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Make Me Believe
Pike, after the events of the Narada, must put himself back together before he can fall for McCoy.
startrek  stxi  medium  h/c  pike/mccoy  slash  angst  ptsd  new!relationship  romance  complete  on!ao3 
november 2011 by Severusslave
Tangled Destinies
Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. He convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted half-Betazoid son. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk.
startrek  stxi  slash  romance  kirk/spock  au  wip  angst  long  aww  bonding  sarek/amanda  pike/mccoy  collegeandhighschool!au  new!relationship    betazoid!jim  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave


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