain about, but the thing I minded is just too important to miss: there are several time-lines and flashbacks and one can get easily confused. Therefore the story does not flow as smoothly as it could was there something to help the reader to orient in all the events.
original-slash  !coming.out  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !contemporary  !teens  by:algae  fiction  free  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Honeydew Syndrome
Summary: Honeydew Syndrome is an action-packed, heart-pounding adventure thrill ride of a life time!
Ok, we lied- it’s a high school story. But even high school stories can be heart-pounding. Especially when it’s a story about a smart-ass-not-so-emo-emo and his not-so-jock-jock project partner and sucker-puncher. We won’t promise non-stop action.

Review: Okay. So, I used to read a lot of online comics. No longer- I have maybe three that I keep up with, a few that have finished and a few I check only sporadically when I’m bored. This one’s good, though. It’s pretty and there’s a guide for telling all the pretty boys apart. I wouldn’t put it in the same league as, say, Metanoia or even the unfinished Schism, but it’s fun.
original-slash  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !love/hate  !  !contemporary  !teens  by:nuu  by:schumie  free  rating:teen  status:complete  webcomic 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Khaos Komix
Summary: This is a comic about gender and sexuality. It follows the lives of 8 main characters: Steve, Mark, Amber, Nay, Tom, Alex, Charlie and Jamie. It’s about them finding themselves, falling in love, lust and like and how hard they fight to get there.

Review: It’s about the lives of a number of gay teenage boys and girls, first telling a story out of one character’s point of view and then continuing to tell about what went on in the life of another character at the time, giving the reader a slightly different take on events, and then describing what happened afterwards.
original-slash  webcomic  !bisexual  !asexual  !abuse  !artists/writers  !coming.out  !femslash  !first.time  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !noncon  !  !transgender  !contemporary  !teens  by:tab.kimpton  free  rating:mature  rec  status:complete  femslash 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: In Due Time
Summary: Jake Taylor has always been gay and he’s always been very careful when it comes to hiding it. Even if it means ignoring that part of himself altogether. It was no big deal…until he met Shane. Friends are lost and gained, worlds are literally turned upside down, and Jake Taylor learns what it means to accept himself.

Review: I’d been reading and vastly enjoying this one for a while on another online community. Imagine my surprise when I saw it rec’d by a slash newsletter and saw that it was also published on LJ. I was even more surprised to notice that several of my LJ friends were regular readers and commentators. This WIP is in many ways a classic coming-out tale, set in high school. But it’s got a refreshingly original style and tone, witty dialogue, three-dimensional characters, and an uncanny ability to put a giant smile on my face.
original-slash  !coming.out  !jocks  !  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete  by:j_ross  rec  free  fiction 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Chemistry-verse Series
Summary: Chemistry is the story of Travis McCall, a seventeen-year-old track star and straight-A student with a crippling case of depression, and enough medication to keep him appropriately numb. When he meets Garen Anderson, the charming, musician son of Bill, Travis’ mother’s boyfriend, everything changes. Travis is caught up in the love affair of a lifetime, trying to balance the extremes his life has come to; his annoyance with his military-school-brat stepbrother and his love for his beautifully catastrophic boyfriend. His severe depression and his role as “the perfect guy.” Not least of all, being a gay boy in a very, very straight world.

Review: Chemistry-verse is the name of a series, featuring ‘Chemistry’ (complete), ‘Reckless’ (on-going) and ‘Easy’ (not yet released). The first novel ‘Chemistry’ does begin in a rather cliche’ manner, but the main characters, Travis and Garen are addicting from the first read and it’s extremely easy to get caught into their tale. (Hint: Travis is slowly coming out of the closet, charmed by Garen - but it’s not all too easy when their parents suddenly get engaged.) Luckily, the story goes beyond the typical forbidden love, and by ‘Reckless’, the story becomes grittier and more complex. The plot is well thought-out, written extremely well, has a perfect pace and is updated every 3-4 months - which considering the length of the chapters - is pretty good. The author also has a tumblr (link on her site), in which questions are answered frequently. She also writes AU’s for her own stories (yes, she is aware of the fact she writes fanfiction for her own stories), which led to the creation of the so-called ‘Soulmate AU’, which should also be read.
rec  !abuse  !bdsm  !college/university  !coming.out  !drama/angst  !drugs  !first.time  !  !hurt/comfort  !romance  !cheating  !dubcon  !geeks/nerds  !love/hate  !mental.disorder  fiction  free  by:ohiowrites  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  status:complete  status:wip 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Control and Kaos
Summary: When they look back to the years of exploration and discovery, to the first crush, the first dalliance, the first romance, the first entanglement, they see joy and embarrassment and humor. They see naiveté dance with desire. Yes, those things are there for us too. We, too, were foolish and hopeful. We, too, were hysterical and hysterical. But when we look back, we, too frequently and too acutely remember another emotion as unwanted as it was inappropriate. There it is, interwoven with the memories of laughter and drama, of endless moments passing in an instant and instants that lasted an eternity. There, lurking below the brazenness, the silliness, the joy and the pain is shame. They had the self-doubt born of youth. We had the self-doubt born of ignominy.

