the anatomy of a joke, by crescenteluce
Maybe the joke goes like this: Man goes to a doctor and says ‘Doctor, I feel selfish because I’ve been happier than I’ve been, well, maybe ever, since Eddie’s gotten here, but still I want more more more and if I tell him and he doesn’t want the same, what am I going to do then? I barely lived when I couldn’t even remember him and I can’t bear the thought of knowing he’s out there and we’re not talking, not because of some clown or magic, but just because I couldn’t settle for him being here and happy and safe. How do I fix this longing inside of me, doctor? How do I unwant?’

‘Alright,’ the doctor says. ‘What I always do when I feel down, I go see the clown Pagliacci. He’s not funny and doesn’t write his own material, but at least it cheers me up to see I’m not the saddest motherfucker in town.’

‘But doctor,’ the man says. ‘I am the clown Pagliacci.’

‘Yeah,’ the doctor responds. ‘I know what I said.’
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:au  t:bedsharing  t:pining  t:comingout  t:friendship  |slash  l:10-20k  d:2019 
3 days ago
The Kids Table, by stitchy
"For the most part Richie and his sister have a doctrine of mutually assured destruction. They could obliterate each other with their parents given the slightest provocation. To keep things at an even keel, they steer clear of each other as much as possible every other day of the year, but on Thanksgiving? Kids Table is like their NATO.

A series of Tozier Thanksgivings, from '85 to '19."

// Always weird to imagine Richie with a sister but I liked this.
f:it  bp:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  c:richie.tozier  t:5things  |gen  t:comingout  t:family  d:2019  l:5-10k 
10 days ago
Protein Crystals and Other Precious Stones, by CherryIce
lololololol as someone who wrote a fic based on a kid in my Anthro class looking like John and Ronon's kid, I really respect this AU based on a glycobiologist sharing Alexis Rose's name.
f:schitt's.creek  t:au  t:humor  bp:patrick.brewer/david.rose  c:alexis.rose  t:family  |gen  l:5-10k  a:cherryice  d:2019 
10 days ago
New Page, Same Old Book, by Rend_Herring
Glad to learn that the tag I was admiring in the bins the other day -- "I wrote this because of Bill Hader's powerfully lesbianic jawline" -- is attached to such a good fic.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:comingout  t:domestic  t:au  t:flirting/wooing  |slash  |favorite  a:rend_herring  d:2019  l:10-20k  t:humor 
10 days ago
who is to say there will not be such endings, by theapplepielifestyle
After returning to Derry for the first time in 27 years, getting his memories back, fighting a demon clown, losing a best friend and the unrequited love of his life - life has returned to normal for Richie Tozier.

He’s kind of pissed about it.

(Or, after months of an ongoing nervous breakdown, Richie gets a chance to go back and fix things.)
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  c:richie.tozier  t:timetravel  t:deathfic  |slash  l:20-40k  |favorite  a:theapplepielifestyle  d:2019 
12 days ago
keep talking. i'll keep walking toward the sound of your voice, by theapplepielifestyle
Eddie and Stan are brought back as ghosts by Maturin and, natch, the Losers figure out how to make them ... not ghosts.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  c:eddie.kaspbrak  c:stanley.uris  t:deathfic  |slash  d:2019  a:theapplepielifestyle  l:10-20k 
12 days ago
Missing the Boat, by stitchy
I have feelings!! I wish the guys had gotten...even 1/3 as earnest or affectionate interaction in the film at any point before the mortal terror started.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  l:5-10k  t:au  t:flirting/wooing  |slash  d:2019 
12 days ago
a design for life, by Deputychairman
They lay stickily, oilily, in a companionable sprawl across the wreck of the bed, and for the first time Crowley understood why the humans enjoyed sleep. He was about to go to sleep himself when Aziraphale sighed next to him, and sat up.

His hair was flattened on one side and sticking up wildly on the other. There was a small mark like a bruise on his neck that hadn’t been there before. He couldn’t imagine where it had come from, seeing as there had been none of the violence that their respective Head Offices might have expected from an angel and a demon coming into such close contact. Quite the contrary: all he had done to Aziraphale’s neck had been kiss it, at length.

“Thank you, that was very nice,” Aziraphale said, looking at a spot next to him rather than actually at him. There was a certain prim quality to his voice that wasn’t at all promising.
a:deputychairman  f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:friendswithbenefits  l:10-20k  |slash  d:2019  |favorite 
12 days ago
and they read off our names, by liquidsky
Movie Richie and Eds swear SO MUCH (and I'm sad for Audra for not existing at all ever) but this is very sweet
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:au  t:domestic  t:bedsharing  t:oblivious/denial  |slash  l:20-40k  d:2019  a:liquidsky 
19 days ago
I Don’t Like Your Fashion Business, Mister, by gwyneth rhys
“Relax,” Natasha assured him, “you’re in good hands.”

