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Four people who got the job (and one who didn't)
further SGC/SGA new-hire interviews, in the vein of Sixty-Eight Whiskey
sga  mckay  sheppard  pg  jack  gen  fanfic  orginialcharacter  fivethings 
march 2009 by Shamil62
She knows Colonel Sheppard is famous for disobeying orders, but Susan and her team are nobodies. Just random faces in uniforms that she doubts Colonel Sheppard could put names to.
sga  mckay  sheppard  teyla  ronon  sweet  carson  team  gen  orginialcharacter  food  ladycat777  weir 
march 2009 by Shamil62
The best way to feel at home is to carry home with you wherever you go.
sga  mckay  sheppard  teyla  sweet  short  teamfic  gen  fanfic  dex  orginialcharacter  food 
march 2009 by Shamil62
Title: Chances Lost/Chances Found
Is it ever too late for a Guide and a Sentinel bond?
sga  mcshep  slash  mckay  sheppard  au  sentinel  crossover  angst  fanfic  sentinelrodney  guidejohn  angelee 
march 2009 by Shamil62
Journey's end
Dean was ten when he realized that his father viewed him and Sammy differently.
sga  slash  au  crossover  sg1  angst  pg13  laniew1  supernatural  fanfic  deanwinchester  mckay  sheppard  ronon  samwinchester  series 
january 2009 by Shamil62
Ladies and gentleman, your driver of the Number 21 Air Forece Ford Fusion, John Sheppard.
romance  nc-17  mcshep  medium  slash  sga  fic  sports  nscar  mckay  sheppard  wier  ford  teyla  zelenka  ronon  fanfic 
october 2008 by Shamil62
The Gamers of Ardann
He'd tried to feel the gratitude she obviously expected, and felt guilty when that failed. But the past was a dark moon of memory, as if he'd appeared out of thin air, and there was nothing to measure anything against.
fanfic  scribblinlenore  slavefic  slash  sga  romance  nc-17  fic  mcshep  het  sheppard  mckay  sheppard/other  games  smartrodney  ronon  teyla  amesia  amesiajohn  slavejohn 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Glass Houses
Rodney looked back and forth between John and the man on the doorstep. A slow sinking feeling started in the pit of his stomach as he began to realize why the ears had seemed familiar. And the hair, now that he thougt about it.
fanfic  mistokitt  slash  sga  romance  nc-17  mcshep  humor  firsttime  family  sheppardsdad  mckay  sheppard  pining!rodney  pining!john  vacation  fic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
The Call
The realization hit him fairly quickly at that point, he was sitting with the outcasts. The loners who weren't quite loners, but were never going to be a part of the clumps and groups and easily labeled segments of their peers. Sheppard smiled to himself. He was sitting with the future leaders of Atlantis.
fanfic  mistokitt  au  medium  kidfic  humor  fic  mcshep  pg  sga  slash  teenagers  mckay  wier  sheppard  ford  ronon  teyla  carson  zelenka  atlantis 
september 2008 by Shamil62
The Sentinels of Atlantis
Sentinel John Sheppard thought he'd spend his life unbonded and then he met Dr. Rodney McKay.
fanfic  keira  slash  sga  sg1  sentinel  crossover  romance  mcshep  het  fic  sweet  mckay  sheppard  keller  keller/lorne  mitchell/vala  carter/daniel  cadman/ford  lorne  mitchell  jack  tealc  vala  carter  daniel  cadman  carson  ford 
september 2008 by Shamil62
What Might Have Been Series
Mckay never went to Atlantis due to heart conditions and because of this the mission didn't last long. John came back and was recruited as SGC's 2IC.
fanfic  keira  slash  sga  series  romance  mcshep  h/c  fic  earthside  au  mckay  kidfic  sheppard  jack/carter  jack  carter  tealc  teyla  ronon  mitchell  sweet 
september 2008 by Shamil62
What would happen if McKay's and Sheppard's roles were switched? If McKay was the strong attractive smart soldier while Sheppard was the mean sarcastic genius scientist?
