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Adventures in Adolescence
A spark was all it took to change John's path, throwing him in Sherlock's way twenty-five years early.
sherlockbbc  medium  kidfic  au  pre!series/movie/book  collegeandhighschool!au  death  new!relationship  friendship!fic  sherlock/john  slash  complete  on!ao3 
january 2012 by Severusslave
Outride the Sun
Being seventeen sucks. So does moving to a Hellmouth, discovering the girl of your dreams is a Slayer and that you just might be in love with a vampire. Or, How Leonard McCoy Got a Stake, Got a Life, and Got Laid.
startrek  stxi  btvs  crossover  fusion  kirk/mccoy  spock/uhura  sulu/chekov  long  romance  kickass  funny  new!relationship  collegeandhighschool!au  thisisdifferent  teambeingawesome!fic  slash  het  complete  on!livejournal 
december 2011 by Severusslave
The S Curve
What if Xander's parents, Jessica and Tony, actually cared about their son's live. Geek!Xan & VarsityQBjock!Angel
ats  au  btvs  slash  long  wip  xander/angel  aww  comingout  family!fic  new!relationship  rl!au  collegeandhighschool!au  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Sunless Land
High-school AU, in which Sam and Dean don't know each other. But, of course, not everything is what it seems.
spn  slash  sam/dean  au  medium  collegeandhighschool!au  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The Magic of Deduction
John Watson spends seven years at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where he meets the boy who will become the greatest man he'll ever know.
sherlockbbc  long  sherlock/john  fusion  crossover  harrypotter  au  friendship!fic  new!relationship  slash  aww  action  collegeandhighschool!au  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
You do know you're completely mad, don't you?
When John says to Mike "Who would want me for a flatmate?" Mike doesn't ask "What do you mean by that?" He also doesn't say "Oh, what'd be wrong with you as a flatmate?" He just accepts that John would be a difficult person to find a flat for and moves on to Sherlock. Given that Mike knows at least a little of how odd Sherlock is and yet suggests Watson as a good match, does this imply that John has some weird habits of his own, without regard to his experiences in Afghanistan?
sherlockbbc  short  gen  pre!series/movie/book  collegeandhighschool!au  character!study  friendship!fic  het  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
The New English Teacher
No one expected the new English teacher at George Washington High School to be quite like this. Aka, the story of two American high school students stuck in an English class taught by none other than everyone's favorite Grammar Nazi, Sherlock Holmes
sherlockbbc  wip  collegeandhighschool!au  sherlock/john  established!relationship  medium  funny  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
green_postit: nothing we could judge.
Eames looks past the clear psychological trauma and familial issues and sees an awkward boy whose only meaningful relationships are with the cigarettes he burns through like a champion and the books he devours in hours. And then he has Eames. The poor bastard's going to end up a serial killer.
sherlockholmes  inception  crossover  slash  het  pre!series/movie/book  collegeandhighschool!au  medium  character!study  friendship!fic  sherlockbbc  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
You're Waiting for a Stranger
College AU. Arthur's plans for his life are very detailed and predictable, just the way he likes it... until Eames comes along.
inception  arthur/eames  au  slash  medium  aww  romance  new!relationship  collegeandhighschool!au  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Never Know Your Story Like I Do
Jim and Bones meet on the first day of kindergarten and grow up together. Along the way there are proposals, musicals, kitchen utensils and a very old Jeep.
startrek  stxi  tos  au  kirk/mccoy  slash  romance  kidfic  rl!au  collegeandhighschool!au  aww  medium  complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Destination Reached
An AU where Spock is an exchange student and McCoy is hosting him at his house. It's the story of their growing relationship, what happens after, the Vulcan Science Academy, Starfleet, and the unknown bond between them.
Part 2:
startrek  stxi  spock/mccoy  slash  au  medium  romance  bonding  aww  hypocricy  collegeandhighschool!au  new!relationship    complete  on!livejournal 
september 2011 by Severusslave
Tangled Destinies
Spock convinces his father to move to Earth after refusing to bond with T’Pring. He convinces his father that his mother’s happiness is the most important consideration and the family moves to Earth where they meet Captain Christopher Pike and his adopted half-Betazoid son. The consequences of this change the dynamics of his family and sets him on the path that will lead him directly to James Kirk.
startrek  stxi  slash  romance  kirk/spock  au  wip  angst  long  aww  bonding  sarek/amanda  pike/mccoy  collegeandhighschool!au  new!relationship    betazoid!jim  on!homepage/archive 
september 2011 by Severusslave

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