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Looking Glass Cabaret - Chapter 1 - Lymphadei - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
Lady Grey leant up on her toes, her hands on either side of his neck to steady herself as she pressed her lips against Sherlock’s ear. “I wouldn’t say a devil, Mr Holmes, but I’m definitely not on the side of the angels.” Then, she pulled back slightly to place a lingering kiss on his cheek.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  crossdressing  drag_queens  drag_queen!John  cabaret  angst  UST  alternate_meeting  author:Lymphadei 
may 2016 by SailAweigh
Straightlaced - Chapter 1 - Mazarin221b - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
It’s in the way he moves, John thinks. In the way his body twists, arcs, stoops gracefully to pick up a pen from the floor. The line across his back is suddenly visible where before John had only notice a proud, long stretch of aubergine silk – tight, yes, but now even more so as he leans, and the little ridge across his middle back has John starting to wonder.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  crossdressing  corsets  PWP  short  author:Mazarin221b 
november 2014 by SailAweigh
Madness, insanity, and rabbits - Fic: Sherlock on the Catwalk
Sherlock takes a case from a very unique shoe company: Price & Sons Shoes. They end up in Milan, at a fashion show. Sherlock ends up on the catwalk.
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  pre-slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  crossdressing  humor  movie:Kinky_Boots  crossover  author:kikainausagi 
july 2014 by SailAweigh
The Adventure of the Consulting Woman - Chapter 1 - DancingGrimm - Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
“So the plan is, you have until Saturday night to make that,” he pointed at Sherlock, “look and act convincingly like a woman, so she can go and be a damsel in distress and in so doing trap a serial murderer. Have I got that right?"
TV:SherlockBBC  fanfic  slash  Sherlock/John  Johnlock  crossdressing  transgender  romance  identity_porn  humor  author:DancingGrimm 
april 2014 by SailAweigh
(Show) And Tell - beaubete - Skyfall (2012), James Bond (Craig movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Q has something he'd like to share with Bond; Bond might be a bit taken aback at first, but he's a secret agent for a reason--he's great at adapting.
movie:Skyfall  fanfic  slash  00Q  crossdressing  dirty_talk  intercrural_sex  PWP  humor  author:beaubete 
march 2013 by SailAweigh
“I’m man enough to wear a skirt in public, Danny,” Steve drawls out with the lazy confidence of a man who’s pretty sure he can pull it off.
to_be_read  author:somehowunbroken  humor  crossdressing  steve/danny  slash  fanfic  TV:H5O 
march 2012 by SailAweigh
frostfire - Kink Bingo fic--Listening To Hear Where You Are
Okay, so a while back, _audrey_ posted this fanart of Kirk in a TOS ladies' uniform, and it was so very compelling that I immediately ran to my Kink Bingo card. At first I was crushed to find that 'crossdressing' was not on there, thus not giving me any sort of excuse to write a story about it, but I wanted to so very badly that I decided to use "crossdressing (outerwear)" as the wild square. \o/ Thanks so very, very much to dsudis for the beta and for helping me find a title (from "Two-Headed Boy" by Neutral Milk Hotel) and for generally listening to me whine about it forever. <3

I would like to make sure that anyone unfamiliar with TOS understands what this uniform is before reading; namely, how ridiculously short that skirt is. So here are some pictures to help you visualize it. I strongly suggest you watch some TOS to get an idea of how often panties are flashed. No, really, I'm not kidding.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  het  PWP  crossdressing  threesome  kirk/spock/uhura  author:frostfire_17 
february 2011 by SailAweigh
Fic: Cotton Candy Floss (Kirk/McCoy, STXI, NC-17)
Jim Kirk didn't normally mind getting caught with his pants down, because he had nothing to hide.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  PWP  crossdressing  author:sail_aweigh  myfic  humor  first-time 
july 2010 by SailAweigh
Thunderbolts and Lightning
Did I mention that it is Jim Kirk in a dress? And also the vagaries of living with other people.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  Kirk  gaila  finnegan  humor  crossdressing  author:boosette 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
Say Yes To the Dress (Kirk/McCoy, NC-17)
Wedding #24 - It was during the Academy days, Jim was boning anything with a zip code, it was safe to say: "The day you commit to someone forever, Jim, I'll be wearing a dress!" Now, they are getting married and Leonard H. McCoy has to wear a wedding dress. A white one.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  crossdressing  humor  author:sail_aweigh  myfic  space_married 
december 2009 by SailAweigh
Bourbon and Southern Lace, Star Trek XI
They'd still been there when McCoy had gotten out of the shower, a puddle of black against the Starfleet issued sheets...
PWP  author:moonlettuce  crossdressing  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
august 2009 by SailAweigh

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