fanfic  slash  sga  fic  au  het  magusminor  sumner  wier  cadman/beckett  cadman  carson  sheppard  scientistjohn  militaryrodney  zelenka  mcshep  mckay  team  medium  pg13 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Wraith Killlers
Atlanis ends up with some unexpected new residents. Yaaaa kitties
slash  sga  sg1  romance  nc-17  mcshep  long  kitty  ladyra  daniel/jack  daniel  jack  mckay  sheppard  teyla  ronon  wier  tiger 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Don Juan McKay and Other Universal Improbabilities
While tracking down a lead to find the Athosians, the team is arrested on a secretive planet. Little do they realize how their plan of escape can change the course of history for the world where they're being held and their escapades will become the stuff of legends.
teyla  teamfic  team  slavefic  sga  ronon  long  liketheriver  humor  mckay  sheppard  pg  gen  marriage  stories  pregnantteyla  injuredjohn  injuredronon  futurefic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
A question of perspective Or Reality Doesn't Always Come in Second to Fantasy
"You know," McKay says, eventually, "it's a good thing I'm an old-school gentleman. Anybody else would have taken advantage of theis situation."
fanfic  sga  sg1  nc-17  mckay/carter  het  fic  crossover  sheppard  carter  mckay  vala  sequel  pwp  hot  agressivecarter 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Nobody does it better or Rodney McKay and the Really Feisty Harem
In which everyone loves Rodney (and shows it), Vala is a stowaway with a decided interestin certain pilots, John is smart, Sam is flummoxed, Daniel is jealous , Ronon and Teyla realise all Earch people are peculiar and Elizabeth is reminded that guests are like fish.
gen  sweet  kisses  vala  daniel  mitchell  carter  ronon  teyla  genii  ancientdevice  mckay  sheppard  het  slash  pg  medium 
september 2008 by Shamil62
John finds out Rodney and Carson are in a relationship and it threatens his friendship with Rodney.
fanfic  carson  injuredrodney  chaps1870  h/c  fic  r  sga  slash  mckay/beckett  woeasme  friendship  mckay  ford  sheppard  teyla 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Care Packages
Jokes, booze, and fishing. No one should be forgotten.
teamfic  team  sga  sg1  mckay  jack  humor  gen  sg-1  crossover  carter  tealc  daniel  sheppard  beckett  wier  pg13 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Whatever Can Go Wrong
Babysitting as a teen, Elizabeth learned that when kids are noisy, everything is okay. When they get quiet ... that's when you konw they're up to something. Unfortunately, she is about to learn the same is ture of scientists.
mckay  sheppard  wier  ronon  teyla  zelenka  ancientdevice  humor  friendshipper  gen  short  pg 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Free 'Verse by Dasha
Rodney. Sam. Gardening instructions. Physics. Oh, and also muggers.
sga  mckay  gen  fic  crossover  carter  daniel  sg1  short  pg  dasha  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
and the band's playing "hail to the chief"
Ten years after Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose
synecdochic  slash  sga  series  sequel  ronon  mcshep  mckay  wier 
september 2008 by Shamil62
In music: a more or less independent passage, at the end of a compostition, introduced to bring it to a satisfactory close. Set a year and a half after the end of Unidentified.
sga  fic  slash  music  mckay  cadman  carson  sheppard  mcshep  teyla  ronon  short  series  amesia  pg  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Fourteen years, eight months,and seven days after John and Rodney meet, the clock starts all over again.
slash  sga  romance  mcshep  long  fic  earthside  au  teyla  ronon  carson  amesia  mckay  sheppard  pg13  fiercelydreamed  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Acts of Contrition
When the engines finally roar to life, Rodney McKay is not in the engine room, one fist victoriously upraised, clutching a wrench.
zelenka  mckay/carter  pg  sga  fic  firsttime  crossover  sg1  agentotter  carter  mckay  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Life Lived as Bell's Theorem
A Raising Madison Story. J.S. Bell showed that if you break up a molecule and change the spin of one electron, the spin of the other electrons originally joined will immediately change too, no matter where they are. Bell's theorem
slash  sga  sg1  fic  cannon:au  series  post-trinity  nc-17  mcshep  kidfic  mrshamill  mckay  sheppard  madison  carter  daniel  jack  tealc  long  zelenka  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Of Duty, Atonement, and Redemption
The fallout from the Arcturus project might be more complicated than it seemed to be at first.
