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Denuo AU
Denuo is a different kind of AU that started with The Magnificent 7 and developed such a life of its own that it branched into different series. Each new section brought with it a further development of all characters involved, as well as added new settings, starting to globalize the stories. From Salt Lake to Las Vegas, to New York and finally Japan. Denuo is a modern day AU. It deals with the paranormal. You'll meet warlocks, witches, wizards, werewolves, kitsune, magic users and more. ...Pairing list: Ezra/Chris, Buck/Vin, Gil/Nick, Ecklie/Franklin, Hodges/Nandi, Taylor/Flack, House/Wilson, Chase/John, Inuyasha/Miroku, Sesshoumaru/Sango, Kagome/Kouga, Dee/Ryo ..............alt link:
house  sga  gil/nick  csi  mag7  inuyasha  epic  slash  au  house/wilson  inuyasha/miroku  crossover  vampire!fic  werewolf!fic  genetic!transformation  clan    reincarnation  complete  on!homepage/archive 
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Defensive Strategies
"I need a sign," Wilson told House, settling in across the booth from him. "What, like a 'voice from above' kind of sign, or a 'tasteful font and maybe some graphics' kind of sign?" House asked, barely glancing up from the basket of fries that had arrived while Wilson had been in the bathroom. "Either would be nice," Wilson replied, stealing a fry. House gave him a flat look.
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House In Atlantis
House is invited by the gov't to work in Atlantis but is undecided until Wilson breaks his heart. Beckett and House are old friends and lovers and work together in Atlantis, and letters are written to home.
house  sga  crossover  house/wilson  house/carson  rodney/carson  romance  slash  h/c  relationship!trouble  gay    complete  on!homepage/archive 
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The Body Found
"He's not here," Foreman says. "No one's seen him since Monday night." Two days ago. Well, Tuesday night, Wilson had crashed on House's couch after they'd watched a movie. Last night, though, he should've been home sweet hotel. House sets his coffee down. "Did they check to see if his key card had been used?" "Yeah," Foreman says. "Last use was Monday at 8:02 p.m." House turns back to the counter and grips it hard. He tries to make this match up in his head, and all he gets is a very bad feeling.
house  house/wilson  angst  h/c  slash  long  au  ptsd  dark  complete  on!livejournal 
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Illusions To Live By
What if Wilson's weight gain in S3 was more significant than everyone thought?
house  house/wilson  h/c  short  friendship!fic  eating!disorder  sad  illness  complete  on!livejournal 
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A Modest Proposal
House and Wilson get married so that Tritter can't force Wilson to testify against House.
house  house/wilson  marriage  romance  slash  angst  au  long  new!relationship  friendship!fic  drugaddiction  pretendboyfriends  complete  on!homepage/archive 
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