If it had been different? If we had grown in a world that judged us for what we did rather than what we were? Can such a world be imagined? Such is the stuff of fantasy.

Join me, then, in a story of beginnings in this world of fantastic construction, where epithets and slanders have no place, where the natural is unquestioned and the full range of human experience is never denied. It will be a story of discovery and folly and longing and triumph. It will not be a story with shame. Here, instead, is a story set in a world where shame has no footing.

Review: Two not so naive high school sophomores meet two popular seniors… Stir that with school band, nicknames, numerous pranks, smart (and not so smart) jocks, workouts, stubbornness, a fine use of cliché and you have a great read! Seriously, very well written, hilarious at times, hot as hell at others, sometimes both in the same time, great characters and dialogue. You should give my rec, and the book, a try!
original-slash  !first.time  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !powerplay  !contemporary  !humor  !romance  !teens  by:david.buffet  fiction  free  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: New Night Series
Summary: Eben is a 17 year old sorcerer. When he wakes up to see a ghost at the foot of his bed who asks him to find her killer, his life becomes much more complicated. Especially when her killer turns out to be another sorcerer. Throw in a few werewolves, bullies, and teenage hormones, and it all makes for one crazy year of high school.

Review: I really liked New Night, it’s really funny and is well written. There is an age difference with Eben and Drystan, but it’s not big and I like how Eben keeps his innocence through the whole story.
Note: This review refers to the first book only. I believe there is sexual content in later books.
original-slash  !age.difference  !fluff  !  !magic.users  !paranormal  !werecreatures  !humor  by:siese  fiction  free  length:novel  length:series  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Tapping
Summary: A teenager moves into a new house, where he feels oddly comfortable in the bedroom he chooses. He begins to have dreams of things that may have happened long ago, and develops a connection to a local boy, who also has had similar dreams for years.

Review: I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s a REALLY good ghost story and love story of two romances, one that happened 100 years prior with a tragic ending, and one that’s just beginning.
original-slash  !abuse  !coming.out  !  !paranormal  !psychics  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !servants  !dark  !historical  !romance  !teens  by:kit  fiction  free  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Camp Boulder
Summary: Camp changes people. 

Review: “Camp Boulder” is the story of Parker Nelson, a teenage boy forced to go to football camp by his father, trying to fit into a world where he knows he shouldn’t be. He’s the new boy in the “green team”, a family that have slowly formed throughout the years of camps and he’s readily accepted by them all, even his silent room mate ‘Stone’ who has never had to share his room before. Together, the two room mates help each other. Parker helping Stone to become more social and Stone helping Parker realise that he does deserve to be on the team, despite his clumsy way at playing football.

At first, I was worried that this story would be too much about the football rather than about the growing relationship between the two main characters, as well as the rest of “green team”. Palliser, however, manages to have a perfect balance between the football/sport element of the story as well as the relationships which made for a fantastic read and, for the first time in my life, actually had me interested in a sport related story. Each individual character has their own personalities that Palliser develops perfectly throughout the story, making you relate to the characters through celebrating their wins and mourning their losses as well as anxiously waiting for that moment where the chemistry just gets too much for the protagonists.

There was the minor spelling error/typo here and there but, apart from that, this story flowed fluently. There was a great balance between dialogue and narration. The dialogue is believable with witty banter between the boys, awkward chats about emotion and stubborn headed moments where they just plain refuse to talk to each other.
rec  !  !coming.out  !sports  !contemporary  !teens  by:palliser  fiction  free  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Rorschach Blots
Summary: Sev won’t analyze why he wants to spank his teacher. Mine: A high school senior feels his way towards a sexual identity, involving his teacher in some awkward moments.

