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Riverside - ellen_fremedon - Star Trek: The Original Series [Archive of Our Own]
Chapel encounters an old acquaintance at the dedication of the Kirk Memorial Library. [christine/romulan commander]
setting  voice  deathfic  fem  tos  trek 
may 2012 by Teogli
Need To Know - ellen_fremedon - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
Jack loves working the Federation timezone. You meet the most interesting people.


Beta thanks to Sanj ("This is adorable. What's wrong with you?") and Fox ("The Horta's the one that made me physically recoil, right?")
food  dianeduane  scifi  worldbuilding  cool  setting  tos  trek  good  kink!  torchwood  crossover 
may 2012 by Teogli
Still Amok - jat_sapphire - Star Trek: The Original Series, Star Trek [Archive of Our Own]
Begins with last line of dialog of "Amok Time." Spock's Pon Farr is not over.
good  longing  post-ep  smut  ponfarr  tos  trek 
january 2012 by Teogli
irnan: tos trek fic: a commotion in the firmament
They should have had this conversation weeks ago. K/S
AN: tos!era K/S fic. Well, no, actually it's post TMP, but I mean in comparison to reboot, you know? Of course you do. Title from JM Barrie.
“I’m not letting you break up with me if that’s what you’re asking,” Kirk said mildly. Spock felt something like trepidation; he knew that tone of voice. Too well. “You’ve made your bed, Spock, if you’ll forgive me the terrible pun, and you’re certainly not going to get out of lying in it.”

“I was not attempting to,” Spock said with some asperity. “If you would permit me to finish the sentence?”

This time, Kirk did laugh.
kirk/spock  tos  trek  post-ep 
october 2011 by Teogli
femme_fic: "Double Blind" 1/2 [Star Trek: TOS - Christine Chapel & Nyota Uhura - pg13]
AWESOME GEN. All the men on the Ent. are taken out by a virus, and Uhura & Chapel save the day with one hand behind their backs. Features a wide cast of all-canon TOS female characters and great pacing and writing.
trek  tos  gen  case-file  action  woman  fem 
july 2011 by Teogli
Parallel Universes: Lost in the Bizarro World
(Classic Trek, Gen/Het/Slash) Christine Chapel takes an unexpected trip to the Insipid Universe. One of the most brilliant and funny things I've read in a long time.
gen  long  trek  tos  woman  het 
july 2011 by Teogli
Captain Crack - 40 Touching TOS Icons.
For a given value of 'touching'. This post does exactly what it says on the header, which is to exploit the bizarrely elastic faces of the TOS crew for a cheap screencaptured laugh.
trek  tos  iconic  hee! 
july 2011 by Teogli
Wednesday Morning, 3am
This takes place sometime prior to The Wrath of Khan, but not too much prior, 'cause the boys herein aren't as young as they used to be (though they aren't as old as they're going to be). About all you need to know is that they're past the five-year mission, but that's not keeping them off the Enterprise -- except for this story, but this is shore leave.
trek  tos  kirk/spock  established  janeStclair  smut 
may 2011 by Teogli
In his admiralty days on Earth, with Spock on Vulcan, Kirk begins to have disturbing dreams. Other strangeness follows.
kirk/spock  tos  mindmeld  trek  janeStclair  ponfarr 
may 2011 by Teogli
Boldly going where no comm has gone before - Fic: Recognizing Genius, And Other Things Leonard Nimoy Doesn't Do
Conan agrees to let Bill do his thing on The Tonight Show on the sole condition that Bill has to make sure that Leonard doesn't try to kill him in his sleep afterwards. ("That man knows where I live," Conan had said, "and I hear he has a posse these days." Bill had snorted and said, "The cast of the new Star Trek movie can hardly be considered a posse.")
trek  tos  rps  crack 
april 2011 by Teogli
Come along, Ponds - Vid: Real World [Star Trek: TOS and XI]
Summary: Kirk, his dudes, and worlds which may or may not be real.
trek  trekxi  tos  vids 
january 2011 by Teogli
(Just Like) Starting Over
Leonard's book was kind of like the Bible in that way where one line from it could be taken wildly out of context and blown out of proportion. In this case, the line was: 'This happened around the time when Bill and I were sleeping together again.'
