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The Dragon-Helm of Discord - sath - The Silmarillion and other histories of Middle-Earth - J. R. R. Tolkien
How the Helm of Hador found its proper head, explored through letters.

Now with a confession of misdeeds by Finrod Felagund. (1,147 words)
LOTR  hee!  crack  short  epistolary  via:theodosia21 
september 2015 by Teogli
The Blackhawks Scored!
dut dududut dududut dududududut...
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april 2015 by Teogli
asuka kureru (((omg ur art is perf)) Hey, how'd you all end up sticking together for a blog? What's it like?)
siri-catriona asked: ((omg ur art is perf)) Hey, how'd you all end up sticking together for a blog? What's it like?
homestuck  fanart  comic  fun  hee!  dave/karkat 
november 2014 by Teogli
There's No Rainbow Bridge Across The Generation Gap - mattador - Mythology - Norse [Archive of Our Own]
Summary: Loki comes out ready to start Ragnarok! ... his children refuse to help.

Reccer's Notes:

"There's no boat," Hel said calmly, reclining on a white plastic chair, her face slathered with some manner of green foam and her eyes hidden behind two slices of unfamiliar vegetable. "I've renounced the patriarchal system of cyclical self-punishment and destruction, Father."

There was no language barrier, not for gods- the full clarity of every meaning behind every word was there, no matter the language or the dialect, spelled out in his mind as he heard it spoken. Loki blinked. "The boat is not yet prepared?" he ventured, testing the part of the sentence that he had understood.
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november 2014 by Teogli
comics_fanart: DC: Superman
brown_betty challenged us to imagine male characters drawn in female character poses, with similar exaggerations. (You guys can spread the pain where-ever you like). "R-rao?!?"
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october 2014 by Teogli
2x First Time Combo - emilyenrose - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
hey uh i dunno if youre really super entitled to my womanly flower here pyrope you didnt even take me dancing, you say.
homestuck  dave  cute  voice  short  hee!  via:notechis 
july 2014 by Teogli
"Narbonic: Director's Cut" By Shaenon K. Garrity
[SPOILERS!] the Madblood robots and their machine union, Dana the insane genius gerbil and her race of intelligent hamsters, Dave's personal history, and how punk journalist Zeta Vincent ties into all of this.

As far as this particular strip goes, the best part is obviously the robots' protest signs. Also, you'll note that I'd gotten tired of drawing Dave in the tweed suit.
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july 2014 by Teogli
Culture & Other Balls of Twine [Podfic] - blackglass - The Avengers (2012), Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Avengers (Marvel) - All Media Types [Archive of Our Own]
“Sure, tell me your outstanding plan.”

“One word: twine.“

Bruce paused again, this time with his pancake halfway between plate and mouth. “Maybe two words?”

“I’ll go to six, I’m just that kind of guy: the world’s biggest ball of twine.”

“Because - according to my research - it’s part of the proud, spiritual heritage of our nation; because it’s our duty as citizens. Because, Doctor Banner, I have nuked hostile alien forces, but I’ve never seen a ball of twine so large it has tourists orbiting it.”
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july 2014 by Teogli
How Atobe Stole Seigaku's Virginity - Chapter 1 - Kantayra - Tennis no Oujisama | Prince of Tennis [Archive of Our Own]
Atobe is horrified to learn that Seigaku are all virgins and takes it upon himself to remedy this situation immediately. Out of the goodness of his heart, mind you, and not because he's trying to get into Tezuka's pants, at all. Tezuka is frightened...and a little turned on.
hee!  crack  PoT  fun  silly  shenanigans  teamfic 
june 2014 by Teogli
kantayra_fic: Naruto Fic: "Don't Be Stupid: An Epic Tale of Romance" (R) - Naruto/Sasuke
Set vaguely in the future. Silliness, crack, Sasuke gorily being a homicidal psycho, attack ramen, and other nonsense.
Summary: The classic fairytale of Naruto and Sasuke's courtship, wedding, and happily-ever-after. With bonus insults, and assassins.


“Sasuke-bastard,” Naruto gave Sasuke’s shoulders an affectionate squeeze, which made Sasuke glare at him and then wince (because he really was quite bruised), “after three whole days of, er, negotiations,” Sasuke coughed up a little blood, “has agreed to be my bride!”

“Moron.” Sasuke elbowed him in the side. “You agreed to be my bride.”

