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Missing Link: Von Tahrir zu Trump | heise online
Wie konnten digitale Technologien zu Waffen gegen die Demokratie werden? Um das zu verstehen, muss man über die reine Technik hinausschauen.
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yesterday by SimonHurtz
How Facebook Failed The Rohingya In Myanmar
The UN calls Myanmar’s treatment of the Muslim Rohingya minority a genocide, and says Facebook has done little to tackle hate speech. Analysis by BuzzFeed News sheds new light on Facebook's failures.
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28 days ago by SimonHurtz
Facebook May Have Fueled Anti-Refugee Attacks in Germany, New Research Shows - The New York Times
Towns where people use Facebook more also had more attacks on refugees, building on suspicions that the platform makes users more prone to violence.
facebook  hatespeech  racism  refugees  germany 
5 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Why Facebook is losing the war on hate speech in Myanmar
Reuters found more than 1,000 examples of posts, comments and pornographic images attacking the Rohingya and other Muslims on Facebook. A secretive operation set up by the social media giant to combat the hate speech is failing to end the problem.
facebook  hatespeech 
5 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
We're Lucky Mark Zuckerberg Is in Charge – The Startup – Medium
Mark Zuckerberg is imperfect, naive, and sometimes overly defensive. He can be robotic, unrelatable, and frustrating. He could also be a whole lot worse.
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7 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
A Global Guide to State-Sponsored Trolling
Trolling by states and parties is changing the political landscape of entire nations, according to journalists and politicians.
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8 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Mark Zuckerberg: The Recode interview - Recode
Everything was on the table — and after Facebook’s wildest year yet, that’s a really big table.
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9 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
'I was shocked it was so easy': ​meet the professor who says facial recognition ​​can tell if you're gay | Technology | The Guardian
Psychologist Michal Kosinski says artificial intelligence can detect your sexuality and politics just by looking at your face. What if he’s right?
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11 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Chronik der Entschuldigungen: Die Unglaubwürdigkeit des Mark Zuckerberg –
Vor dem US-Kongress gab Mark Zuckerberg sich demütig, bat um Verzeihung und gelobte Besserung. Nicht zum ersten Mal. Wir haben einige seiner inbrünstigsten Entschuldigungen zusammengetragen. Es bleibt die Frage: Wer soll dem eigentlich noch glauben?
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12 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Soziale Netzwerke: Facebooks Macht steckt in dieser Formel | ZEIT ONLINE
Warum beendet kein besseres Netzwerk die Alleinherrschaft von Facebook? Die Antwort lautet V ∝ n². Das Metcalfesche Gesetz erklärt, warum das Internet Monopole fördert.
facebook  economics 
12 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Netzwerkeffekt: Die Facebook-Kurve | ZEIT ONLINE
Ist ein Digitalkonzern erst mal in Führung, wächst sein Geschäft immer schneller. Woran liegt das?
facebook  economics 
12 weeks ago by SimonHurtz
Facebook’s retreat from the news has painful for publishers—including Slate.
The social giant is retreating from the news business. It’s been a painful transition for publications that had come to depend on it—including Slate.
facebook  media 
june 2018 by SimonHurtz
I left Facebook for 10 days and Facebook did not let me forget it.
I left Facebook for 10 days—and the social network wouldn’t let me forget it.
june 2018 by SimonHurtz
Here Are 18 Things You Might Not Have Realized Facebook Tracks About You
Including: information about your online and offline actions and other devices on your Wi-Fi network.
facebook  tracking  privacy 
june 2018 by SimonHurtz
Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia - VICE
Here's how I got to bottom of the ads-coinciding-with-conversations mystery.
facebook  privacy  mobile  advertising 
june 2018 by SimonHurtz
Behind the Messy, Expensive Split Between Facebook and WhatsApp’s Founders - WSJ
After a long dispute over how to produce more revenue with ads and data, the messaging app’s creators are walking away leaving about $1.3 billion on the table​
facebook  whatsapp 
june 2018 by SimonHurtz
Datenschutz: WhatsApp teilt nun Nutzerdaten mit Facebook | ZEIT ONLINE
WhatsApp hat seine Ankündigung wahr gemacht: Trotz DSGVO weden zahlreiche persönliche Nutzerdaten nun mit Facebook geteilt. Datenschützer finden das "alarmierend".