rps  trek  tos  trekxi  short 
december 2010 by Teogli
Unintended - cimorene - Star Trek: The Original Series [Archive of Our Own]
Every K/S writer is bound to eventually write a story about an accidental marriage and/or telepathic bond. Mine happened to be the first one I wrote. Written and published in 2001; revised 2003. "You don't know what happens in a marriage ceremony - we could've done it, unintentionally."
trek  tos  aliensmadethemdoit  long  smut  mindmeld  bonding 
november 2010 by Teogli
Vid: Tik Tok { Star Trek TOS - gen; K/S subtext as in canon}
that TOS vid that everyone loves (IT IS INDEED ADORKABLE!!)
trek  tos  vids 
october 2010 by Teogli
belmanoir: Star Trek: You've given me the best of you, but now I need the rest of you
Spock wants to know if his mother regrets spending her life with a Vulcan.
Notes: Set shortly after Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.
kirk/spock  trek  tos 
august 2010 by Teogli
belmanoir: No-win scenarios
By the time he is twenty-five, Spock is very familiar with no-win scenarios.


He cannot win by adhering to the Vulcan way. No matter how careful he is, how logical--no matter how neatly he combs his hair or how long he practices arching one skeptical eyebrow, then the other--no Vulcan will ever accept him as one of them.
pre-series  trek  tos  au  kirk/spock  short 
august 2010 by Teogli
No and Yes by rhonnie
Post-"Journey to Babel". Spock's dad lets slip to Kirk the knowledge that he and Spock are bonded. This is news to Kirk.
kirk/spock  tos  trek  episoderelated  bonding 
july 2010 by Teogli
From the Depths
Post-"Amok Time". Spock wasn't cured by the fight. K/S.
kirk/spock  ponfarr  tos  trek  episoderelated 
july 2010 by Teogli
Post Star Trek I; Spock comes home to Jim.
kirk/spock  trek  tos 
july 2010 by Teogli
Letters by JackHawksmoor {Star Trek: TOS - Kirk/Spock}
Letter writing. Mind-meld-y stuff. Good characterizations. | "It was unintentional." He said quietly. " I merely need to remain...on guard." "On....guard." Kirk repeated doubtfully.
trek  tos  kirk/spock  mindmeld 
july 2010 by Teogli
For the First Time by Sahsheer {Star Trek:TOS - gen, Kirk&Spock friendship fic}
Original Series. During 'This Side of Paradise' Spock was all pollen drugged & wacky and said it was the first time he’d ever been truly happy. In this episode coda Kirk invites himself along to a computer seminar Spock is attending and causes a series of hilariously horrible events while attempting to bond with Spock. Worst attempt at bringing joy into someone's life EVER. K&S Friendship fic.
trek  tos  long  gen 
july 2010 by Teogli
In the Season of Renewal by Elise Madrid {Star Trek:TOS - Kirk/Spock}
Original Series. As their 5 year mission comes to a close, Kirk & Spock are finding themselves at loose ends and uncertain of the future. Kirk finds direction as he returns to Earth to oversee his mother’s funeral.
trek  tos 
july 2010 by Teogli
Pacing the Cage by Jenna Hilary Sinclair {Star Trek: TOS - Kirk/Spock, Kirk/OFC, Spock/OFC}
Original Series. Kind of a classic slash plot, and it's not done poorly. After sublimating his feelings for Kirk for years, when their five year mission is over Spock meets a Vulcan woman while he and Kirk are on Earth -- a not-unappealing woman who is interested in joining with Spock in Vulcan marriage, while very human Kirk has acquired yet another girlfriend. It's time for decisions.
trek  tos  long 
july 2010 by Teogli
Sharing the Sunlight by Jenna Sinclair {Star Trek:TOS - Kirk/Spock}
Original Series. A novel set at the tail end of Season 3. In the midst of a murder mystery, Kirk & Spock’s friendship deepens into something they find harder and harder to define. A flu epidemic hits the Enterprise and uncovers evidence of covert drug smuggling, followed by murder, political maneuvering and malevolent corporations. Warning for lots and lots of schmoop.