“No,” Naruto elbowed him right back, twice as hard, “I only agreed to take on your name. You’re still the wife.”
naruto  naruto/sasuke  crack  hee!  shenanigans  action  voice 
june 2014 by Teogli
kantayra_fic: Naruto Fic: "The Subtle Art of Uchiha Seduction" (R) - Naruto/Sasuke
Neji and Hinata, as all Hyuuga did but vehemently denied, took advantage of the opportunity to use their Byakugan to see through Naruto’s clothes. They both started coughing in shock at the same time.

“I hate that bastard so much,” Naruto seethed, stalking by them without a second glance. “It was permanent marker!”
naruto  naruto/sasuke  crack  outsiderpov  hee! 
june 2014 by Teogli
But Also The Sex Thing by zamwessell (greencarnation)
Professor X and Magneto have a few additional instructions for Logan, as long as, you know, he's going to be back in time.
crack  hee!  xmen  shenanigans  short 
may 2014 by Teogli
Ever so slightly longer but not quite as thick: Toward a quantitative literary sexology of Harry Potter fanfiction - blythely, Circe_Tigana - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling, Science - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Discussion regarding fanfiction tropes produced the observation that in one subset of Harry Potter fanfiction, "Harry/Draco slash" [HDS], Harry has a short, thick dick, while Draco's penis is long and thin. We tested the hypothesis that there was a consistent difference in how these two characters' genitalia were described. Additionally, we tested the hypothesis that slash fiction authors in this subset of fandom did not place equal emphasis on the description of testicles as compared with penii. We surveyed 100 HDS stories in online fanfiction archives and collected data on sexual description and content. Here we present the first quantitative test of fanon stereotypes and show that these explicitly sexual stories contain low levels of visual/sensory genital descriptions. Qualitative comparisons demonstrate trends in support of both hypotheses, although sample sizes prevent statistical significance. We use these findings to discuss how fanon may develop despite the incorrect assumption of perceived ubiquity.
fandom  harry/draco  meta  hp  hee!  academia  essay  crack  via:comenextmonday 
may 2014 by Teogli
London Skyline Recreated With Fruit and Vegetables – Eat Me Daily
Back in November, Carl Warner (responsible for many of the foodscape photographs you may have come across) was commissioned by the Good Food channel in the UK to make an edible version of the London skyline. The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, the Tower Bridge, St Paul's Cathedral, and the Gherkin all get the treatment.
misc  crack  art  hee!  food 
may 2014 by Teogli
thefourthvine | You're Always Coming Out
Coming out to doctors is SO TERRIBLE. They are easily half of my list of "people who disregard my stated sexuality." The worst was the person I had to talk into accepting that I couldn't be pregnant at great length - as it turned out I had strep throat, not pregnancy, who would have thought based on my symptoms - and then, as I was leaving finally, she gave me a prescription for birth control and told me that I was being irresponsible and that I should start taking it right away "just in case." Like, in case what? In case I break up with my girlfriend of five years and fall onto dick so quickly that I can't even stop at a pharmacy for a condom? ARGH. And the next time I went in she asked me about my boyfriend.
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may 2014 by Teogli
I Do Not Speak Tumblr, Best Cover Of This Song Ever
copperbadge: I hate sad stories!

westerosbartender: I seem to recall reading several HP-fandom stories of yours that had sad or, at best, ambiguous endings.

copperbadge: That was in my callow youth! I can’t be held responsible.

mooseman13579: She was touching her face?

copperbadge: For the life of me, I cannot remember what made us think that we were wise.

Theboyfallsfromthesky: SHE FELL IN LOVE IN THE FIRST PLACE
bit  hee!  misc  samstoryteller 
december 2013 by Teogli
Bet That I Can Make You Believe - angelsaves - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Obviously, what the Blackhawks need to turn their slump around is some good old-fashioned sex magic. In which Brent Seabrook convinces Duncan Keith to do a spell with him. Nick Leddy might need some brain bleach.
duncs/seabs  crack  hee!  hockeyrpf  fun 
december 2013 by Teogli
▶ Where's the puck? Puck gets lost in Antti Niemi's Pads [HQ] - YouTube
The myriad duties of an NHL captain: Find lost pucks, collect stray pieces of cast-off gear, assist in-net births
crack  hee!  hockey  tazer  video 
november 2013 by Teogli
captainthrash: 10/2011 So I work with luxury...
So I work with luxury watches a lot at The Big Fucking Auction House, cataloguing collections.

