A strange and seductive science fiction series that will be your new obsession
Here is the first episode of Dynamo, a crazy indie scifi web series that is one of the coolest (and silliest) things I've seen in a while. With visual effects that are dreamy and evocative, Dynamo is a bizarre peek into a post-apocalyptic future where it seems there is only one city left on Earth. via Pocket
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november 2015
WeMesh For iOS Lets You Watch Videos With Friends In Real Time | TechCrunch
A mobile application called WeMesh wants to make watching videos more of a real-time social experience by allowing you and your friends to watch videos together in perfect sync, while also texting and voice chatting. via Pocket
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june 2015
Haiku Deck Zuru
instant presentation tool powered by "AI"
march 2015
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