Review: Sometimes the best stories are about the weirdest relationships. I am almost never drawn to stories about students and teachers together, but a few things make this one special. One is that Sev is this close to graduation and 18. Another is that the story is all about Sev’s struggle to grow up and find himself, with a side dish of his teacher completing his own process. None of the characters is a cardboard cutout: they’re all fully realized, even the most minor ones. The ending is perfect for these characters, too, which is to say, it’s pretty weird. But very satisfying. I’d just say, go read what RoughDraftHero writes. This is one of the most finely crafted ones.
original-slash  !age.difference  !bdsm  !coming.out  !first.time  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !  !teachers  !contemporary  !teens  !student/teacher  length:novel  status:complete  by:roughdrafthero  free  fiction  rec  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Wyatt
Summary: A teen wondering when his chance at life will come. Taking care of his invalid mother and keeping it secret, he’s never lived for himself. Until two brothers move just across the street.

Review: I can’t adequately express how starkly beautiful this story is. It’s bleak at times, gritty, realistic and can be downright depressing. Wyatt’s life sucks and he doesn’t have a lot going for him. But the relationship that he develops with each of the brothers keeps him afloat, as does taking care of his mother. As much of a downer as this can be, there is hope. It’s not a total angst-fest. The sex scenes are realistic for two teen boys and not romanticized at all, which I find refreshing. I’m not doing this justice at all, so please give it a chance.
original-slash  !coming.out  !drugs  !first.time  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !parents/guardians  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !teens  by:xanthofile  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Graveyard
Summary: After having an ordinary life in California, plunging into a dark world of supernaturals that was bound to drive him insane wasn’t something Corbin Iverson had expected when he moved with his family into a house with an unclear past.

With his life suddenly on the line, things begin to appear that they aren’t at all what they seem, hidden secrets poke their heads from around the corners as he slowly comes to realize that even he wasn’t what he thought himself to be.

Amidst the horror, confusion and struggles, can the resurgent love of a peculiar boy ultimately change him to the very bone?

Review: I read this story a while ago and it is nothing short of amazing, a true gem of wattpad books. The two main characters are believable and have undeniable chemistry. The plot is interesting and it keeps you entertained. It has an original plot, I’m an avid reader and I’ve honestly never seen a plot quite like this before.
!demons  !  !magic.users  !teens  !first.time  !romance  !modern.fantasy  by:rueyal  fiction  free  rec  status:wip  length:novel  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Gay Chicken
Summary: “They have belligerent sexual tension.”

“What does that even mean?”

The years of fighting with James has made Casper to believe that he hates him, but those around him know that certainly isn’t the case. In fact, they believe that Casper is a little in love - or just has a lot of sexual tension - with James Davidson, even if James doesn’t realise it either. After a discreetly- or more like last minute- planned game of Gay Chicken at a house party, things get a little too heated for everyone to handle, especially for James and Casper.

Review: Honestly this is my favourite non-fantasy story and my second favourite in the whole of wattpad. It’s funny, creative, original and imaginative. The two main characters are hilarious together and their non-stop fighting usually made me laugh loudly. The characters are also very unique, they don’t follow the usual cliché.

As for the plot. I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s pretty funny and amazingly well written. The characters have a fresh perspective, the entire story does, and it plays with the stereotypes. It has its faults, all stories do, but the faults somehow make it even better. The grammar and dialogue and everything is just woah. There aren’t enough suitable words to describe this masterpiece, you should just go and check it out yourself.
rec  original-slash  !fluff  !friendship  !teens  !  !music/bands  fiction  free  by:pandaguts  length:novel  status:wip  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: With You, Without You
Summary: The accident changes everything for the brothers. Josua escapes town in a hope to learn how to live alone, but maybe he won’t be alone forever.