Jonny’s: it’s a nice fucking watch, a very solid investment - Dubuis watches are beautifully made. It has a rad display back that looks like this, and you just know he geeks over all the tiny little cogs and moving parts. Part of the motor shows through on the face through one of the dials. It’s an Excalibur and, fun fact, it’s likely one that was limited to an edition of - wait for it - 88.
fun  hee!  misc  hockeyrpf  tazer/kaner 
november 2013 by Teogli
The Big Bunper Book of Meteor Party Games - moonstruckNeophyte, Vintar - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
Dave and Kanaya attempt to entertain themselves on the meteor. Contains cross-cultural poker disagreements, Dave Strider’s opinions of charades, and at least one chess-related injury.
homestuck  gen  shenanigans  banter  hee! 
november 2013 by Teogli
Welcome to Stockholm - Not-Fic - Brad Marchand/Tyler Seguin - NC17
are they going the NHL awards in Vegas

because they'd get drunk married for sure

Brad just loves his bro, ok?

then they decide to go out and get a few beers because of the shock

14 hours later, they stumble back to their apartment with a just married written on Tyler's back in sharpie, and Brad is wearing a veil

neither of them know where their shirts went

neither does Deadspin, who have already found out about it

Tyler is badass
voice  crack  cute  hee!  dudebros  hockeyrpf  rarepair  marrage!fic  notfic 
october 2013 by Teogli
Little Bear's Big Problem - coggs - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
All Sam Gagner wants is a nice Midwestern boy and maybe a dog. Instead Jeff Carter and Patrick Kane ruin his life.

Um, don't even try to come up with a coherent reason for any of this, especially why all these people are interacting. And it's not necessarily to have read the first story, as long as you can accepted a universe where Patrick Kane is good at banging.

Basically, I read hanet's truly superior story young punks takin' shots, strippin' down to dirty socks and fell in love with Sam Gagner: The Only Moderately Intelligent Man on the Oilers (this is pre-Andrew Ference, of course).

So, naturally, I also had to write a story where he is besieged by idiots. But seriously, just read hanet's thing instead.
crack  silly  hee!  hockeyrpf  rarepair 
october 2013 by Teogli
Gamzee's Dream - YouTube
The weed wacker is symbolic of class struggle
crack  hee!  homestuck  vids  silly  fanart  comic 
october 2013 by Teogli
Blackhawks notes: Bollig's parody video has Kane crying | CSN Chicago
Brandon Bollig was among those impressed with Patrick Kane’s stick handling abilities in a video that soon went viral. That didn’t mean he’d avoid making fun of it.

Bollig’s parody of Kane’s video, dubbed "Operation Raindrop," came out a few days ago as a fun jab of Kane’s masterful stick handling video that was released earlier in September. Bollig said it was his idea to do it, and the Blackhawks TV folks helped him collaborate on the content.

“I just thought it’d be a good idea,” said Bollig, who added that his video, like Kane’s, took about 15-20 minutes to execute. “Luckily I didn’t have to be too good at it. That was kind of the point, and that wasn’t hard to do.”
blackhawks  kaner  video  hockey  hee!  fun  misc 
september 2013 by Teogli
Panache - noveltyhorns - Homestuck [Archive of Our Own]
A short fill for the kinkmeme. Sollux infers that menstruation means genital injury and reacts with horror; Jade, after a brief period of taking offense, makes a terrible pun. They thoroughly spoil the mood despite the best of intentions, so nothing happens.