“Oh, I know. It’s just...” and he waved a hand vaguely toward the racks of the men’s department. “I wasn’t expecting we’d start somewhere like this.”
a:gwyneth.rhys  l:1-5k  c:natasha.romanoff  c:steve.rogers  t:friendship  |gen  d:2019  f:mcu  u:marvel 
19 days ago
The Greatest Fun, by chainofclovers
"She never shares as much as she might, but she says a lot more than she used to. And she’s pretty sure Frankie, as perpetually distracted as she is, listens far more carefully than she lets on."
f:grace.and.frankie  p:grace.hanson/frankie.bergstein  l:5-10k  |femslash  t:bedsharing  t:friendship  d:2019 
23 days ago
everything i've had but couldn't keep, by mygalfriday
"By all accounts, he should be elated. Aziraphale hadn’t said stop mooning after me, it's never going to happen. He hadn’t said you’re a demon, I’m an angel and this is never going to work. He’d only said slow down. It’s the only acknowledgment Aziraphale has ever given him that he actually believes this six thousand year dance is leading somewhere."
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  l:1-5k  |slash  d:2019  t:pining 
26 days ago
head lights pointed at the dawn, by starkmccall
I *do* like Richie being a wife guy, it turns out. What can I say. Speaking of wives, did Bill...tell Audra what happened? She is such a nonentity in the movie.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:au  t:established  |slash  l:1-5k  d:2019 
28 days ago
a door opens to a room that has never gone away, by theappleppielifestyle
Sequel to "Hit Me Baby One More Time," with less time loop angst and more LIVING HAPPILY AND AUTHENTICALLY.
f:it  p:eddie.kaspbrak/richie.tozier  t:domestic  l:10-20k  |slash  |favorite  a:theapplepielifestyle  d:2019  t:au 
28 days ago
incense, by ThunderheadFred
This is so stylized and wordy, it's a bit much for me to process post-flu shot, but it's hot and stylish.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:genderbend/transgender  |slash  l:10-20k  t:hot  d:2019 
4 weeks ago
Call “Uncle”, by JaggedCliffs
Zuko and most of the Gaang are oblivious, Toph is having a blast, and Iroh is just enjoying the whole situation. Or, how the Fire Nation officials gave up on calling Iroh anything other than "Uncle".
f:avatar  t:humor  t:crack  c:iroh  |gen  l:ficlet  d:2019 
5 weeks ago
Cut-Rate Magical Insurance, by Jedi Buttercup
"Everything that can go wrong, is going wrong at the local Council House. And usually as wrong as possible. Willow and Buffy investigate."
a:jedibuttercup  f:btvs  c:buffy.summers  c:willow.rosenberg  t:humor  t:crack  c:mayhem  t:crossover  |gen  l:1-5k  d:2019 
5 weeks ago
The Opposite of Temptation, by Libbyfay
“Can I tempt you to break into a bottle of that Châteauneuf-du-Pape?” Crowley glanced over, from where he lay sprawled on the couch, and wondered how quickly his angel would give in this time.
Aziraphale looked Crowley dead in the eyes and shook his head. He answered, in an unexpectedly firm voice, “No.”
Aziraphale has something important to say. He's been thinking about it. He's worked up the courage for it. Unfortunately, Crowley isn't going to want to hear this.

// Really interesting, and full of sexy, sexy communication!
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  l:1-5k  |slash  d:2019  a:libbyfay  |favorite 
6 weeks ago
ergo propter hoc, by mortifyingideal
This is funny, and I appreciate rather bastardly Aziraphale being underestimated by Crowley.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:humor  l:1-5k  |slash  |gen  d:2019 
7 weeks ago
Tag Team, by blacktofade
Have no idea how much $2000 is to a popular vlogger but it sounds like a lot lol
f:buzzfeed.unsolved  f:rpf  a:blackeyedgirl  p:shane/ryan/sara  t:dating  l:10-20k  |het  |poly  |slash  d:2019 
7 weeks ago
want you in my room, by beethechange
"As they watch, Tall Guy takes his beanie off, revealing a mess of thick, shiny brown hair. He runs his hand through it to shake out the hat hair and Ryan feels like he’s stuck in an Herbal Essences commercial, except he’s the one making inappropriate lustful noises.

Ryan adjusts his snapback, determined. He is, after all, wearing his very finest basketball shorts, without even a single hole at the hem, and the knowledge puts an extra spring in his step.

“I’m gonna climb that dude like a tree,” he tells Curly."

// Hapless wooer Ryan Bergara.
f:buzzfeed.unsolved  f:rpf  p:shane.madej/ryan.bergara  t:flirting/wooing  |slash  d:2019  t:au  a:beethechange  t:pining 
7 weeks ago
Side effects, by chamyl
"Crowley had imagined it differently. On the rare, very rare occasions when he’d allowed himself to imagine something could happen between the two of them, it didn’t go like this. No – Crowley was suave and sure of himself, not a rambling, babbling mess. Aziraphale was charmed, and flattered by his attentions. They’d take their clothes off slowly, without any urgency. They’d stare into each other’s eyes, and whisper sweet nothings into each other’s ears. In his imagination, they wouldn’t have been so hungry, so desperate for each other."