Review: Thanks to the internet, I avoid any story that mentions “brothers” in the summary. Luckily I took a chance and was relieved to find that no, there is no incest. Second of all, while there is a lot of teenage angst, I think it would be slightly unrealistic to depict teenagers without angst— it’s what they do best. I think it’s really a touching tale of twin boys separated by tragedy, how one handles life without his other half (spoiler: poorly). I think it’s sweet and honest, well-written, and is great for anyone looking to read something a little heart-wrenching. I love how people react realistically, not exactly the way they’re supposed to.
original-slash  !coming.out  !disability  !first.time  !friendship  !  !hurt/comfort  !mental.disorder  !  !contemporary  !drama/angst  by:aletiah  fiction  free  length:novel  status:complete  rating:mature  rec 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: A Kiss is Just a Kiss
Summary: If you listened to Aiden Pike all he wanted to do was try kissing a guy. His curiosity was getting the better of him and he needed to put to rest that nagging feeling that he might be gay.

Admittedly, Cody Beaumont is dubious, though certainly not hesitant and after the first one, all he wants is more.

And then there’s Ashton Prince, the perfect guy, some might say too perfect.

Putting their hearts on the line was the last thing they expected, if it weren’t for that kiss.

Review: Wonderful strong characters, terrific chemistry, emotional interaction, great sex scenes. I love the writing style.
!coming.out  rec  !drama/angst  !first.time  !  !humor  !hurt/comfort  !teens  by:nicholas.scott  fiction  free  length:novel  status:complete  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: My Love For One Day
Review: A short, sweet, nicely-written high-school love story with a little bit of magic in it. Yamanashi Moe handles average plot with mastership that make the outcoming story unique and entertainming.
original-slash  rec  !fluff  !  !magic.users  !contemporary  !teens  status:complete  rating:mature  length:short.story 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Long Way Series
Summary: When a secret gets out and things unexpectedly go awry, Owen finds himself living with his twin brothers, an ideal situation for him. But not everything’s perfect under the surface, and as he falls for his neighbor, makes new friends and learns to trust again it’s a long road to making things right.

Review: This is, in part, a high school coming out story, but definitely one of the better ones. Besides, it has a lot of other things going on other than that.The sex in this one is pretty hot. I read it a while ago so there isn’t much I can say about it, except that I really enjoyed it. Both of the main characters have a few issues to deal with, and pretty dysfunctional families.The relationship Owen has with his brothers is quite nice. This is a nice story. I like it.
original-slash  !abuse  !coming.out  !first.time  !friendship  !  !drama/angst  !teens  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete  by:domluka  length:series  fiction  free  rec 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: No Education
Summary: Finding out the man who asked him out in the bookstore is a history teacher at his high school leads to some unconventional teaching for Adrien.

Review: Okay, this is a story I was hesitant to like at first. The writing style is a bit indecisive, constantly switching between Adrien’s inner monologue in the first and third person. That, coupled with some truly cheesy dialog at times (the first chapter is the worst. If you can make it through that you’re home free) can (and probably will) make some readers shy away.

But as I continued to read it started to grow on me. Yes, the setting is a little cliche, but the uniqueness of the characters made me look past it. After a while you start seeing the struggle between Adrien and this forbidden romance and I couldn’t help but feel for him as he started to struggle with it (though it is a little hard to tell at first). 

Despite it flaws there is a story worth reading here, and while it’s not the most sophisticated novel I’ve ever read, it had many shining moments and those looking for something lighthearted will most likely enjoy it.

But seriously. Very cheesy dialog ahead.

It also has a sequel, which can be found in the author’s profile.
original-slash  !age.difference  !  !student/teacher  !teachers  fiction  !teens  length:novel  rating:mature  status:complete  by:jabberwock  free  rec 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The World Beneath Us
Summary: The year is 1924. The Paris Olympics are in full swing and, for the moment at least, Britain is enjoying a brief period of peace. But for 15 year-old Tristan Carrington, life isn’t quite so serene. A spoiled young Lord whose father has recently died, Tristan is sent off to boarding school in the country, where he meets two young men who will change his life forever.

Review: This is a historical story about English boys at boarding school. The main character is kind of ridiculously dramatic as you would expect a spoiled young lord of that time to be. It’s not always needlessly dramatic, though; some serious shit goes down as well. The spelling and grammar in this story are excellent, so no worries there, and the way the characters speak is very much in keeping with the time period.
!dubcon  !first.time  !  !jocks  !rich.guy/poor.guy  !historical  !teens  fiction  rec  by:ava.rose  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature  free  by:blueoblivion 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The History of Southbrook Academy
Summary: Between remaining the school´s premier expert on gossip and trying to blackmail a jock into being his boyfriend, Alex has no time for ghost stories. Unfortunately somebody else doesn´t feel the same way.