The only rules for the prompt were that non-smut was preferred and that this line had to be included in Jade's dialogue: "You should be grateful I'm even wearing cute matching underwear just for you! No, you know what!? Scratch that, you should be grateful I'm wearing underwear, period!"
cute  het  rarepair  homestuck  hee!  short  joke 
september 2013 by Teogli
puckling | Everyone's favorite game:: hockey or gay porn!!!
There is no way to properly play hockey or gay porn without a lengthy discussion of Tyler Seguin.
picspam  crack  hockey  hockeyrpf  pic  hee! 
september 2013 by Teogli
moogle62: fic: TSN; sweet on you (PG-13/R) (1a/3)
summary: BAKERY AU. Mark is Mark, Eduardo owns a bakery/café near the Facebook offices. Mark does not have time to have a thing for him, but he totally, totally does. Sadly for Mark's continued enjoyment of a harassment-free existence, Dustin is still Dustin and is entirely devoted to his causes of a) getting Mark laid, b) acquiring all the gossip, and c) acquiring all the baked goods he can. Featuring novelty shaped cookies, frosting in places frosting should never be, and ~feelings~.
a/n: this happened because I reacted to the end of the film like this: WELL THAT WAS MISERABLE, I NEED SOME CAKE >> CAKE MAKES EVERYTHING BETTER >> CAKE WOULD MAKE MARK BETTER >> BAKERY AU! Hilariously, I know nothing about running bakeries, running websites, or Brazil. ~successful at all things~ This is actually saved on my computer as "diabetes-inducing bakery au", so there's that. CONSIDER YOURSELVES WARNED: THIS IS NOT A GREAT WORK OF STAGGERING GENIUS.
au  socialnetwork  bakeryAU  modernAU  long  cute  fluff  smut  hee!  character  good  domestic 
september 2013 by Teogli
I Do Believe (In Prank Wars) - pikasafire - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Kris Letang just has one of those innocent faces. Marc Andre Fleury does not.

Technically part of the ‘Well, Fancy That’ universe but can stand alone.


Silly, pointless little fic, born of too much caffeine, that's technically part of the ‘Well, Fancy That’ universe but can stand alone. This is entirely the fault of masterpenguin for sending me this picture.
shenanigans  hee!  voice  hockeyrpf  gen  urbanfantasy 
july 2013 by Teogli
The 12 Trolls of Christmas
Really excellent animation to go with the really excellent song!
hee!  good  fanart  homestuck  vids  Christmas  cute  filk  via:The_Electriclady 
july 2013 by Teogli
nanka saa
What kind of question is that anyway? Why do you ask such things? It’s a hockey award and you ask about girls. How about I ask you about guys in Las Vegas?

Alyonka: Be my guest.

Geno: What are guys like in Las Vegas?

Alyonka: But you… Guys?

Geno: Sorry, that’s my first interview, so…
misc  video  geno  hockeyrpf  hee! 
july 2013 by Teogli
fan_eunice | Vid Post: Papa Don't Preach (and you thought the dancing was bad)
So, [livejournal.com profile] greensilver and I may sometimes disagree, but there is one thing we stand absolutely united on. And that is our deep and heartfelt concern for Jack and his unplanned pregnancy. We couldn't just leave him an unwed mother like that, now could we? No, we could not. And so:

Song/Artist: Papa Don't Preach, Madonna
vids  crack  hee!  torchwood  mpreg 
july 2013 by Teogli
Earning Your Stripes - stepquietly - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
If Kaner’s dick wasn’t so hard, and if he weren’t letting Jonny run his fingers through his hideous hair and grab at his ass, Jonny might think he was being fucked with. But from the way he grinds back Kaner seems genuinely into it. Only he’s clearly drawing on his vast repertoire of porn to help enhance the situation. And fuck, that’s the most sadly hilarious thing Jonny’s ever thought about, because now he’s got a hand on Kaner’s ass and he can hear Kaner mutter, “that’s right, just touch me there” in all seriousness.

For thefourthvine.

This fic was also known as Terrible Sex with Kaner, the Porn Aficionado: The Hard Life of Jonny T.

Much love to thefourthvine: I did my best to fight the pluperfect!
tazer/kaner  hockeyrpf  smut  bad!sex  BROFEELS  hee!  fun  voice 
july 2013 by Teogli
the dumbest things - salvamisandwich - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
Kaner and Sharpy, flirting and failing at life.
song: you told the drunks i knew karate
fun  cute  hee!  sweet  kaner  sharpy/kaner  blackhawks  hockeyrpf  vids 
june 2013 by Teogli
Bears, Hockey, etc. - False Accusation of Hooking
Sid/Geno (?) - False Accusation of Hooking

There’s a reason why Sid never goes clubbing, and it actually has nothing to do with media-training or people taking photos of him in compromising positions
sid  crack  hee!  hockeyrpf  ust  sid/geno  via:Irysa 
may 2013 by Teogli
Psychophysical Examinations of Perceptual Effects of Differential Somatic Stimulation (or: Fuck Off And Leave My Bloody Balls Alone, Would You, Sherlock?) - jedusaur - Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms [Archive of Our Own]
"My applied research in the area of targeted haptic stimulation requires significant further investigation before my expertise reaches an acceptable level. I need to perform additional trials. You said all right," he adds reasonably.