whatsapp  facebook  privacy 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
Wohnzimmer: Ein Blick in die Abgründe von Deutschlands größter geschlossener Facebook-Gruppe - WELT
Das „Wohnzimmer“ ist wohl die größte geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe des Landes. Sie hat knapp eine Million Mitglieder und offenbart einen tiefen Blick in die deutsche Seele. Und in soziale Abgründe. 24 Stunden in Unten-Deutschland.
facebook  society 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
Germany Acts to Tame Facebook, Learning From Its Own History of Hate - The New York Times
A country taps its past as it leads the way on one of the most pressing issues facing modern democracies: how to regulate the world’s biggest social network.
facebook  germany  longform  hatespeech  ccm  law 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
What Happened to, Facebook's Grand Plan to Wire the World? | WIRED
Five years ago Mark Zuckerberg debuted a bold, humanitarian vision of global internet. It didn’t go as planned—forcing Facebook to reckon with the limits of its own ambition.
facebook  longform  web 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
Die Schweiz wappnet sich für den Angriff aus dem Silicon Valley – Republik
Recherchen zeigen: Facebooks «I’m a Voter»-Button hat Wahlen und Abstimmungen in 66 Ländern beeinflusst. Jetzt plant der Konzern, das umstrittene Instrument auch bei den eidgenössischen Wahlen einzusetzen. Bern ist alarmiert.
facebook  politics 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
Former Facebook ads guy Antonio Garcia-Martinez on Too Embarrassed to Ask: transcript - Recode
On this episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask, host Kara Swisher talks with former Facebook ad target team leader Antonio García-Martínez to answer listener questions about how Facebook handles ads, user data and privacy.
facebook  advertising  privacy  interview 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
An Apology for the Internet — From the People Who Built It
Even those who designed our digital world are aghast at what they created. A breakdown of what went wrong.
web  sm  society  siliconvalley  facebook 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
How to Design Better Social Media – Member Feature Stories – Medium
Four designs to improve humanity’s relationship with social media
sm  facebook  psychology  algorithms 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
How Everyday Social Media Users Become Real-World Extremists - The New York Times
Most believe that provocateurs are responsible for kindling hate on Facebook. But the evidence suggests that the platform itself may encourage ill will.
facebook  society  fakenews  psychology  hatespeech 
may 2018 by SimonHurtz
Mark Zuckerberg’s long game: the next billion – Monday Note
Facebook’s CEO is looking way beyond angry American lawmakers and vengeful European regulators. As the numbers show, the social network’s future is bright and planetary.
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Unterschied: Meine Daten und Daten über mich | Luca Hammer
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn in zukünftigen Diskussionen zwischen Daten, die man bewusst zur Verfügung stellt und Daten, die ungewollt über unser gesammelt werden unterschieden wird.
facebook  privacy 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
The death of the newsfeed — Benedict Evans
This is the combination of two factors - Dunbar’s number (a rule of thumb that implies that you probably do know several hundred people well enough to friend them on Facebook) and ‘Zuckerberg’s law’ (the supposed tendency to share more and more on social media over time). Combine these two and you get overload.
facebook  algorithms 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Datenskandal: Nicht Facebook hat Trump zum Präsidenten gemacht | ZEIT ONLINE
Ja, unsere Daten verraten uns. Aber die Erklärungen von Cambridge Analytica sind zu einfach. Der Philosoph Philipp Hübl über die Grenzen der Manipulierbarkeit
facebook  usa  politics  psychology  science 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook: "Libertär, gegen den Staat und grundsätzlich rücksichtslos" | ZEIT ONLINE
Alle reden über Facebook, aber Facebook sagt kaum etwas. Was geht da drinnen vor? Der ehemalige Mitarbeiter Antonio García Martínez über das Social Network in der Krise
facebook  advertising  society  interview 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Cloak and Data: The Real Story Behind Cambridge Analytica’s Rise and Fall – Mother Jones
The secretive data firm said it could move the minds of American voters. That wasn’t its real victory.