trek  tos  long 
july 2010 by Teogli
medie - "Double Blind" 1/2 [Star Trek: TOS - Christine Chapel & Nyota Uhura - pg13]
AWESOME GEN. All the men on the Ent. are taken out by a virus, and Uhura & Chapel save the day with one hand behind their backs. Features a wide cast of all-canon TOS female characters and great pacing and writing. I wish fandom were COMPLETELY FULL of fic like this.
trek  tos  long  gen  plotty  case-file  uhura 
july 2010 by Teogli
Whilst travelling with his father, a teenaged Spock finds himself
being diverted to Tarsus IV in the aftermath of the massacre. There
he meets an extremely interesting and unsettling human boy.
trek  trekxi  pre-series  au  kid!fic  tos  gen 
july 2010 by Teogli
YouTube - Star Trek: The Wrath of Chaka Khan
Beyond the darkness...beyond the human evolution...is Chaka Khan. A genetically superior tyrant. Exhiled to a barren planet; banished by a Starship Commander she is destined to destroy. Left for dead, Chaka Khan has survived.
hee!  crack  vids  tos  trek 
may 2010 by Teogli
jmtorres, niquaeli, et al: Vid Announcement: Star Trek, The Long Spear
Feminist vid featuring multiple Star Treks to "The Boxer" by Simon & Garfunkel with additional material
trek  vids  tos  ds9  voy 
may 2010 by Teogli
Vid: One Wing {Star Trek TOS - Kirk/Spock}
"I did my best not to make things worse for you."
trek  tos  vids 
may 2010 by Teogli
De Profundis by rhaegal {Star Trek: TOS - Kirk/Spock} [pub 2/8/10]
The one set after 'The Motion Picture' (Post-TMP), where things are all stilted between Kirk & Spock and they still have some issues to work out. Post-TMP is my fav setting for K/S and I love how Rhaegal writes Kirk - I feel like she really gets him. | "Jim knows he should probably ask, but how can he even broach the subject now? He tries to imagine how that might go: Hey, so I know our last five-year mission ended with you never wanting to see me again, and I've spent the last few weeks being as hospitable as an army of Klingons, but you want to do it all again?"
trek  tos  episoderelated  kirk/spock  long  longing 
may 2010 by Teogli
A Light in the Darkness by Debbie Cummins
Summary: A shore leave turns deadly. This story was first published in the gen zine, Lone Star Trek 3 back in the late 80's, and reworked as K/S for Thyla 26.
trek  tos  kirk/spock 
may 2010 by Teogli
Check Mate by Amanda Warrington
What really happened on Ardana. It's James Kirk, not Droxine, who Spock wants to woo.
trek  tos  kirk/spock 
april 2010 by Teogli
thefourthvine: [Star Trek] The Naked Time: The World's Least Effective Drug PSA
I just want to say, here and now, that every fandom should have a redo of The Naked Time. Every. Fandom. SGA: John finally talks about his feelings, and everyone is horrified! Smallville: Clark tells all his secrets, and everyone feels much better! The Sentinel: Jim cries, and everyone wonders if this is yet another sentinel thing! Torchwood: Group orgy, just like last week! Sherlock Holmes: ...Well, actually, Holmes would probably go on a killing spree. Maybe not.

Anyway. This episode is awesome, and everyone should watch it. (And write it oh god please please please.)
recap  trek  tos  fandom  hee!  tfv 
february 2010 by Teogli
On the Brink by Jenna Hilary Sinclair
Kirk has taken that first big step: he's asked Spock if he would be interested in an intimate relationship. But Spock's not even sure that he can react to his captain in a sexual manner. He needs some time to think about it.
trek  tos  kirk/spock 
january 2010 by Teogli
Crew Person
I have been on the sea these five-and-thirty years, and I tell you, friends, that the finest ship to ply the Eastern seas was the 'Enterprise.' She was a fine vessel, strong in the water, as bright and pretty a steamer as any in the merchant fleet. Her captain in the days I knew her was a bright young man of the Americas, Jim Kirk of name. He was a young man to be captain, but most deserving, strong in the fullness of his manhood, fair of face and sound of limb, with broad shoulders and a nice package, as the seamen call it.