Review: I really recommend reading this story. It has its cons, of course. The main character may seem truly annoying and immoral. Also, there are events in the plot that are quite predictable.

However, on the other hand, the plot is really interesting. It is more or less your well known ghost story, but well planned and written. In addition the characters are live, they have relationship and history and the main pairing has an obvious chemistry.

There are also twists that will keep you interested and all in all, The History of Southbrook Academy is worth reading.
original-slash  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !paranormal  by:american.shokolade  fiction  free  !modern.fantasy  !teens  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: iCrush
Summary: My name is Cody Cunningham. The world is my laboratory, and the people living in it are my lab rats.

Review: It’s about a kid who comes up with the idea of making a fake MySpace profile using the photos of a pretty girl to mess with the heads of pervy guys online - all for the purpose of a sociology project. The thing ends up complicating itself when his crush - his brother’s best friend - befriends his fake MySpace persona.
!coming.out  !friendship  !  !jocks  !love/hate  !parents/guardians  !  !teachers  !romance  by:shadowkitekitsune  fiction  free  rec  length:novel  status:complete  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Tripping Over You
Summary: Tripping Over You is a love story that addresses the awkwardness that comes from having feelings for someone you shouldn’t - especially in the odd mix of drama and humor that is secondary boarding school.

Review: I just found this…half an hour ago? And I’m in love. The art is a gorgeous cartoon-ish style and it’s pure snark/wit. And the best part is the artist has paid attention to characters in the background and their expressions, so you have to take a moment to study each panel to get the full effect.

So far, it’s cute and it’s fluffy. Snarkily fluffy.
original-slash  webcomic  !coming.out  !first.time  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !  !contemporary  !humor  !romance  !teens  by:suzana.harcum  by:owen.white  free  rec  status:complete  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Just Friends
Summary: Friends who joke a little too personally, sit a little too closely, hug for a little too long, stare a little too intimitely, touch a little too often and care a little too much. Right. Just friends.

Review: This is one of the first stories I read on FictionPress, and certainly one of the best. A classic in the teens-genre. When you’re done, be sure to check out the short one-chapter sequel here:
original-slash  mm.romance  !coming.out  !friendship  !  fiction  free  !teens  length:novel  rating:mature  rec  status:complete  by:natasha5 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Cute Demon
Summary: Akiyoshi Tooru is the perfect student with glasses. Unfortunately, he’s always been told that he was ‘cute’ and ‘pretty’ which forced him to develop an inferiority complex as a young man. The very same Akiyoshi received a confession from a boy of rare beauty, Naruse Fuuta. Of course, Akiyoshi rejected the confession from another man. However, Naruse lost it, underwent a complete change of attitude, and attacked him! Now knowing the fearsome nature of Naruse, what fate awaits the fleeing Akiyoshi?!

Review: …You know the stereotypical manly pretty man and his submissive pretty boy? Yeah, this ain’t it. Ahurhurhurhur~ *leers*

I have a morbid sense of humour, yes, but to see …. okay I don’t want to spoil it for you but let’s say the ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ and the dynamic kinda remains unchanged except the characters assigned the titles… are unexpected.

I did not like the first work I read of Madarame Hiro but this one I adored. I laughed. I choked on my laughter at certain parts and condescendingly sympathised with the protagonist. It’s one of those fluffy cute and pointless adorable things out there with pretty artwork.
original-slash  manga  !dubcon  !first.time  !geeks/nerds  !  !love/hate  !noncon  !contemporary  !humor  rec  free  by:madarame.hiro  status:complete  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Under the Table and Dreaming
Summary: Andy met Sid when he was four years old, and while some things change, a lot of things stay the same.

Review: Before I get into my spiel on this story let me warn you: This is a fanfic* featuring Sid/Andy from Pixar’s Toy Story trilogy. If you don’t like fanfic AT ALL and/or don’t want to alter your perception of those characters in the movie, I suggest you just skip this over this. If you don’t care about all that or you’re wavering, allow me to try my hand at persuasion.

