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Overnight - Jane St Clair (3jane) - X-Men (Ultimateverse), X-Men (Comicverse) [Archive of Our Own]
Hank ends up crouched in the corner of the gym showers
because Bobby doesn't want to be alone. Skinny, scared
kid, way too clean-cut, still aching from what Hank thinks
of as the mutie blues. Still terrified from tonight. God,
that body clinging to him in the air. Burrowed against his
chest in the middle of a street full of Sentinel guts,
bleeding silver ice from his head wound.
te  janeStclair  smut  xmen  ultimates 
february 2012 by Teogli
Flesh and Bone - Jane St Clair (3jane) - X-Men (Comicverse), X-Men (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Vocational training is good for everyone! Rogue/Marrow

Co-written with Te.

Jane: Rogue for reasons irrational. Touch so nearly impossible,
skin to skin, but you have to wonder what flesh and bone could do
to each other . . .
pwp  smut  te  janeStclair  xmen  kink!  fem 
february 2012 by Teogli
Three Days Down
Methos on resurrection.
He got buried once. Well, more than once, probably, but it's just the once he remembers. He was somewhere in Syria, and the people who loved him at the time committed his body to the earth before sunset. Proper for them, and he was killed pretty badly at the time, so he couldn't really blame them, but he still remembers the sheer horror of waking up that way.
methos  janeStclair  HL  smut  melancholic 
may 2011 by Teogli
Steaming - 3jane - The Authority [Archive of Our Own]
Jenny spies on people. Because she can. Apollo/Midnighter, (Jenny/Swift)
authority  smut  janeStclair  sweet  atmospheric 
may 2011 by Teogli
Wednesday Morning, 3am
This takes place sometime prior to The Wrath of Khan, but not too much prior, 'cause the boys herein aren't as young as they used to be (though they aren't as old as they're going to be). About all you need to know is that they're past the five-year mission, but that's not keeping them off the Enterprise -- except for this story, but this is shore leave.
trek  tos  kirk/spock  established  janeStclair  smut 
may 2011 by Teogli
In his admiralty days on Earth, with Spock on Vulcan, Kirk begins to have disturbing dreams. Other strangeness follows.
kirk/spock  tos  mindmeld  trek  janeStclair  ponfarr 
may 2011 by Teogli
What Is Already Known
Te: Thought: There must be a story in which 'Star performs for Ric.
Jane: There should. Tell me about it?
Te: Well, it was all dramatically stormy last night, achingly hot and raining in great sheets. So I pictured them in that adobe hotel that I always pictured them in for your stuff. 'Star's been on the floor, watching Spanish soaps, Ric on the bed, staring up at the ceiling, trying and failing to think clearly about any one thing, when 'Star gets up and turns off the television, turns, catches Ric's eye, and says "I need to do something for you, Julio..."
rictor/shatterstar  x-men  marvel  te  janeStclair  smut 
november 2010 by Teogli
A Warm Place
Qui and Obi spend quality time together in the course of a trip. A spot of voyeurism occurs. Obi-Wan goes in for body art. Certain possibilities are raised.
::: The man seated at his side was almost fully clothed, only bare-footed and bare-armed. One blunt-fingered hand rested in the small of the exposed back; the other stirred a glass well with the tip of a brush. He lifted the brush, finally, and touched it to a shoulder blade, traced a narrow, precise line down for the length of a finger, then looped gracefully upward. He'd done it several times before Obi-Wan realized he was writing. The brush-strokes gradually formed symbols from the Brikallan alphabet, running down both sides of the slightly hollowed spine.
janeStclair  starwars  atmospheric  poetry  worldbuilding  tattoo  detail!fetish  tactile  good 
july 2010 by Teogli
Crew Person
I have been on the sea these five-and-thirty years, and I tell you, friends, that the finest ship to ply the Eastern seas was the 'Enterprise.' She was a fine vessel, strong in the water, as bright and pretty a steamer as any in the merchant fleet. Her captain in the days I knew her was a bright young man of the Americas, Jim Kirk of name. He was a young man to be captain, but most deserving, strong in the fullness of his manhood, fair of face and sound of limb, with broad shoulders and a nice package, as the seamen call it.
crack  hee!  stylish  trek  tos  kirk/spock  au  voice  janeStclair 
december 2009 by Teogli
The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be
Crabbe and Goyle "were sent to keep Draco company, that summer." And when Draco doesn't want them trailing after him all the time, they keep each other company. It's fumbling and endearing, wrong and funny and subtle, and don't let the pairing scare you off, because you'll miss out.
hp  janeStclair 
september 2009 by Teogli
His shoulders hurt from the time he's spent with his hands tied above his head, and there's water dripping into his eyes. There are lessons he's learned in the last six or so years, and one of them is that Lance is a mean, sneaky fucker. Not vicious, though. If he's still out here by morning, Lance will come back for him. Long hours between now and then to consider the lesson at hand. It's not so much 'don't spy on people' as 'good voyeurs don't make noise.' No sound is acceptable, even it it slides out watching Joey and Lance in mid-kiss.
popslash  rps  smut  janeStclair 
march 2009 by Teogli
"Can I go outside?"

"You're in a secure wing. You could make the request, though."

This is going nowhere. Make Spider-shrink crazy and he'll go away. "I got to spend the day in a rubber room, once."

"Oh?" Arched eyebrows. He's interested, which makes sense since there aren't any records of him here. Or, well. Basic health, he thinks. Nothing psychiatric.

"Me, four other guys, two cameramen, a director trying to figure out how to get our clothes off."

