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When he busts in that night to tell Brian about Verone getting his not-as-rich ass back *out* of jail, it takes one look at Brian's face to see Brian already knew, and that Brian's already got a plan. See, that's the thing about Brian -- dude's always got a plan. Rome's all right with that, because somebody's got to, and it ain't him. Rome doesn't like to plan. Can, but why the hell should he bother? That's what Brian's for. Planning makes it too easy to get all focused on what might be coming and forget to deal with the fist coming at your face. So Brian can plan out what's gonna happen, and Rome can deal with what *is* happening. Division of labor and all that shit. Rome's down with that. Except sometimes Brian's plans are *shitty*. Like right now. Like hell Rome's going into witness protection, and ain't *no* chance in hell Brian's going to work for the goddamn Feds. Bad enough he'd been stupid enough to be a pig at all, now he's gonna go be a *Fed* pig? No.
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