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Martyrdom and Paradox
L is deep in the Kira case when suddenly a man with a fake name and a sharp intellect turns up in Japan. As L discovers what attraction is, Harry Potter fights to help L solve the case while falling in love with the detective.
deathnote  harrypotter  crossover  complete  slash  romance  au  harry/L  murder  action  angst  new!relationship  virgin!character  smut  on!ffnet  aww  bakingandcooking!fic 
november 2012 by Severusslave
Dark and Light
He was a genius. He could paint, play music, talk to snakes, control fire. He was more powerful and intelligent then any knew. He had strong 'friends'. The problem was, he had few emotions.
harrypotter  dark!harry  slash  powerful!harry  action  sociopath  animagus  artandmusicality  au  bamf  chan  childabuse  death  family!fic  friendship!fic  fuckbuddies  funny  harry/bill  harry/charlie  harry/hedwig  harry/luna  harry/omc  harry/other  harry/severus  harry/voldemort  immortal!character  independent!harry  intrigue  kickass  kink  long  mental!health  murder  nonhuman  on!ffnet  remus/sirius  remus/tonks  romance  slavery  slyandcunning  smut  thisisdifferent  threesome  virgin!character  world!building    complete 
july 2012 by Severusslave
A Series of Mistakes
Sherlock hasn't been right since Irene. John has a pretty good idea how he can help, but exactly how the hell does one turn casually to Sherlock Holmes and say, "So was your brother right? *Are* you still a virgin?"
sherlockbbc  sherlock/john  virgin!character  h/c  medium  new!relationship  romance  slash  smut  missingscene  angst  ptsd  complete  on!ao3 
february 2012 by Severusslave
Watches Verse
First, he is shot in Afghanistan. Second, he wakes to a phone call in Chelmsford, Essex. Third is pain, fourth is normalcy, fifth is agony and sixth is confusion. By the eighth, he's lost track. & On second thought, flirting with an alternate reality version of his flatmate may have been a bad idea.
sherlockbbc  slash  au  action  dimensiontravel  pov  sherlock/john  long  wip  war  new!relationship  romance  smut  angst    thisisdifferent  murder  hiddenidentity  virgin!character  death  ptsd  fixit  bamf  suspense  timeloop  military  on!livejournal 
january 2012 by Severusslave
Family, Friendship, and Love
"The way I figure it," Clark began, leaning over his mother's shoulder to point at the drawing. It was also easier to explain when she wasn't looking directly at him. "The fertility tube is closed until the prostate is stimulated, to protect it from bodily waste. The egg must be nourishing the baby through osmosis, since the stomach is connected directly to the egg cavity. I'm surprised that only one of the eggs was, um, in-inseminated, because I'd bet that all the eggs on the sac wall are fertile."
slash  long  au  clark/lex  smallville  kidfic  futurefic  mpreg  family!fic  xenobiology  virgin!character  hiddenidentity    complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Marriage Stone
To avoid the machinations of the Ministry, Harry must marry a reluctant Severus Snape. But marriage to Snape is only the beginning of Harry's problems. Voldemort has returned, and before too long Harry's marriage may determine the world's fate.
slash  wip  au  harry/severus  harrypotter  long  bonding  new!relationship  virgin!character  powerful!harry  marriage  slyandcunning  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Damned Series
VanHelsing/Velkan/Carl, Velkan returns from the dead. Things happen.