sgc-gategirl  post-trinity  mckay  lorne  hurt/comfort  r  sga  sheppard  slash  fic  wier  ronon  teyla  cadman  zelenka  fanfic 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Another Day Older
sequal to male enhancement and muscle and blood and skin and bones. "You do realize you just outed yourself as a virgin, right?"
fanfic  sga  sg1  series  mcshep  leah  fic  springwoof  crossover  cannon:au  drinkinggame  daniel/jack  daniel  clonejack  nc-17  long  keller/mitchell  keller  leahwoof  lorne  mckay  mitchell  sheppard  teyla  ronon  wier 
september 2008 by Shamil62
The Soul and the Company Store Remix
"I think it's time you told me why the bloody hell you have Lee and Zelenka's missing SX-7 on your bed."
fanfic  slash  sga  sg1  romance  r  mcshep  long  fic  robot!john  cannon:au  carson  mckay  sheppard  crossover  mitchell  radek  drlee  leahwoof  earthside  springwoof  series  scientistrodney  leah 
september 2008 by Shamil62
Entangled Particles 1/4 (NC-17)
"I don’t usually take my groupies out for dinner, but you’re pretty and you seem to have some kind of brain underneath all that hair, and I hate eating alone.”
fanfic  nc-17  sga  slash  mcshep  het  fic  earthside  au  zinnith  writerrodney  exmilitaryjohn  injuredjohn  cadman  carson  mckay  sheppard  beckett/cadman  medium 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Woobies of Woe
As usual, a child will not leave Rodney alone and he get stuck taking care of it. Eventually, everyone realizes what a mistake this was.
fanfic  abylitymaren  sga  pg  mckay  kidfic  humor  gen  fic  sheppard  medium  ford  teyla  wier  zelenka 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Term of Service
The story where John's good looks gets him in big trouble and Rodney can't get him out.
fanfic  resonant  sga  slavefic  slash  sheppard/other  r  hurt/comfort  het  long  mcshep  mckay/other  firsttime  mckay  sheppard  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
String Theory, A Concerto for Violin in D Minor
Both of them are trapped in their own way; which is how they recognize it in each other.
fanfic  sga  slash  romance  nc-17  mcshep  mckay  long  sheppard  toft_froggy  au  conductorrodney  injuredrodney  violinjohn  teyla  zelenka  wier  mindhurt  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Yes Sir, That's My Baby
What happens in a alternate reality apparently doesn't stay in a alternate reality. Colonel Carter is pregnant and it is complicated.
fanfic  mckay/carter  sga  sg1  crossover  het  fic  humor  kidfic  cannon:au  carter  mckay  short  pg13  au  babyfic  sweet 
august 2008 by Shamil62
So Little Space, So Much Time: Day 1 (SGA Gen)
Four very different people all stuck in a small space with nothing to do. Recipe for trouble.
fanfic  liketheriver  teamfic  sga  gen  fic  teyla  jumper  long  pg  ronon  mckay  sheppard  pictureheavy  sweet  humor 
august 2008 by Shamil62
The Unexpected Pair
Sequal to Unwilling Sentinel. Fate brings them together at last.
lfanfic  adyholder  slash  sga  series  sentinel  sentineljohn  fic  mcshep  guiderodney  wier  mckay  sheppard  bond  beforeseason  cannon:au  pg  short 
august 2008 by Shamil62
The Unlikely Guide
Sentinel crossover where McKay is the guide while Sheppard is the sentinel. McKay can't find his one true . . . love?
fanfic  sga  series  crossover  fic  mcshep  sentineljohn  guiderodney  sentinel  cannon:au  slash  ladyholder  beforeseason  pg  short  mckay 
august 2008 by Shamil62
That Which is Broken
Teyla notices the rift between Sheppard and McKay and comes up with a plan to set things right - which is when things start to go really wrong.
fanfic  sholio  sga  fic  mckay  post-trinity  long  hurt/comfort  teamfic  gen  friendshipper  teyla  sheppard  pg  angst  drama  woeasme  secondseason 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Maybe I'm Dead, I Just Haven't Stopped Moving Yet
The consequences of a mission gone wrong have a devastating impact on the SGA team.