John pauses for a moment to decode. "You want to be a better lay," he translates slowly, "and you're asking if you can fuck me for practice."

"For the third time, yes," says Sherlock.

John breathes a sigh of relief. He was worried he'd just signed up for torture sessions. "Right," he says, and begins to strip.
sherlock  smut  stylish  hee!  fun 
may 2013 by Teogli
#hockeyporn - jedusaur - Hockey RPF, Meta - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
It's almost time for pants-drop here in the Windy City, as Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews line up for the faceoff. The fans have been waiting for this matchup, it's gonna be a good one tonight. And here we go! Right away we're seeing some speed here from Kane, maybe trying to atone a little bit for the other night when he fell asleep on the job. Some may have been wondering if his solid showing last month might have been some kind of anomaly, but he sure looks sharp tonight. Ha ha, not Sharp, though! That's the other Patrick, he's not here tonight.
short  crack  hee!  silly  hockeyrpf  tazer/kaner  fun  stylish  meta 
may 2013 by Teogli
The Infamous Harry Potter Fan From Hell Story - Cluegirl - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
(Also known as the Magic Wands Suck Donkey Balls story, the Accio Hulk Is a Dumb Idea story, and the Please Can't We Just Forget That Happened story.)
As related by Agent Clinton Barton, codename Hawkeye, to a gathering of SHIELD agents and support staff on the occasion of the annual Stark Manor Thanksgiving party, whilst Stark was distracting Cap somewhere else and couldn't interrupt.
crack  hee!  silly  stylish  avengers  teamfic  action  case-file  case-fic  marvel 
may 2013 by Teogli
Five Times Breezy Hooks Tracy Morgan Up With Good Advice (And One Time Tracy Hits Him Back) - luxover - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"It's okay to be nervous, okay to be angry, okay to be whatever," Breezy says. They're sitting on the bench in the locker room, and while Tracy's only got his first layer of gear on, his chains hanging out over his chest pads, Breezy's already all decked out, his mask on and pushed back on top of his head. He's leaning forward, too, his elbows on his knees as he imparts his wisdom and does his Yoda shit.

Based on this 24/7 Flyers/Rangers spoof.
crack  voice  fun  gen  hockeyrpf  setting  5things  hee!  au  silly  rarepair 
may 2013 by Teogli
dammit, put the condom on the banana - jedusaur - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Penis doodles are encouraged on all homework. Awful innuendos are allowed. Extra credit if you can get me to laugh at them. And don't hit on me unless you're legal, 'cause I got crazy shit for that last time."

(or, what Patrick Kane would be like as a sex ed instructor)
au  short  crack  hee!  highschoolau  hockeyrpf  shenanigans 
march 2013 by Teogli
The Boards' Prayer - jedusaur - Hockey RPF, Meta - Fandom [Archive of Our Own]
Our hockey gods who art in heaven
Jimmy Howard be thy name...


idek. this is my DW profile now.
cute  fandom  hee!  hockeyrpf  poetry  crack  short  meta 
march 2013 by Teogli
Highly Sticked - jedusaur - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
"Yes, Kaner," Sharpy's saying as Jonny sits down next to them with a beer. "It would indeed be gay to measure your teammates' dicks to find out whose is biggest."
hockeyrpf  crack  teamfic  shenanigans  hee!  banter  GIANTCOCKANGST  cute  kink!  tazer/kaner  voice 
march 2013 by Teogli
The Hockey Gods (Must Be Crazy) - Solarcat - Hockey RPF [Archive of Our Own]
In which Sidney Crosby goes for a walk one day, and somehow most of the NHL ends up worshipping a defaced Winnipegian brick. It's all Jonny Toews' fault.