This is the type of story I find hard to describe. It’s kinda sets up like the basic falling in love with your childhood friend story except for the part where they’re not friends, yet still find themselves needing the other to better define themselves. I wouldn’t call it exactly healthy, but I find the simple narrative and the honest(?) depiction of the characters at their best and worst to be compelling and bittersweet.

If I have any problems with this story, I think it would have to be the sex scenes. It might seems silly to some (like, what can be wrong with hot sex?) but it didn’t feel like a natural progression of their relationship. But luckily enough, this is only the first story of three (so far) and I think the sex scenes become more natural and better for it.

I really don’t think I’ve this fic any justice with my review, but I really think if you’re even the least bit interested, you should check this story out!

*no knowledge of Toy Story is actually needed to read this story, as the mentioned characters are minor to nonexistent in the movie(s). It reads completely like original fiction.

EDIT: Is part of a series. There are two sequels, one 23k and one 60k.
original-slash  !abuse  !coming.out  !first.time  !friendship  !  !drama/angst  by:snooter  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature  length:series 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Girl For Me
Summary: Straight jockboy Kevin thinks he has gay, cross-dressing Danny under his thumb. Kevin only likes girls. So… why does he keep thinking about her? Or him. Whatever.

Review: First off, the story is written in Kevin’s POV and Kevin is an ass in this story. He’s a bastard. He blackmails Danny, insults him, the works. I didn’t like him at first. You can’t help but think, “This guy is doing this on purpose.” But as the story progresses you see that Kevin really doesn’t do these things on purpose. He’s just an idiot, but you fall in love with the idiot anyway because even though he’s an ass, he’s sincere and you can tell he cares, he just doesn’t know how to show it. Then there’s Danny who is confused about who he is, about what gender he is, and he’s just struggling to make sense of it all. He is the proverbial china shop to Kevin’s bull throughout the whole story, so you cheer for him pretty much the whole time. Two very powerful characters written in a way that will have you emotionally invested within the first chapter.

The plot is not an epic battle of love and hate and the struggles of blah blah something blah. Just two guys trying to make it work when one guy is a girl (pronouns and all) through half of the story. There’s a couple of twist and turns in there that made this story even better, but I’m not telling you what they are. And the dialog! It’s so snarky and witty and perfect! There’s nothing I don’t like about this story. Absolutely nothing.
original-slash  !coming.out  !crossdressing  !dubcon  !first.time  !  !jocks  !  !transgender  !contemporary  !humor  by:failte200  length:novel  status:complete  rating:mature  rec  fiction  free 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: A Map of the Harbor Islands
Summary: This book charts the turbulent life courses of two South Boston friends, Danny O’Connor and Petey Harding, from their childhoods through their adult lives. ‘Golden Boy’ Petey has it all going for him - brains, charisma and his close friendship with Danny. Then, an accident on the baseball field changes everything. Petey wakes from a coma a different person, completely different from the boy Danny knew and loved. When Peter confesses that he is gay, it sends Danny on an odyssey he never dreamed could happen.

Review: What can I say about this book? A Map of the Harbor Islands is my favourite novel (LGBT or non LGBT related) period, and a brilliant work of literature. It is also an epic love story with a happy ending (it’s hard to find a good love story, especially a gay love story, that is both realistic and grapples with life problems in a deep way that is also ultimately happy). The way the questioning of romantic love vs. platonic friendship is explored in the novel resonated with me in particular. Also, the general feelings of outsiderness and of not having a proper model to understand their experience or how to live their lives in a way fulfilling to them that all of the characters (gay, bisexual, and straight women) contend with in the story I think is very well depicted, and Hayes has a beautiful, poetic writing style. Definitely a book that deserves to be more widely read, and a good book for wintertime curl up on the couch reading. I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve reread it, but still wish I could read it again for the first time.
mm.romance  !coming.out  !friendship  !bisexual  !geeks/nerds  !  !jocks  !marriage  !mental.disorder  !military  !parents/guardians  !religion/spirituality  !contemporary  !drama/angst  !romance  !teens  by:j.g.hayes  fiction  published  rec  status:complete  length:novel  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Annie on my Mind
Summary: During the course of the book the protagonist Liza tries to write a letter to Annie. Whilst doing this she remembers how they have met and what has happened up until now. It’s the story of two 17 years old girls coming of age, falling in love and trying not to get caught.

Review: Well, I’m not one for Coming-Out stories anymore but this one caught my attention, because wikipedia stated that it had been banned from high school libraries and was publicly burned. So I had to read it!