facebook  politics  advertising  psychology 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Some follow up on the Cambridge Analytica/Facebook piece
I’m writing this piece to clarify my positions and respond to the criticisms that I saw raised most often.
facebook  advertising  psychology 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Why (almost) everything reported about the Cambridge Analytica Facebook ‘hacking’ controversy is…
If you follow the Guardian or the New York Times, or any major news network, you are likely to have noticed that a company called Cambridge Analytica have been in the headlines a lot.
facebook  advertising  psychology 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Der Facebook-Skandal, aber sortiert – Dennis Horn – Medium
Es gärt in mir, seit vor zwei Wochen der Skandal rund um Facebook, Cambridge Analytica und den Missbrauch von 50 Millionen Datensätzen ins Rollen gekommen ist. Denn ein gehöriger Teil der Berichterstattung zu dem Thema ist falsch — und ich glaube, man muss da einmal ein bisschen sortieren.
facebook  advertising  psychology 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
Why south-east Asia’s politics are proving a problem for Facebook
One of the company’s fastest-growing markets is also one of its most complex where hate speech and political manipulation are making it hard to remain neutral
facebook  politics  hatespeech 
april 2018 by SimonHurtz
We are Missing the Point about Facebook, Cambridge Analytica, etc. - Baekdal Plus
We won't solve the problem with political corruption by regulating Facebook.
facebook  privacy  media  advertising 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Both Facebook And Cambridge Analytica Threatened To Sue Journalists Over Stories On CA's Use Of Facebook Data | Techdirt
There's a lot of heat on this story right now, and a lot of accusations being thrown around -- and I'll admit that I'm not entirely sure where I come down on the details yet.
facebook  politics  privacy 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Big Data, Trump und Cambridge Analytica - Mario Voigt
Die Empörung ist groß: eines der größten Datenlecks in der Geschichte von Facebook und major data breach. Über 50 Mio. Facebook Profile wurden von Cambridge Analytica seit 2014 ohne deren Zustimmung genutzt. Durch verhaltensanalytische Verfahren sollten Persönlichkeitseigenschaften vorhergesagt und dadurch personalisierte Wahlwerbung ausgespielt werden.
facebook  politics  usa  psychology  privacy 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
‘I made Steve Bannon’s psychological warfare tool’: meet the data war whistleblower | News | The Guardian
Christopher Wylie goes on the record to discuss his role in hijacking the profiles of millions of Facebook users in order to target the US electorate
facebook  politics  privacy  investigative  portrait 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
How Trump Consultants Exploited the Facebook Data of Millions - The New York Times
Cambridge Analytica harvested personal information from a huge swath of the electorate to develop techniques that were later used in the Trump campaign.
facebook  politics  privacy  investigative 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Revealed: 50 million Facebook profiles harvested for Cambridge Analytica in major data breach | News | The Guardian
Whistleblower describes how firm linked to former Trump adviser Steve Bannon compiled user data to target American voters
facebook  politics  privacy  investigative 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
23 Bundestagsabgeordnete der AfD waren Mitglied einer Facebook-Gruppe für Rassismus, Hetze und Mordfantasien gegen Angela Merkel
Ein Viertel der Bundestagsfraktion der AfD war Mitglied der geschlossenen Facebook-Gruppe "Unser Deutschland patriotisch & frei". Darunter auch der Vorsitzende des Rechtsausschusses im Bundestag, Stephan Brandner.
facebook  germany  politics  afd  investigative 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Deshalb ist "Filterblase" die blödeste Metapher des Internets - Motherboard
Gute Nachrichten: Filterblasen gibt es nicht. Das Wort, das seit Jahren durch die Medien geistert, ist ein Hirngespinst. Ein Problem mit sozialen Medien gibt es trotzdem.
filterbubble  facebook  media  psychology  algorithms 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Nachrichten aus dem Paralleluniversum: Wie sich Verschwörungstheoretiker auf Facebook vernetzen |
Auf Facebook hat sich ein Paralleluniversum aus Verschwörungstheoretikern gebildet welche sich in ihrer Echokammer in ihrem Wahn gegenseitig bestätigen.