// Oh, Crowley -- so ~*~romantic~*~
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:established  t:flirting/wooing  |slash  c:crowley  d:2019  a:chamyl  l:5-10k 
7 weeks ago
It's More Likely Than You Think, by curtaincall
"Don't believe everything you read on the Internet—unless, of course, you're an angel with reality-warping powers.

(Which is to say, it turns out there really are hot single MILFs in Aziraphale's area. And they do want to meet.)" // I am ugly laughing.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:humor  t:crack  |slash  d:2019  l:1-5k 
7 weeks ago
Crash, by forthegreatergood
Sequel to "Fruit of the Lotus," where C & A have been broken up since the big to do in the 1860s and reunite post-Notpocalypse.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:pining  t:misunderstandings/miscommunication  l:10-20k  |slash  t:angst  d:2019  a:forthegreatergood 
7 weeks ago
you're not a religious person (but), by isozyme
"Here it is: the one with sexy figs and angelic orgasms." // adfsfds i LOVE this
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:hot  t:pining  t:oblivious/denial  |slash  |favorite  d:2019  l:10-20k  a:isozyme 
7 weeks ago
That’s The Way (I Like It), by Meduseld
"Mark Watney is ace af. And this is how everyone finds out."
f:the.martian  c:mark.watney  t:comingout  t:asexuality  l:1-5k  d:2019  |gen 
8 weeks ago
And A Nightingale Sang, by Kedreeva
"Aziraphale asks Crowley to dine at the Ritz for the very first time."

// (Lol, I don't think this is what the tag "Gay Panic" is for but Crowley is a gay and he does panic.)
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:dating  t:pining  |slash  l:1-5k  t:humor  d:2019 
8 weeks ago
Wednesdays Are for This, by magpiespirit
"D'you think we should have sex," he asks idly, pressing post on his addition to the exclusive How to Summon and Bind Demons forum. This one, he's sure, will both give Hell several annoying headaches and make a dent in the problem of demonology rising in the incel community. Bless, he loves having free time.

"I think," Aziraphale replies frankly, giving Crowley a really, now look over the rims of his stupid glasses and the top of a first edition of something that probably uses a hundred words to say what could be said in five, "that should is a word best left to Heaven and Hell."
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:asexuality  |slash  d:2019  l:1-5k 
8 weeks ago
Devil's in the Details, by Lacerta26
"How can he put into words how it felt to cling to the scraps of what Aziraphale could give him. How it felt to have Aziraphale’s ethereal hands on him like a blessing and a damnation. Always so tender even as Crowley leaned into it, wanted it to hurt a bit, demanding praise like he wanted it to be punishment. Punishment for wanting an angel. Punishment for loving an angel who couldn’t love him back."

// I feel so many feelings!
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  l:1-5k  |slash  t:pining  t:angst  t:friendswithbenefits  d:2019  |favorite  t:buttonpushing 
8 weeks ago
The Other Shoe, by PinkPenguinParade
"Did you..." Aziraphale took a breath. "Did you have your sexuality turned on for that?"

"'Course," Crowley said, nestling into the cushions.

Aziraphale's silence got louder.
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:virginity/inexperience  t:asexuality  |slash  l:5-10k  d:2019  a:pinkpenguinparade 
8 weeks ago
Fruit of the Lotus, by forthegreatergood
“Stay with me, Crowley,” Aziraphale pleaded, his eyes glistening. “I’ve missed you so terribly, and there’s really no reason for you to go, is there?”

“You’ve what?” Crowley stared at him, gaping stupidly at that crumpled face. Aziraphale’s grip on his wrists didn’t slacken in the slightest, and he pulled Crowley closer without seeming to genuinely try.
a:forthegreatergood  p:aziraphale/crowley  l:10-20k  f:good.omens  t:undertheinfluence  t:bedsharing  |favorite  |slash  d:2019 
8 weeks ago
The Lightness of You, by Rend_Herring
Everything I'm reading today is really making me rethink how sexy I find poetry.
p:aziraphale/crowley  f:good.omens  l:10-20k  c:crowley  t:pining  t:wingfic  d:2019  |slash  a:rend_herring 
8 weeks ago
sing for the angel a psalm of shadows, by Raven
"Five times Aziraphale attempted to tempt a human being and failed, utterly and completely, in service of God’s plan."

// Interesting!
f:good.omens  c:aziraphale  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:5things  |slash  d:2019  t:genderbend/transgender  l:5-10k  a:raven 
8 weeks ago
the deft, sweet gesture of your hand, by deadgreeks
"Crowley arrives injured at Aziraphale's door. He takes care of him, reads him an awful lot of Mary Oliver, and knits elaborate metaphors for his insecurities (literally)."
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  l:10-20k  t:pining  t:angst  |slash  d:2019  a:deadgreeks  t:virginity/inexperience 
8 weeks ago
Observer Effect, by Square Pudding
"Heaven dispatches a Grigori to monitor any "suspicious activity" between Aziraphale and a certain agent of Hell." // lol
f:good.omens  p:aziraphale/crowley  t:documents/correspondence  t:outsidepov  |slash  t:humor  l:5-10k  d:2019 
8 weeks ago
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