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Not-So-Mutinous Insurrection
The scents of powder, gun oil, human sweat, and spilled blood are everywhere around him. Not hell, then; and he's pretty sure heaven would be much cleaner.
Aka, the one where Sarge doesn't mutate.
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november 2011 by Severusslave
sleep, interrupted.
"You talk in your sleep, sometimes." This is news to John. "You talk to someone named Sam, a lot." Sarge looks at him, sideways, and if he was the kind of guy who insinuated things, well, John can guess what he'd assume about that. "It's not what you're thinking," John says, "I have a sister named Samantha." John would say that Sarge, if he was the kind of guy who had facial expressions, almost looks disappointed.
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september 2011 by Severusslave


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