It’s a wonderful story and I was delighted that both of the girls are very feminine, because it bugs me that the butch/femme dynamic has become mandatory for lesbian stories. Well, yeah, Liza has short hair, but she’s very feminine nonetheless.

Reading this book was like falling in love again and experiencing those insecure feelings that mark the beginning of every new relationship. I could go with their feelings from the first moment up to the last one. The story has a clear arc of suspense. Both girls dealing with each other and with the fact that they might be gay, the fear that somebody could see them, the delight when they finally find a place where they can feel free up to the point where they get caught.

So the story is not very exciting about ‘what happens next’, but it’s so well written that I couldn’t stop reading, because of all the feelings I wanted to share with them.
femslash  !femslash  !college/university  !coming.out  !friendship  !  !romance  published  rec  fiction  status:complete  length:novel  rating:everyone 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: The Introspective Debate of Owen Brody
Summary: Brody’s not gay. But then he kisses a boy. So he might be gay? No, Brody’s not gay. But he loves this boy. So after much delaying, debating, and waiting, the answer comes clear…

Review: I loved this one because the characters are absolutely charming. Brody is not really perfect, but you can’t help falling for him. You can also not help yourself from sharing his excitement over Linden.

It’s basically a well written highschool slash fic that includes revelations of one’s sexuality, coming out to parents and friends and starting a relationship, but it’s all without the heavy angst. Brody lets things happen and he just deals with them one at a time.

This story is very cute and it’s only bad sides is that it’s not longer and that it doesn’t have any smut. The “no smut” wouldn’t have been a problem for me, but I was really curious about how the two would deal with it. There are some “activities” implied, but it could just as well be a heavy make-out session.
original-slash  !coming.out  !  !contemporary  !romance  !teens  by:dart.gray  fiction  rec  free  status:complete  length:novella  rating:teen 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Between You & Me
Summary: Phyre knows there is something life-changing about her new drama teacher, Mia, from the moment they meet. As Phyre rehearses for the school play, she comes to realize that the unrequited feelings she has for Mia go deeper than she’s ever experienced. Especially with a teacher. Or a woman. All the while, Phyre’s best friend-addressed throughout the story in the second person, as “you”-stands by, ready to help Phyre make sense of her feelings. But just as Mia doesn’t understand what Phyre feels, Phyre can’t fathom the depth of her best friend’s feelings…until it’s almost too late for a happy ending. Characters come to life through the innovative screenplay format of this dazzling debut, and unanswered questions-is “you” male or female?-will have readers talking.

Review: I want to first make it clear that Phyre’s crush is unrequited. Nothing statutory happens. I absolutely loved the way Between You & Me shows how overwhelming a crush can be. Phyre overanalyzes every little interaction and goes out of her way to run into Mia. At the same time, her best friend clearly wants to hit her with a clue bat. The format (half script, half direct address) could be overly precious, but it really works for the format. Between You & Me is a terrific debut novel and I was very energized after finishing it - it’s new, unique, and fun.
femslash  !age.difference  !femslash  !friendship  !  !student/teacher  !teachers  !contemporary  !teens  by:marisa.calin  rec  fiction  status:complete  length:novel  rating:everyone 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: To Come True a Thing Must Come Second
Summary: Brandon is a nerdy high schooler who wanted to be a paranormal research scientist until he was teased enough to give up his belief in ghosts altogether. His old obsession is reborn when a classmate consults him as an “expert” on a haunting in his house.

Review: I really enjoyed this, although the ending was… well. A bit of a let down. But then, I tend not to like these kinds of resolutions. It’s still awesome, though.

The writing is good, though I think we could have got to know the two main characters a little better.
original-slash  !doctors/nurses  !first.time  !  !magic.users  !paranormal  !teens  by:hollycomb  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novella  fiction  rec  free 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: La première fois (et toutes celles d'après)
Summary: Il revient à l’aube. Dans la pénombre, Yoann voit le jean glisser à terre, puis le tshirt et de nouveau il ne respire plus.

