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one equal temper of heroic hearts, by arbitrarily
"Anne is fifteen, which means she will be sixteen soon, which means she is practically grown. She is perfectly capable of handling Gilbert Blythe as a boarder at Green Gables, despite anything Marilla might have to say to the contrary."
f:anne.of.green.gables  p:anne.shirley/gilbert.blythe  l:5-10k  |het  t:au  t:oblivious/denial  a:arbitrarily  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
All Our Yesterday's, by perfectlystill
"She's annoyed, and it creeps into her voice. Kat has learned annoyance creeps into her voice more often than it does for most people, easy and natural. And because of this, when it happens, her friends at school purse their lips and roll their eyes. Joey likes to pat her shoulder and tell her to calm down "sweetie."

She tries her best to tamp it down, and she wins some battles, but Kat has an inkling she's losing the war."
f:10.things.i.hate.about.you  c:kat.stratford  l:1-5k  |gen  |favorite  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Old Pirates, In Merchant Ships, by gaialux
"Five years have passed. Andy and Red have a small bed and breakfast in Zihuatanejo, and all seems well on the surface. But Shawshank leaves scars - on everyone - and the two men are far from an exception."
f:shawshank.redemption  p:andy.dufresne/ellis.redding  t:dubcon/noncon  |slash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
The Principle of Intrusive Relationships, by shoemaster
"My wife used to say I'm a hard man to know. A closed book."

Red sat silently, but couldn’t help but disagree. In her defense, Red had known Andy longer than Andy’s wife ever did; doubly so, probably. So maybe it was right that Red knew Andy so well. On a different day, he might interject and remind Andy of all the ways they knew each other, but he kept quiet as Andy stared into the middle distance.
f:shawshank.redemption  p:andy.dufresne/ellis.redding  t:pining  |slash  a:shoemaster  |gen  t:friendship  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Keep a little of it, by redgear
Very interesting little story about real fairies in Avonlea, with a pitch-perfect Matthew.
f:anne.of.green.gables  c:matthew.cuthbert  l:1-5k  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
All It Takes Is a Moment, by Selenay
"After, she always wondered what would have happened if she hadn't offered Delia her bike, or if they'd left the flat a few minutes earlier or later. A million different versions of that day played out in her mind over the next few months, but she refused to let any of them run to their conclusion. It was too painful to think about what might have been."
f:call.the.midwife  t:au  t:marriage  t:established  p:delia.busby/patsy.mount  |femslash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Beyond the Wall, by Beltenebra
It's fun to see Elliot mount a rescue mission, back on his home turf. (Also, Golden is priceless.)
f:turn.of.the.story  c:elliot.schafer  bp:golden/serene  p:elliot.schafer/luke.sunborn  t:friendship  l:5-10k  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Reaching One's Limits, by fawatson
"Ivan helps Miles with preparations for Winterfair"

// Oh, Miles.
f:vorkosigan  c:ivan.vorpatril  t:humor  |gen  l:1-5k  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  a:fawatson  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Genuinely Self-Absorbed and Deeply Shallow, by april_rainer
"Or, Three Moments in the Evolution of Ivan Vorpatril, innocent bystander and political non-combatant."
f:vorkosigan  c:ivan.vorpatril  l:1-5k  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Just the One, Two, by Panny
"Anti-superhuman paranoia is on the rise in New York and something that looks a little like an accident and a lot like a hit leaves Jess unexpectedly vulnerable. And Trish? Trish is making some adjustments."
f:jessica.jones  u:marvel  l:10-20k  t:bodyswap/transformation  |favorite  t:angst  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  p:jessica.jones/trish.walker  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
all flowers in time, by lastwingedthing
I LOVE this, especially the role reversal of having Tharkay be the uncertain one for a change.
f:temeraire  l:5-10k  t:domestic  t:oblivious/denial  t:pining  |slash  |favorite  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  p:william.laurence/tenzing.tharkay  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Extraordinarily Mundane, by tptigger
"When so much of the amazing things you've done involve wizardry, how do you explain to a college how cool you are without breaking sevarfrith?"
f:young.wizards  c:nita.callahan  p:kit.rodriguez/nita.callahan  l:1-5k  |gen  |het  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Confidence Man, by freneticfloetry
Colin Shea is a fucking gift. Or: five times Colin reminds Ally how awesome she is just by being himself, and one time Ally reminds Colin that that's exactly what love is.
f:what's.your.number  a:freneticfloetry  p:ally.darling/colin.shea  t:established  |het  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:5-10k  t:humor  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
and shadows will fall behind you, by often_adamanta
"Chris hadn't thought it was possible, but he should know better than to underestimate Lewis. She'd disappeared into Director Sanders' office with Mark's doctor and psychologist and emerged with a pissed off Annie and orders for Mark to take an entire week of vacation, absolutely no press allowed."
f:the.martian  p:beck/johanssen/watney  a:often_adamanta  t:friendship  t:bedsharing  |gen  l:5-10k  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
How Else Would Sailing Ships Ever Have Navigated?, by scioscribe
“Do you think,” Madeline said to Honoria as the more impressive parts of nature gradually crept up upon them, “that all daffodils are the daughters of sunlight?”
f:jeeves.&.wooster  p:madeline.bassett/honoria.glossop  a:scioscribe  t:flirting/wooing  |femslash  |favorite  l:1-5k  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Blast From the Past, by hearteating
“And you better buy one of my pieces,” Janis adds. Regina scoffs.