facebook  filterbubble  research 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
News in a disintegrating reality: Tow’s Jonathan Albright on what to do as things crash around us » Nieman Journalism Lab
“The kinds of things that I often see could literally be stopped by one person. I mean: 4chan trending on Google during the Las Vegas shooting? How that even happened, I have no idea, but I do know that one person could have stopped that.”
fakenews  facebook  twitter  interview  algorithms 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Psychologie: Algorithmen künden vom Ende der Privatheit - Wissen - Sü
Der Psychologe Michal Kosinski kann Menschen besser einschätzen als deren Lebenspartner - ohne sie je getroffen zu haben. Was Likes über den Charakter aussagen und wie man vom Äußeren auf das Innere schließt.
psychology  portrait  research  algorithms  facebook  privacy 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
Leaked: Secret Documents From Russia’s Election Trolls
An online auction gone awry reveals substantial new details on Kremlin-backed troll farm efforts to stir up real protests and target specific Americans to push their propaganda.
russia  trolling  sm  facebook  usa  politics 
march 2018 by SimonHurtz
How Trump Conquered Facebook Without Russian Ads | WIRED
Why Russia’s Facebook ads were less important to Trump’s victory than his own Facebook ads.
advertising  facebook  politics  usa  russia 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
The #1 reason Facebook won’t ever change – Om Malik
The collective outrage over Facebook and its actions might result in a lot of talk, but it won’t really change Facebook, its ethos, and its ethics. Let me explain!
facebook  privacy  psychology 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook Notification Spam Has Crossed the Line | WIRED
From SMS notifications to an egregious number of emails, the social media company's desperation has gone too far.
facebook  psychology 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
mortalcoil1 comments on Mueller levels new claim of bank fraud against Manafort
Then it happened. The flood happened. I don't remember the exact date and time, but it seemed like over night all I saw was anti-Clinton messaging.
usa  russia  politics  facebook 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook-Beiträge löschen: Wann muss ich selbst aktiv werden? | c't Magazin
Auf Facebook & Co. finden täglich Rechtsverstöße statt. Oft verletzen Nutzer mit ihren Postings die Rechte anderer – und häufig nicht mal bewusst. Wer haftet bei solchen Verstößen? Was für Pflichten habe ich als Nutzer? Und welche Rolle spielt das NetzDG dabei?
facebook  hatespeech  law  tutorial 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Internet: Endlosschleife | ZEIT ONLINE
Was wir im Internet sehen? Das bestimmen Maschinen. Wie Zauberlehrlinge haben die Internetkonzerne eine Macht entfesselt, die sie nicht bändigen können.
facebook  youtube  algorithms  psychology  ethics 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Inside Facebook's Fast-Growing Content-Moderation Effort - The Atlantic
Speaking to an audience of content-moderation experts, a Facebook executive gave a rare look inside the company's post-policing team.
facebook  ccm 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Socioeconomic Group Classification Based On User Features (Facebook)
This description generally relates to online systems, and particularly to predicting the socioeconomic groups of users of online systems.
facebook  privacy 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook-Likes und psychologisches Targeting beeinflussen die Werbung - Spektrum der Wissenschaft
Eine aktuelle Studie hat untersucht, wie gut sich die individuellen Facebook-Likes eignen, um Werbeanzeigen auf den Charakter der Nutzer zuzuschneiden. Die Ergebnisse deuten darauf hin, wie sich der Werbemarkt im Kampf um die Kunden verändern wird.
facebook  psychology  research  advertising 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
How Facebook stole the news business | TechCrunch
Big news outlets stupidly sold their soul to Facebook. Desperate for the referral traffic Facebook dangled, they spent the past few years jumping through its hoops only to be cut out of the equation. Instead of developing an owned audience of homepage visitors and newsletter subscribers, they let Facebook brainwash readers into thinking it was their source of information.
facebook  media  algorithms 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook kann deine geheimen Chats mitlesen, ohne dass du es mitbekommst - Motherboard
Kaum einem der 1,3 Mrd. Messenger-Nutzer dürfte klar sein, dass Facebook Chats mit Ende-zu-Ende-Verschlüsselung entschlüsseln und mitlesen kann – und sogar Nachrichten rekonstruieren kann, die schon verschwunden sind.