fanfic  cybersyd42  sga  fic  gen  woeasme  mckay  teyla  ronon  carson  daniel  vala  wier  atlantis  tokra  friendship  antartica  crossover  sg1  hurt/comfort  carter  earthside  cannon:au  injuredrodney  zelenka  sheppard  pg13  long 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Sheppard, McKay, gen. Gorgeous. Memory, identity, and how they meld.
fanfic  wintertime  sga  fic  gen  hurt/comfort  memories  mckay  ancientdevice  medium  sheppard  ronon  teyla  injuredrodney  mindhurt  zelenka  wier  pg13 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Post-Siege II, written after season one. Rodney and Zelenka come down from a speed trip and fall to pieces. If ever a story was beautiful and brutal, this is the one, as they slowly pull themsevles back together, via tongue depressors and sheer will.
fanfic  janestclair  zelenka  sga  fic  slash  mckay/zelenka  drugs  short  r  mckay  mindhurt  postseige  firstseason 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Crimes Against Humanity Index
AU where all the members of Atlantis are really hardcore criminals and Atlantis is their Alcatraz complete with escape and takeover. This is a disturbing piece; more in the way that you can't stop reading it than what the characters do. Stuck in WIP hell.
fanfic  seperis  slash  sga  evilrodney  eviljohn  nc-17  mcshep  fic  crazy  au  long  recs  mckay  zelenka  sheppard  sumner  wier  teyla  ford  lorne  wip  hot  exmilitaryjohn  violentjohn  violentrodney  exmilitarylorne 
august 2008 by Shamil62
waging romance on meredith mckay
John is aware that maybe thinking about this in terms of a military attack is slightly odd, but honestly it only makes sense when dealing with McKay. She’s got him outgunned and her defenses are kicking his ass all over the place.
fanfic  sardonicsmiley  genderfuck  girlrodney  mcshep  het  romance  firsttime  sga  fic  short  sheppard  maleteyla  ronon  zelenka  cannon:au  pg  sweet  mckay 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Learning Curve or Tab
Sequal to Bell Curve. "Are you honestly still freaked by the club scene?"
fanfic  sga  series  mcshep  au  rageprufrock  glitterati  kidfic  recs  fic  sheppard  mckay  r  short  slash  exmilitaryjohn  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Exponential Curves or Chance
Sequal to Learning Curve. Bell Curve series. "So I guess this is one of those times we should take the opportunity to discuss improving our communication," Rodney said, and his mouth twitched.
fanfic  rageprufrock  kidfic  mcshep  au  sga  fic  glitterati  series  slash  humor  r  short  sheppard  mckay  exmilitaryjohn  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Rhodonea Curves
Sequal to Pursuit Curves. Bell curve series. A family of curves.
fanfic  mcshep  series  rageprufrock  glitterati  au  humor  fic  sga  slash  kidfic  penguins  mckay  sheppard  cannon:au  carter  short  pg13  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Pursuit Curve or Rodney Decides To Make It A Poorly-Placed Patio
Sequal to Skew Curve. Bell curve series. John returns from war but it is Rodney and the kids who end up with PTSD.
fanfic  mcshep  fic  sga  series  rageprufrock  glitterati  slash  au  humor  kidfic  mckay  sheppard  angst  short  pg13  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Skew Curve
Sequal to Curve Ball. Bell curve series. Rodney hates penguins. No, seriously. Stupid penguins.
fanfic  mcshep  fic  sga  rageprufrock  glitterati  series  slash  au  kidfic  humor  penguins  mckay  sheppard  short  pg13  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Curve Ball
Sequal to Exponential Curve. Bell curve series. Rodney wouldn't be worried except that he knows John finds Canadians irresistible.
fanfic  slash  sga  series  rageprufrock  mcshep  kidfic  fic  humor  glitterati  mckay  sheppard  jealousy  short  pg13  scientistrodney  exmilitaryjohn 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Bell Curve or Ladies Night at the Boom Boom Room
In his rational mind, Rodney knew that following a girl who'd just dumped you into a strip club was really, really pathetic.
fanfic  slash  sga  series  rageprufrock  glitterati  firsttime  fic  mcshep  au  recs  long  mckay  sheppard  r  professorrodney  dadt  injuredjohn  scientistrodney 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Sky full of
"He's going to destroy the world," Ronon supplies, rolling his eyes. "It's everybody's problem."
