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Toy Soldiers
After the fall of Sunnydale, and the final battle of the Circle of the Black Thorn, the Scoobies, Fang Gang, and rest of the survivors have been rebuilding. In place of the outdated Watcher's Council that honed children into weapons, now stands the International Defender's Council. Their mission is to train and nurture slayers, witches and watchers. They're work has come to the attention of the United States government who wants their help. Now they're being sent across the country to work with and perhaps even train law enforcement agencies in how to deal with the monsters of the world. They'll find more than they thought possible; recognition, redemption, friendship, support, and possibly even love.
btvs  crossover  ncis  csi  criminalminds  spn  slash  het  gen  action  comingout  teambeingawesome!fic  long  xander/gibbs  complete  on!tth 
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