Actually Mostly Gen Gretzky is Actually Magic Pittsburgh Penguins Chicago Blackhawks Assorted Other People I Should Not Be Allowed to Have Ideas Sidney Crosby What Is Your Face? Worship the Hockey Gods With Lots of Liquor But Really Winnipeg
hockeyrpf  crack  hee!  teamfic  silly  fun  setting 
march 2013 by Teogli
tired as hell and full of sass::: Elementary

sherlockholmes  misc  pic  elementary  fanart  hee!  cute  animals 
march 2013 by Teogli
Notes from the Labyrinth - Aubade (scored for four cats and two bipeds): A Play in One Act
The Cats
THE PAPER-MUNCHING YALAPAPPUS: a.k.a. the Elder Statescat
FIRST AND SECOND NINJAS: formerly feral sisters
CATZILLA: a.k.a Bossycat, who is now about eight months old
cats  crack  hee!  misc 
february 2013 by Teogli
"The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a cribhouse whore. We don’t just borrow words; on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary."
--James D. Nicoll
bit  hee!  WORD  misc  academia 
january 2013 by Teogli
Empty Arms - runsinthefamily - Dragon Age [Archive of Our Own]
From a prompt on the kmeme: The Champion (preferable male warrior) surprises everyone with hugs.
good  hee!  character  gen  dragonage  short  5things 
january 2013 by Teogli
Take This! His Name Is Anders!
1. This is one of my top three favorite DA comics

2. If your older cousin gives you something they’ve been using and looks like they don’t want it anymore you can be fairly sure it’s glitchy
dragonage  crack  pic  comic  hee!  fanart 
january 2013 by Teogli
franzeska | Reichenbach Fall vid
Killa said at one point that nobody should ever vid this for anything but Highlander, but I've been watching all of these angsty season 2 Sherlock vids lately, and the more I watched, the more convinced I became that only this song could truly express how I felt.
(...how I felt about the wealth of identical and identically terrible angsty Sherlock vids, that is. Sorry, Killa, it had to be done. ;D For anyone going "WTF?", see here.)
crossover  sherlock  hee!  crack  hl  vids 
january 2013 by Teogli
helenish: where are the bows?
3. Do people in the Pegasus Galaxy wear underpants? Would they think it was a bizarre [and possibly very unsanitary, as nether regions need to be unstifled!] affectation? Okay, I admit that the most important thought I've had this week, which I've told to many, many people, many more people than you'd think pride would allow me to, that Ronon Dex probably has seen all the prettiest underwear on Atlantis, all the DATE underwear, like, the one matching bra and underwear set you bring to the Pegasus Galaxy just in case- ... -so the sexy underwear sort of sits at the bottom of the drawer until Ronon Dex shows up, and then you bust it out, because...I mean, you bust out the matching underwear to go on a hot date with Ronon Dex, and Ronon thinks the underwear is WEIRD, like, why all the bows and lace where no one can even see it, and..why, anyway, earth people are odd, but it is kind of pretty, and he assumes that everyone's wearing something kind of lacy all the time, and is disappointed and confused when John and Rodney strip off in the locker room, and wants to know why their underthings are like that. Like, where are the bows? Why isn't it pink?
crack  hee!  good  fun  misc  sga  helenish  drabble  ronon  setting 
december 2012 by Teogli
TCFAQ C5c) Why don't we try to destroy tropical cyclones by nuking
What would happen if you exploded a nuclear bomb in the eye of a hurricane? Would the storm cell be immediately vaporized?

—Rupert Bainbridge (and hundreds of others)

This question gets submitted a lot.

It turns out the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration—the agency which runs the National Hurricane Center—gets it a lot, too. In fact, they’re asked about it so often that they’ve published a response.

I recommend you read the whole thing, but I think the last sentence of the first paragraph says it all:

“Needless to say, this is not a good idea.”

It makes me happy that an arm of the US government has, in some official capacity, issued an opinion on the subject of firing nuclear missiles into hurricanes.
hee!  misc  science  essay 
december 2012 by Teogli
♥ Dragon Age Kink Meme ♥ - Dragon Age: Origins, Part 3: Closed for Prompts, Open for Fills
We all had that mental image of Wynne, clutching her pillow over her head so he doesn't have to hear the Warden and Zevran's antics in her tent. But every night it seems to just get kinkier in there - just why DID they need one of Shale's crystals, a magic staff, and two goats? And as it goes on, she keeps wanting to ask something, but is always afraid of the answer.