facebook  security  encryption 
february 2018 by SimonHurtz
The Secret Rules of the Internet - The Investigative Fund
The untold history of online content moderation, and how it’s shaping the future of free speech.
ccm  facebook  sm  longform  investigative 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook thought it was more powerful than a nation-state. Then that became a liability - The Washington Post
The social media company is confronting its dark side, but the process has been long and difficult, current and former executives say.
facebook  psychology  ethics  algorithms  society 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
“This Is Serious”: Facebook Begins Its Downward Spiral | Vanity Fair
Facebook was always famous for the sign that hung in its offices, written in big red type on a white background, that said “Move Fast and Break Things.” Every time I think about the company, I realize it has done just that—to itself.
facebook  psychology  ethics  algorithms  society 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Learning Political News From Social Media: Network Media Logic and Current Affairs News Learning in a High-Choice Media EnvironmentCommunication Research - Adam Shehata, Jesper Strömbäck, 2018
Taken together, the findings suggest that using social media to follow news about politics and current affairs does not compensate for not using traditional news media in terms of learning a diverse and broad set of general political news.
research  media  sm  facebook  politics 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
"Ich kenne die Abgründe auf Facebook"
Gewalt und Hass im Sekundentakt: Burcu Gültekin-Punsmann hat im Berliner Lösch-Team von Facebook Beiträge bearbeitet. Sie spricht nun über das, was Facebook lieber verschweigt.
facebook  ccm  interview 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook's Adam Mosseri on Why You'll See Less Video, More From Friends | WIRED
Facebook's vice president for newsfeed explains the thinking behind recent changes in the algorithm that determines what 2 billion people see on the social network.
facebook  algorithms  interview 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook’s Motivations – Stratechery by Ben Thompson
Should the personal welfare of 2 billion people be Mark Zuckerberg’s personal responsibility?
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Facebook Knows How to Track You Using the Dust on Your Camera Lens
Facebook has long said that it doesn’t use location data to make friend suggestions, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t thought about using it.
facebook  tracking  privacy 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Zuckerbergs Monster – Republik
Facebook war einmal ein soziales Netzwerk. Und hat sich in eine Manipulationsmaschine verwandelt. Sie bedroht die Demokratie. Es gibt nur eine Möglichkeit, sie in den Griff zu bekommen. Eine Analyse in sieben Kapiteln.
facebook  society  longform 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
In Some Countries, Facebook’s Fiddling Has Magnified Fake News - The New York Times
Last fall, the online giant altered what people in six nations see. Established news sites said their web traffic declined, adding that more bogus stories were shared instead.
facebook  media  society  algorithms 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Fanning the Flames of Hate: Social Media and Hate Crime by Karsten Müller, Carlo Schwarz :: SSRN
This paper investigates the link between social media and hate crime using hand-collected data from Facebook and Twitter.
germany  afd  refugees  hatespeech  facebook  research 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Washington Monthly | How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
An early investor explains why the social media platform’s business model is such a threat—and what to do about it.
facebook  advertising  ethics  psychology 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Mit den Medien und gegen die Medien | Europäisches Journalismus-Observatorium (EJO) |
Im Wahlkampf zur deutschen Bundestagswahl 2017 haben professionelle, etablierte Medien auch auf Social Media eine große Rolle gespielt. Doch die Art und Weise, wie die Parteien die Medien in ihre eigenen Facebook-Botschaften eingebaut haben, hat sich massiv unterschieden.
facebook  politics  afd  germany  media 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
Gewalt, Hetze, Folter: Eine ehemalige Mitarbeiterin des Facebook-Löschteams erzählt - Abschiedskolumne
Burcu Gültekin Punsmann war Teil des Lösch-Teams, das unerwünschte Inhalte von Facebook entfernt. Doch Gewalt und Folter, Kindesmisshandlungen und Enthauptungen, die sie täglich sehen musste, ließen sie bald wieder kündigen. Ihre Erfahrungen hat sie nun in einem offenen Brief aufgearbeitet.
facebook  ccm 
january 2018 by SimonHurtz
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