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The Tower and the Hurricane
Five years after Shaw's death, Erik's predictions prove painfully accurate. Violence rages on both sides of the human/mutant conflict. In a world ravaged by war, it doesn't really matter who's more at fault. Charles struggles to teach his students a better way, but what choices will he make when peace really isn't an option?
toread  xmen  complete 
january 2012 by Severusslave
NEED TO READ: NCIS The entire story deals with the theme of child sexual abuse.
Summary: When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.
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september 2011 by Severusslave
The Way I Was Made
NEED TO READ: Fandoms: Superman Returns/Smallville/Teen Titans Kon-centric, Clex
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september 2011 by Severusslave
Close To Home
A crime at Smallville High has Kon calling on Tim for help. This is a long, wonderful, funny novel casefic with romance too!
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september 2011 by Severusslave
The Dragon Chronicles
TO READ. A HUGE crossover series (ongoing) that started with CSI, expanded to CSI:Miami and CSI:NY, dragged in NCIS, then Numbers, Criminal Minds, Supernatural, and Stargate. Dragons are real; they changed into human form to escape persecution. When their soul mate is in danger in their immediate area they Change into their dragon form to save the human. They must then bond with the human (sex) and are together forever after.
toread  epic  slash  crossover  csi  gibbs/dinozzo  gil/nick  jack/daniel  ncis  complete  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Heritage of the Ancients
TO READ: Ever wonder where magical folks really came from. Ever wonder why the Ancients never sent out a rescue ship for their brethern in the Pegasus Galaxy. Finding out his true heritage Harry found out and now it is time to do something
harrypotter  sga  crossover  slash  harry/jack  toread  complete 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Rebuild the Bridges in Your Mind
Xmen/HouseMD Chase was a student at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Time and personal differences mean that he's estranged from his former friends, the X-Men. Now he moonlights as a doctor for vigilantes and mutants at a clinic in NYC, but he's juggling so many secrets that his past is sure to catch up with him soon.
xmen  house  crossover  slash  au  toread  mutants!fic  marvel  complete  on!ao3 
september 2011 by Severusslave

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