fanfic  slash  sga  rageprufrock  firsttime  crossover  themummy  mcshep  glitterati  fic  au  mckay  sheppard  jeanie  teyla  ronon  recs  sweet 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Sequal to Shore Leave. "I've been watching a lot of CSI," John says, eyes crazy.
fanfic  r  rageprufrock  series  sga  slash  fic  crossover  medium  eureka  mcshep  team  glitterati  jackcarter  zoecarter  injuredrodney  humor  sheppard  teyla  ronon  henry  mckay 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Shore Leave
Sequal to Summer House. Whipped, Jack thought, totally, totally whipped.
fanfic  slash  sga  series  rageprufrock  glitterati  mcshep  r  eureka  crossover  humor  jackcarter  zoecarter  mckay  sheppard  injuredjohn  henry  medium  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Summer House
Among the citizens of Eureka, Rodney McKay has a completely different sort of reputation.
fanfic  rageprufrock  glitterati  series  sga  slash  fic  cannon:au  earthside  crossover  eureka  mcshep  jackcarter  firsttime  zoecarter  mckay  sheppard  r  medium 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Best Freinds Forever index
"You can't write freind and put the word 'end' in it," John exclaimed.
fanfic  sga  gen  fic  kidfic  deage  teamfic  mckay  sheppard  teyla  ronon  zelenka  wier  carson  humor  series  sweet  short  pg 
august 2008 by Shamil62
The Long Journey Home (1/2)
Star Warrior - working title: Space Snakes Attack! – was an instant money-making favorite in the sci-fi and romance sect.
fanfic  medium  sg1  sga  slash  au  mcshep  writerrodney  carter  ronon  sheppard  ancientdevice  teyla  cannon:au  pg  fic  mckay 
august 2008 by Shamil62
M(eredith + 1) Theory
“You don't have a Dr. McKay?” he demanded, trying to keep his voice steady and trying not to imagine any one of the terrible things that must have happened for him to not be here. Radek gave him a curious look. “No, we do. But who are you?”
fanfic  nc-17  sga  mcshep  slash  long  kidfic  het  firsttime  pregnancy  au  cannon:au  genderfuck  girlrodney  mckay  sheppard  zelenka  teyla  ronon  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Ordinary Life
"So, uh," Wharton said, with a little nervous cough. "You're not so much his mathematician as you are his—mathematician."
fanfic  speranza  shalott  sga  nc-17  mcshep  long  slash  earthside  firsttime  humor  action  nid  mckay  sheppard  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Deprivation Rewrite
Rodney is so tired after the siege that he made a mistake fixing the transporters and seriously injured several people. Or did he?
fanfic  chaps1870  mcshep  sga  slash  post-trinity  angst  woeasme  medium  sheppard  mckay  kavenaugh  teyla  carson  wier  injuredrodney  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Romance at the Roadkill Grill
Rodney is willing to walk through fire for his friends. He jeopardizes his own cooking show to work in the middle of nowhere Maine for a restaurant (loose definition of the term) that doesn't even know what stars are while dealing with a smart ass, good looking guy who own a boat (you actually have to catch fish to be called a fisherman). The things that Rodney will do.
fanfic  nc-17  long  mcshep  slash  sga  romance  au  lamardeuse  mckay  sheppard  maine  cookrodney  sweet  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
3 Lovers
Teyla seriously has a good time. Ponn Farr. Hopeless crushes. Babies. I cannot recommend this highly enough.
fanfic  teamfic  long  ot4  speranza  futurefic  sga  kidfic  nc-17  ancientdevice  mckay  sheppard  ronon  teyla  sweet  slash  het  fic  hot 
august 2008 by Shamil62
Water Gate: Retrograde Series
The Atlantis expedition has been lost for three years. SG-1 goes to find them, and arrives just a little too late.
fanfic  long  teamfic  sga  sg1  series  cannon:au  marthawilson  carter  r  daniel  jack  tealc  mitchell  firsttime  firstseason  nid  trust  atlantiscutoff  threesome  slash  het  teyla  mckay  sheppard  fic 
august 2008 by Shamil62
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