crack  hee!  stylish  trek  tos  kirk/spock  au  voice  janeStclair 
december 2009 by Teogli
A Means to an End by T'Guess
A wonderful 'morning after the night before' fic!
trek  tos  kirk/spock  cute 
december 2009 by Teogli
Patterns - A Star Trek slash story
Bones finds himself put in the position of matchmaker to Jim and Spock.
kirk/spock  tos  trek  smut 
december 2009 by Teogli
Improvisation -- by Varoneeka and Ruth Gifford
"Don't you realize what you've walked into?"

Kirk felt that *click* in his head. Things were beginning to make a little sense now. "The Romulans' Anti-Sexual Deviance Purity Project," he said back, as though he were about to begin his daily class lecture.
action  kirk/spock  tos  case-file  trek  smut 
december 2009 by Teogli
Temporary Quarters by Blackbird Song
directly after ST:TMP. The ship was rushed out of refit... not every thing is quite up to spec. I love Spock's misbehaving fire pot!
kirk/spock  tos  trek  episoderelated 
december 2009 by Teogli
Trying Times by Elise Madrid
Nothing seems to go their way as Kirk and Spock try to get together.
kirk/spock  trek  tos  case-file 
december 2009 by Teogli
Babes in the Woods by Dana Austin Marsh
"The only difficulty we at Starfleet Academy foresee is the willingness of truly experienced people to participate. If you don't see this as a problem, we'd like to set up the first four week course for end of term. Who did you have in mind?"
tos  kirk/spock  trek  case-file 
december 2009 by Teogli
Touch by JS Cavalcante
“He’s gay, Jim.” McCoy thunked his coffee cup down on the table. “He’s who?”
“Not who, what,” McCoy continued. “Gay. Homosexual. Sulak likes men.”
kirk/spock  tos  trek  smut 
december 2009 by Teogli
slightly touched :: Learning Home
Even though retired, Kirk can't resist a challenge. Sometimes, though, challenges deliver more than you expect.
futurefic  kirk/spock  tos  trek 
december 2009 by Teogli
Kirk/Spock Advent Calendar 2007: Communication
To: Spock Xtmprsqzntwlfb, Captain, USS Tobin

From: James T. Kirk, Captain, USS Enterprise

I always knew you would make a superb captain of any ship Starfleet would put into your care, but I never thought it would take a war for them to provide you with the opportunity.
kirk/spock  tos  stylish  case-file  trek 
december 2009 by Teogli
"Edward Gorey's "The Trouble with Tribbles"" By Shaenon K. Garrity
The One That Proves That That Curvy Chess Set Was Always Intended to Be Drawn by Gorey. And, Also, That a Drawing of a Tribble Is Far More Lifelike Than the Version Produced by the Beleaguered Props Department of TOS. Edward Gorey's "The Trouble with Tribbles", by Shaenon K. Garrity.
trek  pic  comic  crossover  cool  hee!  good  tos  fanart 
december 2009 by Teogli
Love In The Asylum - [Fic] The Enemy Without - Star Trek: TOS
Warnings: references (canon!) attempted rape Notes: I've been meaning to write this for awhile, because even though The Enemy Within is a really good episode, it kind of skeeved me out. But then I got distracted by other things and forgot about it. And then last night I woke up at 4 am and realized how I wanted to write this. [ Fact: Yeoman Rand left the show mid-season 1 ]
trek  tos  gen  short  episoderelated 
december 2009 by Teogli
Love In The Asylum - [Fic] All The Steps We Take - TOS Sulu/Chekov
The last five years matter less than the last three days
Notes: I watched WoK this weekend, and there is a scene where the captain of the Reliant explains what Khan did to them with the Ceti eels, while Chekov just stands in Kirk's arms and shakes. I had to write fic.