Review: I know all you French-speakers probably know that one, but what better fic to introduce those “foreign” recs? It’s my favorite from the few fics I’ve found and read in French. It’s a really cute story told in “episodes” (that somehow don’t feel disconnected). It’s very well written, with unforgettable characters and interactions. It manages to be both cute and very real.
original-slash  !coming.out  !  !holiday  !  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  rating:teen  length:short.story  language:french 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Some Dumb Surfer Dude
Summary: Jesse works as matchmaker for his best friend Zach despite being in love with him himself.

Review: Many of you have probably already seen this since it is as old as Methuselah and posted on Nifty. But it isn’t posted here, so I figured why not. I’ll just call it a classic. I like this story because it is cute, well written, and has a happy ending. When I read it the first time I was mostly relieved by what it didn’t have. None of the characters have eyes of flashing violet or ass length hair blacker than the darkest night. Nor is anyone forced to hustle after being cruelly cast out of their homes. Nor do these best friends engage in a lot of sleep overs. I’ve found all that to be kind of rare in stories about teenagers. Anyway, this is turning into a list a grievances, when all I really want to say is I really like this story and I hope you do too!

(Original Post)
original-slash  !coming.out  !fluff  !friendship  !  !teens  by:savoir.faire  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  length:short.story  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Laika
Summary: Two teens forge a fragile connection while struggling to balance the competing demands of their family, friends, and each other.

Review: Totally sweet and funny and sad and touchingly innocent. It is a coming of age story, really, chronicling two young people’s first understandings of human nature and the limits of what love can do. I loved it!
original-slash  !coming.out  !first.time  !friendship  !  !music/bands  !religion/spirituality  !teens  by:elecivil  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  rating:teen  length:novel 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Out of Orbit
Summary: Nate may be Mr. Popular of Bethlehem, Kansas, but he’s not entirely sure that’s saying much, since no one quite knows where Bethlehem is. He wants to use Jesse Jones for his connections. Or, he thinks so. So why did the CIA get caught up in it all?

Review: Normally, high school romance can’t hold my attention, but this had me hooked in and reading solidly for a few days. The author is fantastic with descriptions and her characters are just so varied and real. These boys are really sweet, without being overdone and fluffy.
original-slash  !espionage  !friendship  !  !teens  by:american.shokolade  fiction  free  rec  status:complete  rating:mature  length:novel 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: Get Some
Summary: Brad Colbert is bored.

Nate knows this because he can feel Brad staring at him from his desk one aisle over and two chairs back. On the other side of the classroom, Ray Person’s making obscene hand signals in Nate’s general direction, ostensibly to get Brad’s attention. At least it better be to get Brad’s attention, or somebody’s going to have an accident in the weight room before practice.

Regardless of whatever inanity Ray’s performing for the viewing public and Marissa Henderson’s amusement, Nate’s pretty sure it won’t work on Brad. Mostly because he can feel Brad’s eyes drilling holes into the back of his head. He is not going to turn around, though; that’s just what Brad wants him to do.

Review: Another one of hackthis’ awesome fics, and finally, finally, a high school story of two best friends falling for each other that I can believe in. The uncertainty, fumbling and feeling of being lost were achingly sweet. The friendship between the two boys is beautifully painted with little strokes of gestures and silly words and just enough subtext to make you yearn for them to get together. (And this, without turning either into a clueless idiot.) Also, the characters are love, love.
original-slash  !coming.out  !friendship  !  !romance  !teens  by:hackthis  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature  fiction  free  rec 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
Rec: All the Colors of Love
Summary: It sucks being the son of a super villain. At home, Harry spends half of his time getting medical treatments and the other half tied up in his father’s underwater lair. It was different when his mother was alive, but she disappeared when Harry was six. He can’t seem to stay out of trouble at school, and his new roommate, Antonin, thinks he’s a spaz, but somehow Harry has to find a way to stop his father’s evil plans.

Antonin Karganilla wants to become a comic book artist, but other than that, being gay is the most normal thing about him. His uncle is an aquatic plant man, his aunt is a molecular biologist back from the dead, and his mom is an overprotective pain in the butt. Antonin’s in boarding school and it’s starting to look like he and this Harry kid might have a lot in common… and that means a whole new set of problems.
mm.romance  !abuse  !first.time  !friendship  !geeks/nerds  !  !holiday  !hurt/comfort  !jocks  !superheroes  !drama/angst  !romance  !scifi  by:jessica.freely  fiction  published  rec  status:complete  length:novel  rating:mature 
december 2014 by TheSlashPile
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