London: TERFs crash Mayday march
All TERFS Are Collaborators With Cops. I’m looking at you, Kelly Ramsey.

“TERFs claim to be feminists but they receive funding from right wing extremists, Christian fundamentalists and wealthy individuals linked to pro life organisations. Their aim is to divide and weaken the feminist movement and to divide and weaken the working class. TERFs act in the interests of the bosses and the patriarchy, they are not our comrades, they are enemies of our class and the anti fascist movement and we will continue to confront them wherever we find them.”
terfs  antifa 
may 2019
Anti-Trans “Feminists” Converted My Friend: Here’s Why We Can’t Stay Silent
Kelly Ramsey, I know you’re a TERF, stop following my Pinboard account.

PS: Krasskova is part of the Nazi Europa’s Children blog, and most of the blog is written by the Neo Nazi Kenaz Filan. These are your heroes and you should be ashamed of yourself
transwomenarewomen  terfs  feminism  naziterfs  radfems 
may 2019
Were the Lyrics to Sarah McLachlan’s “Possession” Taken from an Actual Stalker’s Letters?
Sadly, a few too many people out there can’t tell the difference between influence and plagiarism
urbanlegends  sarahmclachlan 
may 2019
Why Software Projects need Heroes (Lessons Learned from 1100 Projects)
A "hero" project is one where 80% or more of the contributions are made by the 20% of the developers. In the literature, such projects are deprecated since they might cause bottlenecks in development and communication. However, there is little empirical evidence on this matter. Further, recent studies show that such hero projects are very prevalent. Accordingly, this paper explores the effect of having heroes in project, from a code quality perspective. We identify the heroes developer communities in 1100 open source GitHub projects. Based on the analysis, we find that (a) hero projects are majorly all projects; and (b) the commits from "hero developers" (who contribute most to the code) result in far fewer bugs than other developers. That is, contrary to the literature, heroes are standard and very useful part of modern open source projects.
software  opensource  development  softwareprojects 
april 2019
Intake of Meat, Fish, Fruits, and Vegetables and Long-Term Risk of Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease
After adjustment, only low meat consumption (≤1 time/week) was associated with an increased risk of dementia and AD compared with regular consumption (≥4 times/week) (HR = 1.58 95% CI = [1.17–2.14], HR = 1.67 95% CI = [1.18–2.37], respectively). No association was found between the consumption of fish, raw fruits, or cooked fruits and vegetables and the risk of dementia or AD. Conclusion:These findings suggest very low meat consumption increases the long-term risk of dementia and AD, and that a protopathic bias could have impacted finding from previous studies.
meat  dementia  publichealth  mentalhealth 
april 2019
Technology - a normal part of our lives and something we have come to expect as a basic necessity in our day-to-day interactions. This month, we look at medieval technology, astronomy, and science. We gaze up at the stars and learn about the astrolabe, and how medieval people viewed natural disasters and calamities. We take a look at incredible advancements in medieval architecture and warfare, and we pay homage to the Eastern scientists, astronomers, and philosophers whose work greatly influenced and inspired Western innovation. We hope you enjoy this issue and our technological trek back in time!
books  publications  ebook 
april 2019
Doctors Can Legally Inseminate Patients with Their Own Sperm in Most States
When Matt White learned that he shares DNA with his mother's former fertility doctor—and close to 50 half-siblings—he and his mother began pushing legislators to outlaw fertility fraud in Indiana. Now, victims in other states are following suit.
wtf  medicalmalpractice  womenshealth  publichealth  fertilityfraud 
april 2019
Julian Assange Got What He Deserved
Don’t continue to fall for his phony pleas for sympathy, his megalomania, and his promiscuity with the facts.
julianassange  wikileaks 
april 2019
Holocaust Education In Germany
Germany didn’t “learn” too much after all. But I suspect most nations and nation states that committed genocide do not in general.
Germany  holocaust 
april 2019
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