"I know you know how pornographic that sounds."

"It really, really was."
popslash  h/c  janeStclair  rps 
march 2009 by Teogli
Spike/Xander (Spike/Angelus, Spike/Dru)

Spike on basements and bruises.
buffy  angst  janeStclair  smut 
february 2009 by Teogli
Things Have Changed
X-Men movieverse Cyclops/Gambit, Cyclops/Jean Grey :: He'd shown up on the doorstep of the school a week before. Literally.
x-men  te  janeStclair 
july 2008 by Teogli
O let us live in joy, in love amongst those who hate! Among those who hate, let us live in love.
starwars  janeStclair  poetry  atmospheric  meditation 
april 2008 by Teogli
This Set Down
The irritating thing about Cassandra is that somewhere in his head, he's still married to her. It wasn't, by any modern standard, a healthy marriage, but it was good enough at the time. Food, sex, and occasionally he brought her home dead things.:::

Someday he's going to explain to MacLeod why it's significant that they've shared her. Two thousand years apart, but she's still his wife, and MacLeod's never quite realized that. :::

Methos is giving Mac a century to grow out of him. If he's still interested in a hundred years, they might have to try it.
methos  janeStclair  HL  short  character  detail!fetish  good 
march 2008 by Teogli
McKay & Zelenka :: Post-Siege :: They couldn't run on stimulants and adrenaline forever.
SGA  zelenka  janeStclair  gen  episoderelated 
february 2008 by Teogli
We Invented the Internet: porn
There's a whole barter economy going.
janeStclair  cute  SGA  zelenka  short 
february 2008 by Teogli
blood in old snow
Ronon/Teyla/Sheppard Rating: Filthy :: Teyla, Ronon thinks, has things she can teach him. She's nearly a match for him, and she's barely half his size. If Ronon could do what she does, he'd be unstoppable.
OT3  janeStclair  SGA  het  smut  pwp  teamsmut 
february 2008 by Teogli
it's a bitch convincing people to like you - DCU: "Written on the Skin Just Under Your Face"
Tim Drake/Cass Cain Pornographic Not mine. Not even the story is mine, because I totally wrote it for thete1. Summary: They've crossed the line between dressing up and just plain kinky.
DCU  janeStclair  smut  het  bats 
october 2007 by Teogli
it's a bitch convincing people to like you - SPN: Civilization and Its Discontents
Spoilers for 2.03 (Bloodlust) Dean/Gordon. The way they were raised is probably going to chase them for the rest of their lives. It's like Dean was raised by a demon hunter and Sam was raised by TV.
SPN  janeStclair  dark  smut  short 
september 2007 by Teogli
Absolute Beginners
the boys live in the basement
x-men  janeStclair  te  smut 
august 2007 by Teogli
Border Men
Mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the noonday sun. in which Ethan and Constantine meet, and it's messy
janeStclair  te  crossover  DCU  buffy 
august 2007 by Teogli
Perseus, Still
We got yer mutant angst right here, folks, because these authors know that if there's anything more tormented than a teenager, it's gotta be a mutant teenager.
x-men  smut  good  kink!  janeStclair  te 
august 2007 by Teogli
The Thinner the Skin
Of couches and expensive suits, with some mention of madness.
janeStclair  westwing 
august 2007 by Teogli
All Who Are Hungry
They're going to take Sam out and get him drunk and put him to bed.
Josh/Sam  westwing  janeStclair 
august 2007 by Teogli
JP breaks so easily
marvel  te  janeStclair  smut 
august 2007 by Teogli
this is not straylight - untitled Bat-porn
Immediately after page 4 (you know the page I'm talking about) of Identity Crisis #6.
Summary: Tim won't let go of him.
Author's note: To call this hurt/comfort would suppose that any of this improves the situation.
DCU  tim  janeStclair  smut  bruce/tim 
july 2007 by Teogli
this is not straylight - DCU: "Written on the Skin Just Under Your Face"
Tim Drake/Cass Cain. They've crossed the line between dressing up and just plain kinky.
kink!  janeStclair  DCU  smut  cassandra  tim 
july 2007 by Teogli
sex like math
When he was a grad student, Rodney discovered that the women's washrooms on campus had couches in them.
mckay/zelenka  SGA  janeStclair 
may 2007 by Teogli
this is not straylight - We Invented the Internet: Time Wasters (SGA silly thing)
The first weekly all-Atlantis poll question is 'What's the best movie in the history of the universe?'
bit  janeStclair  sga  hee! 
march 2007 by Teogli
this is not straylight - SGA giftfic: "sex like math" (McKay/Zelenka) couch!sex
When he was a grad student, Rodney discovered that the women's washrooms on campus had couches in them.
PWP  janeStclair  good  SGA 
march 2007 by Teogli
At My Most Beautiful
Kirk is haunted by Gary Mitchell's death and has a strange encounter with his first officer.
trek  janeStclair  good  melancholic  tos 
october 2006 by Teogli
God Shuffled Her Feet
she's getting used to better things. Like warm skin. Like the shape of Jane's belly and how oddly grateful she is that Jane has one. Very, very pale, and childishly round, and marked a little by the waistband of her panties.
daria  short  fem  janeStclair  good  detail!fetish 
october 2006 by Teogli
this is not straylight - batfic: All the Skin You're Missing
The need that pops up in him to seize Tim and feed him is pure Alfred.
janeStclair  DCU  tim/dick  detail!fetish  angst  episoderelated 
july 2006 by Teogli

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