vanhelsing  threesome  slash  long  bdsm  new!relationship  virgin!character  werewolf!fic  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
There's Something About Julian
Not this is just plain fun. How to describe it... On a mission on Cardassia, Julian is cutely secduced by two Glinns, there's a record made of that threesome by the Obsidian Order, Dukat get's to see it, makes Damar spy on Bashir. Somehow along the way every Cardassian in this story gets himself a piece of our Doctor. But for Garak. AND THE END HAHAHAHA
startrek  ds9  short  slash  funny  smut  gay  virgin!character  xenobiology  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Becoming Neville
Neville's Gran breaks her hip, and he must spend the summer at Grimmauld Place. When he and Harry discover a message in his mother's candy wrappers, he learns how much he has in common with The Boy Who Lived
harrypotter  slash  harry/neville  au  long  action  h/c  virgin!character  disabilities  slyandcunning  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Harry Potter had completed his task, the Dark Lord was dead. He believed no one would ever love or understand him. Luna told him there was a chance for both. Yet, to be happy he would have to suffer all over again. He agreed. Love was worth it. Harry/Harry
harrypotter  slash  long  dimensiontravel  hiddenidentity  new!relationship  virgin!character  action  harry/harry  powerful!harry  romance  doppelganger  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The first time Fred kissed George, they were five years old. The first time George touched Fred's prick on purpose, they were nine.
harrypotter  short  fred/george  slash  incest  chan  aww  smut  virgin!character  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Lost and Found
J2 AU, Jensen Ackles is a shy, overweight songwriter whose body issues have prevented him from forming any real personal connections, and at thirty, he’s still unsure of his sexuality, and still a virgin. But when he signs up for an experimental obesity research program, he meets Jared Padalecki, a stunningly sexy fitness guru who slowly but surely changes Jensen’s life.
spn  rps  jared/jensen  slash  au  h/c  virgin!character  aww  long  eating!disorder  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Is It Scary
(...but I like it, says Charlie.) ...An exploration of magic through old Paganism, the future of the Buckets, and the growing intimacy between the mysterious chocolatier and his young heir. Many things seem dark when we do not understand them, but even Willy Wonka has fears that he needs to face.
charlieandthechocolatefactory  slash  chan  epic  wonka/charlie  new!relationship  smut  romance  action  dark  bonding  futurefic  virgin!character  jaded!character  creepy  thisstoryscaresme  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
A Question of Etiquette
Snape takes it upon himself to teach Harry the etiquette of arranging homosexual liaisons in the wizarding world. The twins help with the practicals. HP/SS, FW/GW, HP/FW/GW, SS/FW/GW, HP/SS/FW/GW
harrypotter  epic  harry/severus  fred/george  harry/weasley  slash  au  new!relationship  funny  smut  romance  incest  threesome  gay  virgin!character  d/s  orgy  thisisdifferent  world!building  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Blessèd Boy
Sequel to Master Snape's Community... AU Master Snape never taught at Hogwarts, nor was he a spy. Harry Potter was not part of a trio of friends. Master Snape's Community was established to revive Magical Monasticism. All the members are responsible for their own work. Mistakes which impact on other Community members are punished either by themselves or by their Master according to the severity of the error. Master Snape is something of a severe, solitary character; the head of his small island Community. When he meets Harry he decides that the boy is just what he is looking for and makes the commitment to take him as his apprentice and Potions student. He is also a master of Earth Magic and Fertility Magic. But he is unprepared for the changes his relationship with Harry will bring about. Harry had never felt part of anything before. He comes to join the Community with hopes of finding friends and a home. His life there is rather more eventful than he had planned, however...
harrypotter  long  harry/severus  slash  au  new!relationship  smut  romance  mpreg  family!fic  bonding  bdsm  virgin!character  medieval  world!building  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Master Snape's Community
Harry and the Advanced Potions & Herbology group go on a school trip to a community run on monastic lines, founded by the eccentric Master Snape.
harrypotter  long  harry/severus  slash  au  new!relationship  romance  virgin!character  bdsm  medieval  world!building  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Half A Man
When Severus Snape died he was a virgin; he'd never recovered from Lily's death. And that should have been the end of it. But it wasn't. Mature!Harry
harrypotter  medium  harry/severus  slash  post!series/movie/book  futurefic  new!relationship  smut  romance  h/c  aww  virgin!character  post!death  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The First-born Child
Come, my friends, and listen to the tale of a flawed hero; the tale of Severus Snape who loves Lily Evans and is determined to have her. But when Lily passes beyond his reach, Severus manages to salvage something for himself: Lily will give him her child. Her first-born child, to be his own, his wife, and his love. Lily only has one child, and she comforts herself that her contract with Severus is void, for Lily's first-born is a son, and Severus had wanted a wife: a girl just like her mother. Severus thinks rather differently; Lily owes him. But in acquiring Harry Potter he discovers, belatedly, that love cannot be coerced or bought however desperate your need; that love is free, and the most valuable thing in the world.