“As if I’m going to pay money for a painting you did of some other girl. Who do you think I am? Paint me; then we’ll talk.”
f:mean.girls  p:janis.ian/regina.george  |femslash  x:yuletide  l:1-5k  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
A Little Dab'll Do Ya, by skazka
"Intrepid ad man Pete Campbell plunges into the twilit homosexual underworld of New York City in search of answers. Bob Benson helps."

// Every single thing about the Pete voice in this is sheer perfection.
f:mad.men  c:pete.campbell  a:skazka  p:pete.campbell/bob.benson  t:pretendrelationship  l:5-10k  |slash  |favorite  |ESSENTIAL  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
from the realm of forgotten things, by Alchemine
Snapshots of each of the Losers in a moment in-between the past and present.
f:it  t:creepifying  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
In Other Hands, by Linsky
“Missing your boy, Little Red?” Rachel Sunborn asked.

“No,” Elliot said. He was not. He was independent and self-assured and didn’t care if all his friends were off at a tournament without him, throwing things at people for a week for absolutely no good reason and probably getting themselves killed.

Or: Five times someone suggested Elliot or Luke sleep with someone else, and one time they didn’t need to.
f:turn.of.the.story  a:linsky  p:elliot.schafer/luke.sunborn  t:established  t:humor  t:5things  |slash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Dog Years, by carolinecrane
"Frances has been with him just about four years when he hears the news that Henry Hart’s going to have a couple paintings hanging in the Guggenheim."
f:big.eden  c:pike.dexter  a:carolinecrane  p:pike.dexter/henry.hart  |slash  t:domestic  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:5-10k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
A Present for Jeeves, by Persiflager
"Jeeves stiffened. He trembled. He quivered like a ukulele string that had just been plucked by Lolly Lucas, the Ukulele Queen of the music hall."

// What a delight.
f:jeeves.&.wooster  a:persiflager  p:reginald.jeeves/bertie.wooster  t:kink  t:humor  t:misunderstandings/miscommunication  |favorite  |slash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Something Clever, by innie
"I've filled out paperwork, but it's up to you whether I file it or not," Nicholas said, as if he always jumped into the middle of a story, and Danny was more confused than ever.

"You love filing paperwork," was all Danny could say. It must have been right, because Nicholas smiled at him, teeth and all, and Danny grinned back.

// SO cute.
f:hot.fuzz  a:innie  p:nicholas.angel/danny.butterman  |favorite  t:humor  |slash  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Jeanie Bueller's Day Off, by rosefox
"She’s thinking about Ferris. She doesn’t want to be thinking about Ferris. But he emailed her a week ago about coming to their 25th high school reunion, and she’s spent that entire week trying to figure out how to tell him to print the email, fold it, and stuff it where the sun doesn’t shine."
f:ferris.bueller  a:rosefox  c:jeanie.bueller  t:family  t:humor  bp:ferris/sloane/cameron  |gen  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Or Don't, by coricomile
"Is there a… a… Club," Brian says after he's finished coughing. "For. You know. This." He waves his arm again. John knocks it away. Brian grins, dopey and red eyed, and John thinks about stupid baby animals. "We should make one."
f:breakfast.club  p:john.bender/brian.johnson  l:1-5k  t:undertheinfluence  |slash  |favorite  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
My What Big Teeth You Have, by ViolentFlowers
Daria paused. There was no good way to say this, so hopefully Jane wouldn’t laugh. “I think I was bitten by a werewolf.”