trek  tos  sulu/chekov  episoderelated 
december 2009 by Teogli
Because [info]st_xi_kink is awesome and everything but TOS-specific kink needs a home of its own. So:
trek  tos  archive 
december 2009 by Teogli
st_tos_kink: Spock would try to meld with it, Kirk wants to have sex with it, and Bones wants a drink
Spock would try to meld with it, Kirk wants to have sex with it, and Bones wants a drink
crack  tos  trek  short 
december 2009 by Teogli
Oh This Brave, Bright World - Fanvid: Respect
Summary: In celebration of [info]st_respect the crew of the USS Enterprise just want you to give them respect (just a little bit). Don't change the laws of physics, give them what they need
vids  tos  trek 
november 2009 by Teogli
marycrawford: Vividcon challenge vid: Swing
IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combination)
vids  trek  tos 
november 2009 by Teogli
What the Heart Remembers by Killa
This story doesn't fit perfectly with Vonda McIntyre's movie novelizations, but I liked the Deltan characters she created for all three books, and decided to borrow them. She also made up the atrium in the Vulcan embassy.
trek  tos  killa  long  episoderelated  smut 
september 2009 by Teogli
olozherka [sarek/amanda]
Some Vulcans have thought of a logical reason to attend an orgy...
trel  tos  het  smut  kink! 
july 2009 by Teogli
little death
Spock is going into pon farr again, and has a shocking request of Kirk.
trek  tos  smut  pwp 
july 2009 by Teogli
Romancing the Vulcan [T'Aaneli]
Spock is asked for advice on how to romance a Vulcan.
short  trek  tos  cute 
july 2009 by Teogli
Ghost in the Machine
a Voyager/Classic Trek crossover, and it started with a challenge. At the time I had a huge crush on Tom Paris and was lamenting to the lovely Jaeti that it was just too bad I couldn't write a story about my two favorite blondes -- Paris and Jim Kirk. "Why can't you?"
trek  TOS  crossover  killa  voyager  smut 
july 2009 by Teogli
Learning to Fly by penknife
James Kirk, growing up in two very different universes.
TOS  trek  trekxi  gen  penknife 
july 2009 by Teogli
(this i love) - Fic: An Enterprising Affair
Kirk/Spock, Kirk/Enterprise :: Spock is interested; Kirk is already taken.
TOS  crack  trek  short  hee! 
july 2009 by Teogli
Ruthless {Star Trek: TOS - Kirk; Kirk/Spock UST}
Original Series. Set during and immediately after the episode 'Shore Leave'. "Shore leave is haunted by the ghosts of Jim's past."
trek  TOS  episoderelated 
july 2009 by Teogli
Feathered Things {Star Trek: TOS - gen, Gary Mitchell, Kirk; Gary/Kirk UST, Kirk/Spock UST}
TOS, mostly pre-series. Scenes from Gary Mitchell & Kirk's friendship. |"I'm disappointed in you, Gary," Jim says quietly and wouldn't you know it, he's going to leap to the Vulcan's defence. Everyone knows that Spock's an emotionless robot, just like all his brethren, but yet Jim still seems determined to make the guy his friend. Never mind that he has a perfectly good friend already in Gary. Never mind that Jim's never looked at Gary the way Gary's seen him look at Spock. Never mind... And suddenly it's all perfectly, incontestably clear, and Gary can't believe he's never realised it before. With the revelation, his anger dissolves. He understands now, and Jim's going to need his sympathy, not his ire, if Gary's got it right.
trek  TOS 
july 2009 by Teogli
Case Study: The Pon Farr Project
Case Study: The Pon Farr Project
If a Project Management Expert Wrote Fanfic ::: During the execution stage of the Five-Year Mission (5YM), Kirk and Spock are traveling by shuttlecraft when the equipment malfunctions, and they crash on a nearby planet. They react calmly, since up until now, the project's variance of estimates to actuals has been a mere 7%, and they had identified tool stability as a high-risk factor during the pre-launch stage.
crack  trek  TOS  hee! 
july 2009 by Teogli
Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing
Kirk and Spock Go Ice Fishing
If My Aunt From Minnesota Wrote Fanfic ::::
Seems like things couldn't get much worse, but just as Jimmy's cuttin' into the sour cream coffee cake, doncha know Spock comes down with the pon farr.
crack  trek  kirk/spock  TOS  hee! 
july 2009 by Teogli
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