harrypotter  long  harry/severus  slash  au  new!relationship  romance  aww  virgin!character  relationship!trouble  medieval  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Pulling the Strings
Very twisted. Snape takes extreme measures to ensure he will never have another master.
harrypotter  short  harry/severus  chan  slash  au  smut  torture  virgin!character  dark!harry  dark  rape  jaded!character  extremelyhotsex  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Something Ever After
Harry just wanted his happy ending. Instead, he’s stuck with a sparkly tiara and glass shoes, and the entire world seems to have gone mad. ...OMG! :D Funneh!
harrypotter  medium  slash  harry/severus  crossdressing  au  funny  parody  smut  aww  virgin!character  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Flora and Fauna
School is over, Voldemort is defeated, and it's time for Neville to figure out what the future holds.
harrypotter  long  harry/severus  remus/neville  slash  futurefic  post!series/movie/book  new!relationship  smut  romance  aww  action  family!fic  gay  virgin!character    complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Jerk, The Bitch, and the Wardrobe
While searching an old hotel, Sam gets sucked back in time and lands at his brother's feet.
spn  sam/dean  timetravel  virgin!character  extremelyhotsex  slash  smut  short  chan  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Learning Curve
Harry receives a letter from Hogwarts and unfortunately it's not good news (Dear Mr. Potter, I am writing to you in reference to your son’s last exam. I am sorry to report that Albus has failed our mandatory sexual education class, which is a requirement for graduation.)
harrypotter  harry/draco  al/scorpius  new!relationship  virgin!character  smut  chan  funny  futurefic  post!series/movie/book  thisisdifferent  epilogue!kids  complete 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Gap Between
Pavel Chekov is just the weird kid who helps steer the ship, and Len McCoy's happy to leave it like that. When a late-night visit to sickbay forces him to see Chekov as more, it sets McCoy on a path he never would have anticipated.
startrek  stxi  long  slash  mccoy/chekov  post!series/movie/book  new!relationship  romance  h/c  rape  virgin!character  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
It's Not About Pasta
John has another date, and Sherlock is left wondering why. He goes to the only other normal person who will speak to him to find out.
sherlockbbc  sherlock/lestrade  slash  new!relationship  virgin!character  smut  short  complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Once in a Blue Moon
In a world where Remus never received his Hogwarts invitation and Sirius wasn't accepted by the Gryffindors the two lonely boys become friends. A story beginning in their first year, and continuing right through Hogwarts and beyond. ...(I wanted to slap Remus a time or twelve, but man, emotional involvement? Going strong here. Also, Snape does not seem to exist in this AU.)
harrypotter  epic  remus/sirius  slash  au  new!relationship  romance  action  h/c  het  angst  relationship!trouble  virgin!character  comingout  icried  cheating  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
A Thorough Examination / In Depth
Dubcon, psychological manipulation, thoughts and discussion of suicide. Medical fetish, sounding, e-stim, use of a gun during sex. Dark!John.
sherlockbbc  sherlock/john  dark  slash  kink  angst  rape  torture  smut  medium  bdsm  d/s  creepy  thisisdifferent  relationship!trouble  sociopath  virgin!character  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Child of Four
Voldemort didn't kill Lily and James, merely putting them into a magical coma. They live to rescue Harry from the Dursleys and live happily ever after. That is until Voldemort comes back.
harrypotter  epic  slash  het  au  harry/draco  dark  angst  wip  fred/george  new!relationship  action  romance  family!fic  kidfic  kickass  slyandcunning  virgin!character  powerful!harry  preg  character!bashing  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Progress of Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock is head over heels for John, but you wouldn't know it by looking at him. First-person present-tense series of short scenes from Sherlock's point of view, borrowing heavily from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories.