// Very in-character. Did not know I needed a Daria werewolf!AU in my life!
f:daria  p:daria.morgendorffer/jane.lane  l:1-5k  |femslash  t:bodyswap/transformation  t:crack  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
when I get around you I can't hide the facts, by duckgirlie
"on the 4th of july, chris was absolutely sure he didn't want to make out with adam. by the 15th of may, he is absolutely sure he does."
f:4th.man.out  p:adam/chris  l:5-10k  |slash  t:comingout  x:yuletide  x:yuletide17  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Over the River and Through the Woods, by Duck_Life
"Will deliberates about bringing his boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner. Hopper tries to deep-fry the turkey. Jonathan, Nancy and Steve's son won't look up from his Game Boy. Set in 2002."
f:stranger.things  c:will.byers  p:will.byers/omc  bp:eleven/mike.wheeler  bp:jonathan/nancy/steve  t:family  t:comingout  l:1-5k  |slash  |gen  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
World Keeps Turning, by Sholio
"More 2x09 post-battle aftermath, in which Steve has a concussion and an unruly pack of kids to look after, and everyone ends up at Hopper's cabin."
c:steve.harrington  t:kidfic  bp:jonathan.byers/nancy.wheeler  l:1-5k  |gen  |favorite  a:sholio  f:stranger.things  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
i never wanted trouble (but i sure got enough), by QueenWithABeeThrone
“Eyes on the road!” screams Mike.

“Our parents will kill you if you crash this car!” yells Lucas.
f:stranger.things  p:jonathan/nancy/steve  t:pining  t:humor  |poly  |gen  c:steve.harrington  l:1-5k  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Glory Days, by Sholio
"The modern-day midlife crisis fic nobody asked for. Steve's turning 50, nobody is handling it well (least of all Steve), Dustin wants to know how *he* got dragged into the middle of this, and oh, by the way, there's something weird in Hawkins. As per usual."
f:stranger.things  p:jonathan/nancy/steve  t:established  t:marriage  l:5-10k  c:steve.harrington  a:sholio  |poly  |gen  d:2017 
december 2017 by Tafadhali
Witness Him, by Barkour
"In that moment, one foot still phased into the wall, Loki had understood how it must have felt every time he’d betrayed someone. It was like witnessing his adopted-brother-twin fucking the Hulk."
f:mcu  u:marvel  t:humor  p:thor/hulk  bp:loki/sif  |slash  c:loki  a:barkour  l:1-5k  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Refugees of War, by salable_mystic
"Elizabeth Naismith has a rather mystifying visitor, and Cordelia, irritating daughter that she is, refuses to shed any light on the matter whatsoever."
f:vorkosigan  p:aral.vorkosigan/cordelia.vorkosigan  t:au  c:elizabeth.naismith  |gen  t:outsidepov  l:1-5k  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Homecoming, by Te and Jane St. Clair
"He finds Hank. Different. Huge like he's always been, but cat-faced. Blue. Longish, very soft-looking fur, and his hands like paws. And somehow in spite of it still elementally Hank. Glasses perched impossibly on the end of his nose, vivid mind behind the eyes. Vocabulary and irritation and genuine affection in his look when he sees Bobby in the driveway."

// Let's never discuss this, thanks.
a:jane.st.clair  a:te  f:x-men  f:marvel.comics  u:marvel  p:bobby.drake/hank.mccoy  t:kink  t:hot  t:buttonpushing  |slash  l:5-10k  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Twenty First Century Guy, by Poi Lass
Cute, all-dialogue Hank/Bobby story. This is many years old, but based on current canon...Bobby is exactly this awkward about actually trying to date guys.
f:x-men  f:marvel.comics  u:marvel  p:bobby.drake/hank.mccoy  t:humor  |slash  l:ficlet  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Sixpence In His Shoe, by scifigrl47
"Steve and Tony should really read the fine print on what they're signing. Then again, some mistakes are not really mistakes."
f:marvel.comics  u:marvel  p:steve.rogers/tony.stark  t:marriage  t:pretendrelationship  t:pining  t:flirting/wooing  t:friendship  a:scifigrl47  |slash  l:epic  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
Outside, in the Cold Darkness, by thelogicalghost
An interesting look at Loki's reign and motivations, with a good conversation between the brothers.
f:mcu  u:marvel  c:thor  c:loki  t:family  l:1-5k  |gen  d:2017 
november 2017 by Tafadhali
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