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Jenn Frank, agoraphobia and Second Life.
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september 2014 by Sigafoos
Grounded Parents | Parenting With Mental Illness
Normally, I’d just tell her to chill and that would be that. Instead, for some reason, I lost it. I told A to get his stuff together because we were leaving now. I unplugged the skillet. Utensils were thrown across the kitchen. There was much swearing and raging. Now L says she can wait, I tell her that we are fucking leaving NOW! I’m not saying my mental health issues are as bad as the author’s, but I’ve come close to it. Days where everything goes wrong and it’s one problem after another and I don’t have time to breathe and everything just needs to STOP and go my fucking way for ONCE and Only a few times since starting on my meds, but it still happens. Of more concern to me is the pretty much daily routine of my son dallying about (because he’s four) (sorry, four and a half: he’d be quick to correct me) and me losing my patience with him. I kind of lost steam here. I thought I was going somewhere, but I guess I wasn’t. I still feel bad about things. The end.
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july 2014 by Sigafoos
Why beer? | Community Beer Works
A solid post, I think. Nothing overly wonderful but I get across what I wanted to (albeit in 1300 words). I also directly say “I have some anxiety issues,” because it’s impossible for me to write a post and not include that. I did cut it down a bit: the final version was And yet: at the Art of Beer last week I couldn’t walk 10 feet without saying hi to someone I knew, or having someone say hi to me. When initially it was And yet: at the Art of Beer last week I couldn’t walk 10 feet without saying hi to someone I knew, or (more importantly) having someone say hi to me. Because yes, knowing that someone actually wants to say hi to me and likes me and might care what I say is still surprising and wonderful to me. (intellectually I’m over my social anxiety, but it still creeps up on me now and then)
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march 2014 by Sigafoos
Confessions and compulsions (Or: This broken jaw of our lost kingdoms) | Community Beer Works
This post is from June, but for some reason it keeps getting spam comments (when no other articles do) so I’ve been reminded of it, and it’s one of my favorites. It’s funny to read again, because it was written three months before I started on anxiety meds and it is me just screaming about anxiety. I mean: And thus I carry on, unhappy with my situation but unwilling to do anything to change it. That is me literally admitting I need medication and/or therapy but not wanting to actually do it. I had at least by then realized I wasn’t broken and alone: I’ve talked with enough other people to know that it’s a common if not universal belief that everyone else knows more than you and is more qualified than you and is way more on top of things than you are. Except those people feel the same way about you, and since nobody is willing to admit it we all carry on feeling stressed and inadequate and alone. (If you’re thinking “wait, isn’t this supposed to be about beer?” you’d be pretty spot on) The problem with the above thinking is that it gave me a few months of complacency, of thinking that this was all normal so I didn’t have to do anything about it because everyone’s going through it. And it’s pretty cute at the end where I declare I’m not going to let feelings of inadequacy bother me anymore. Ha. Ha ha. Oh Dan.
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february 2014 by Sigafoos
kate or die! // Let's Talk
kateordie: Today, thoughout Canada, there was an initiative for mental health awareness and fundraising called Bell Let’s Talk. Whatever you think of corporations doing things like this, it is an interesting idea to do such a massive campaign focused on talking about mental health. Because, it’s hard to…
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january 2014 by Sigafoos
Moderation at the Beer Geek Festival | Community Beer Works
I’m pretty happy with this one. It follows the trend of “slyly writing about my anxiety while pretending it’s about beer,” except that was really only the setup. (the tl;dr is that I can’t drink as much, had been having anxiety about over-consumption at the festivals, and limited myself to three samples so I a) wouldn’t drink too much and b) would appreciate what I did drink more) This is also a great example of an ongoing problem I have, which is that I don’t know how to handle criticism of beer. It’s one thing if Dan Q Conley, Blogger At Law says he doesn’t like something, but entirely different if it’s done on the site of a brewery. I still don’t really know what the middle ground is or should be, which is why I spend a paragraph excusing my “I didn’t really like it” opinion of Green Flash’s Green Bullet. Overall, it was fun to write and I think my meandering, self-indulgent voice was able to shine. “Holy sour,” I tapped on my phone hoping people would realize I was doing the very important activity of blogging and not just, like, sending Snapchats or something.
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october 2013 by Sigafoos

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