angst  romance  sherlock/john  john/mary  slash  het  new!relationship  relationship!trouble  virgin!character  long  post!series/movie/book  ptsd  pov  sherlockbbc  complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The 8th year students of Hogwarts go across the pond to New Orleans to learn about Voodoo. Harry learns a little bit more in the haunted streets of the French Quarter.
harrypotter  xmen  crossover  romance  slash  harry/gambit  mpreg  medium  new!relationship  post!series/movie/book  smut  action  teambeingawesome!fic  virgin!character  mutants!fic  marvel  complete  on!ffnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Yes Yes Yes
In which John learns to balance a kinky girlfriend, an asexual boyfriend, a ten-inch cock, his sister, the neighbours, his friends, and his blog. Some are more balanced than others.
slash  het  sherlock/john  threesome  sherlock/john/mary  bdsm  d/s  funny  post!series/movie/book  ptsd  pov  smut  new!relationship  virgin!character  everydaylife  angst  long    sherlockbbc  asexuality  complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Finder's Fee series
In his seventh-year class, Severus mentions how rare basilisk scales are. When Harry leads him down to the Chamber of Secrets, Severus notices some unexpected reactions. ... After their encounter in the Chamber of Secrets, Harry finds himself wanting more contact with Snape. With signs indicating a traitor in the Order, they soon have more to think about than basilisk scales and sex.
harrypotter  harry/severus  d/s  long  au  slash  smut  gay  bdsm  comingout  extremelyhotsex  new!relationship  thisisdifferent  smoking  prostitution  virgin!character    complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Soul Adores
Harry gets his hands on Slytherin's locket, but gold is not all he finds. In a desperate bid to gain crucial information, Harry attempts to play the player, with unpredictable results.
harrypotter  harry/voldemort  harry/severus  threesome  slash  medium  murder  death  au  slyandcunning  immortal!character  smut  virgin!character  dark  angst  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Careless Whisper
What happens that night at the community center if Simon doesn't leave, very quickly.
misfits  slash  nathan/simon  au  romance  short  smut  virgin!character  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Simon, who as Simon continues to stare at him he realises is older, different, with a different hair style, better built, more relaxed, with faint stubble lining his jaw, smiles sympathetically, almost sadly, and he says, "I forgot."
misfits  nathan/simon  slash  au  timetravel  smut  threesome  virgin!character  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Slytherin Method
Harry Potter is tired of everyone trying to control his life. When it looks like plans are being made to continue this trend once he defeats Voldemort, he decides he has had enough. As all of his previous attempts to take back control of his life have been unsuccessful, Harry realizes he needs to take a different approach. With a little Slytherin help, this time he may just get his own way.
harrypotter  harry/severus  draco/blaise  slash  long  mpreg  slyandcunning  omgihatedumbledore  smut  action  au  romance  courtship!fic  comingout  gay  established!relationship  virgin!character  marriage  complete  on!hpfandom 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Ronald: a Sensual Apprentice
An escaped convict teaches a schoolboy, keeping up the tradition.
harrypotter  chan  sirius/ron  smut  virgin!character  fuckbuddies  au  slash  short  complete 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Expecting the Unexpected
In the Forest of Dean, Ron never makes it. Severus is forced to save Harry from the icy pond, the two have a one-night stand, and Harry becomes pregnant. How does that change the rest of Book 7?
harrypotter  harry/severus  mpreg  au  war  new!relationship  virgin!character  medium  action  angst  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
War is coming, and Narcissa is scared for Draco. So she turns to the only person she can think of – Sirius Black.
harrypotter  slash  au  sirius/draco  marriage  incest  smut  rape  medium  angst  new!relationship  virgin!character  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
A Boy and His Cloak
Late one night at Grimmauld Place, Harry accidentally stumbles upon Hermione in a very compromising situation. What's a boy under an invisibility cloak to do?
harrypotter  het  short  harry/hermione  virgin!character  fuckbuddies  friendship!fic  complete  on!affnet 
september 2011 by Severusslave

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