Honestly, I don't care if there's resolution, I just want noodle implements abound and Wynne slowly cracking as she thinks about the implications.
crack  silly  hee!  shenanigans  dragonage  zevran  outsiderpov 
december 2012 by Teogli
♥ Dragon Age Kink Meme ♥ - Dragon Age II, Part 5: Closed for Prompts, Closed for Fills
ffs, this prompt has struck me with a plot bunny that is gnawing on my brain. So, OP is going to be getting Jethann/everyone tonight. I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY.

“Today's my rest day, but I'll make an exception for you.”

A lie, of course, but a pretty one. If it had really been Jethann's rest day – and he really ought to speak to Madam Lusine about getting more of those, considering how much he contributed to the Blooming Rose's business - he'd have locked his door and gotten some much needed sleep. On the other hand, that just made his using that line every time someone wandered in all the sweeter.
dragonage  teamfic  BAMF  hee!  fun  crack  gen? 
december 2012 by Teogli
Various Attempts at Romance in Dragon Age: Origins - sqbr - Dragon Age, Dragon Age: Origins [Archive of Our Own]
A somewhat fictionalised account of my characters' attempts to find love in the computer game Dragon Age: Origins and how it all went horribly wrong. A series of comics with transcripts.
cute  hee!  meta  dragonage  games  fun  comic  fanart  pic 
december 2012 by Teogli
Shiny Happy Fits of Rage - Unfriends
As soon as the betas leave Stiles leans forward, interrupting Scott and Danny’s conversation with, “We have to get the lube back.”

“What do you mean, ‘back?’ You bought it for-” begins Scott, but Stiles shushes him.

“We need a plan,” says Stiles, “we have to distract Derek, Peter, and the betas so that Scott can get in there and take the keg away from them.” This announcement is met mostly with silence. Stiles tries to give them all a look that he feels is encouraging.

Eventually Danny says, “I have questions.”

“Shoot,” says Stiles.

Danny holds up a hand so he can tick them off on his fingers. “Why ‘we?’ Who are Derek and Peter? Betas? And sorry, did you say keg?”
crack  hee!  shenanigans  fun  TeenWolf  action  gen  teamfic 
december 2012 by Teogli
Welcome to Wonderland. • etonia: oberstein: I would like a Turkish...
I would like a Turkish Maniac and Irish Dunderhead mix.

Hurricane is a Welsh Choker.

There isn’t an option for Fatty Fat Fat Fat so Giz’s breed isn’t on here.
crack  hee!  cute  cats  comic 
december 2012 by Teogli
Skyrim: Week of Madness, Day 1: The World According To Sheogorath | Features | PC Gamer
Every day this week, we’ll be visiting a version of Skyrim unlike any you’ve ever seen before – a world thrown into anarchy and chaos by Sheogorath, God of Madness, and the assistance of over 200 blindly-installed mods. In our first part, get ready for epic dinosaur battles, Whiterun’s new theme park, fandom striking in the strangest places, and an awkward meeting with an old friend.
games  skyrim  crack  hee!  silly  pic 
november 2012 by Teogli
♥ Dragon Age Kink Meme ♥ -Re: Anyone/Anyone - Justice writes friendfiction

crack  hee!  voice  fun  dragonage  good 
november 2012 by Teogli
mresundance: Vid: I Just Had Sex (Thor)
When I had the sex, man my hammer felt great. Thor/Mjolnir, Thor/ Loki, Mjolnir/Everyone. [the hammer is his penis]
crack  meta  thor  vids  hee!  loki  marvel  fun 
november 2012 by Teogli
Five Interventions the Avengers Held For Each other and One They Held For Loki - silverfoxflower - The Avengers (2012) [Archive of Our Own]
“Tony Stark,” Pepper looked down at her paper, reading with a determined voice. Everyone in the room leaned forward to hear her speak. “I have known you for seven years, and loved you first as a friend and then a partner, and then thankfully a friend again. I have seen you proud, humble, brilliant and in pain, and never have I made a request as important as the one I’m making now. ” She looked up to meet Tony’s eyes, which were bewildered and hurt. “Tony, please stop having sex with robots.”
avengers  crack  hee!  silly  teamfic  tony/loki  gen 
november 2012 by Teogli
Anal circumference - 1d4chan
An infamous feature of the equally infamous FATAL (Fantasy Adventure To Adult Lechery) game, the Anal Circumference table enabled players to determine the maximum size of object their character's anus could accommodate without tearing; this was an important part of character generation.
!!!  crack  misc  erk.  hee!  games 
october 2012 by Teogli
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