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The Woman in the Refrigerator - incapricious - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
In which a female Sherlock Holmes from a parallel universe comes to visit 221B Baker Street via an inter-dimensional portal in the refrigerator. What happens next may or may not involve 6 hour lectures about feminism (which John sleeps through), self!cest in the name of science, threesomes in the name of... sure, let's say science also, and surprising revelations about love and destiny (or the lack thereof).
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  het  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  Sherlock/fem!Sherlock/John  threesome  self!cest  PWP  short  author:incapricious  alternate_reality  for_science 
february 2015 by SailAweigh

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