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Infinite Lives » Regarding the “conflict of interest” in my latest piece
So misogynistic piece of shit trolls have driven Jenn Frank out of freelancing. in other words, please, please, please, please leave me alone. You have my nine years. Have them. Leave me alone, please, oh god, please. — Just Jenn! (Frank) (@jennatar) September 4, 2014 Which was celebrated. Celebrated. @subtleblend @jennatar @xMattieBrice The dominos are falling. We’re winning. It’s brilliant. — Dante (@AlrightAnon) September 4, 2014 This was her career. How she made a living: and not very much of one, which she was brutally honest about in her writing, leading to setting up a Patreon. (which if we’re so concerned about disclosure I give one dollar a month to). And now that’s gone. Fuck everyone, literally every single person, who identifies as a “gamer.” Your silence is passive support of these evil little shits.
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september 2014 by Sigafoos

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