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Manhattan (Weeks Gone By), Kirk/McCoy, R
The prompt was "Manhattan," and the boys wanted to be married in modern times and run a bar in the Village with the whole gang involved. Non-happy-fun-times ensue before things sort of resolve.
movie:startrek2009  fanfic  slash  au  kirk/mccoy  angst  tissue_warning  contemporary  author:blcwriter 
march 2011 by SailAweigh
Pushback, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17, Space Wrapped 2010
For the space_wrapped prompt “All Jim wants for Christmas is a little role reversal so he can take some orders from Captain McCoy.”
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  het  kirk/mccoy  McCoy/Chapel  angst  D/s  space_wrapped  author:blcwriter 
december 2010 by SailAweigh
Les mots justes (les marques permanentes)-- RPF Big Bang Masterpost
Words and memories leave marks as deep as rings, tanlines, stupid hats and tattoos. It's those moments of pain and pleasure that add up in a love affair-- or whatever you call it-- until it's too much to bear, one way or the other. But some marks can't be erased, and some words, said or unsaid, can't be taken back once the moment is past. What happens as Chris and Karl go from friends to lovers, then nothing-- is their summation of moments all done, or does it add up to something-- come out as words-- worth holding on to?
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  big_bang  author:blcwriter  author:sanguefic  angst 
october 2010 by SailAweigh
The Cure for Space Madness, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
Written as comment fic for the announcement of the winner of the "March Madness in September" contest at [info]jim_and_bones . Bones won in a vote between he and Jim. In this fic, in an Enterprise-wide round of "Hot or Not," the contest comes down to Bones and Jim. Bones wins. Or does he?
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  humor  author:blcwriter 
september 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - What Dreams May Come, Pike/Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
Angsty, thinky Jim-POV sex (of a kind) in response to this nnrrrghppphy (what? it is so a word) threesome image in emiliglia's Semi-Weekly Man-on-Man over at jim_and_bones .
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  threesome  Kirk/Pike/McCoy  angst  hurt/comfort  author:blcwriter 
august 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - Open Windows, Open Doors, Welcome Home, RPF, Chris/Karl, NC-17 (image heavy, author's notes)
God. This always happens. I start off writing what’s meant to be comment porn, prompted by my own cascade of pics on the Fourth of July at jim_and_bones, and then 14 pages later, it’s all plot plot angst plot poetry lit!kink angst plot OOH WAIT THERE’S THE PORN. Oh. And Karl’s kids. And mean!Natalie as plot device. And some schmoop at the end. Ridiculous, really. The author's notes and lit!kink is after the fic.
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  angst  author:blcwriter 
july 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - Leave the questions unanswered, NC-17, RPF, Chris/Karl
More Captain/Doctor comment-fic porn for the following pics for my Team Jones bbs. The comments prompts called for, variously, bb!Fine porn, cowboy!Karl porn, Brokeback!Karl/Chris with a hopeful ending of some kind. There's an infidelity warning, also, bb!Fine smoking, because yeah, you need a warning for that. Image-heavy, of course. Also, NC-17
rps  slash  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  fanfic  author:blcwriter 
may 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - Comment porn ficlets of the Chris/Karl variety (image heavy)
So. We at Team Jones have this thing called "The Daily Captain and the Daily Doctor." Basically, it's a shameless excuse to goggle at Chris Pine and Karl Urban. Why-- did YOU need a reason?

It OFTEN devolves into comment fics and comment porn. And when I say often, I mean, there's a tag that says "comment porn" on the comm, a member whose nickname is "Lt. Pornsalot" and several icons (including the one I use here) based on the shenanigans that get gotten up to in comments (including "Lube is always the Answer" because, well, it is).
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  comment!fic  PWP  author:blcwriter 
may 2010 by SailAweigh
Happily Blinded, Chris/Karl, RPF, NC-17
Someone at Team Jones wanted ring porn for another Daily Captain Post. Someone else wanted hand/nipple porn in that same post, because they're all GREEDY PORN GITS and I love them. And I wanted a continuation of Eyes Still Are Brighter. This is all three. Do I need an Anne Hathaway warning? Maybe. Okay. I'll also warn for Karl's kids and SCHMOOP.
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  romance  established-relationship  author:blcwriter 
may 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - It's Been Known to Happen, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
For someone who wanted a fill for the prompt-- paraphrased-- McCoy walks in on Kirk, using sex toys, because he's trying to be a good Captain and not have sex with his crew. McCoy decides to help him with that.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  masturbation  angst  author:blcwriter 
april 2010 by SailAweigh
(Parenthetical Heart) - Complimentary, RPF, Karl/Chris, NC-17 (image heavy)
I thought that Chris looked not really so much pleased as abashed in this photo. And lo, pr0ns were born. Without further ado...
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  first-time  angst  author:blcwriter 
april 2010 by SailAweigh
Eyes are still brightest, RPF, Chris/Karl, NC-17 (Image heavy)
Comment-porn fic for today's Team Jones Daily Captain and Doctor. With source material like this, wouldn't you write porn too?
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  author:blcwriter  PWP 
april 2010 by SailAweigh
Things Unsaid, Chris/Karl rpf angsty schmoop PG-13 for Sangueuk
“I got Zach’s email today,” he said, hesitant. “I don’t think I’m going to make it. I’m sorry.”
rps  slash  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  angst  hurt/comfort  author:blcwriter 
march 2010 by SailAweigh
death i think is no parenthesis, Kirk/McCoy/Spock, PG-13
Another battle/orgy prompt post for Team McSpirk for this week's Ship Wars. IDEK know how e.e. cummings turned into a backhanded homage to Keats and Sappho’s A Garland. It was what was on my poetry shelf that afternoon. Warnings for elliptical references to torture, old TOS episodes, Tarsus and of course, broken!Jim.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  threesome  kirk/spock/mccoy  angst  TarsusIV  author:blcwriter 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
AT & T Had it Wrong, Karl/Chris, RPF (1297 'verse)
1297 wrote "Forever hold your peace" which was not the last word. Because she's so good to me, she followed it up with 20th Century Boy, . I thought it was time Karl said his piece. Lucky for me, 1297 agreed.
rps  slash  fanfic  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  author:blcwriter  angst 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
The Shapes a Bright Container can Contain, NC-17, RPF, Chris/Karl
Inspired by Roethke’s I knew a woman, because there are times when you feel old and the people you love are how and when you feel young again.
fanfic  rps  slash  ChrisPine/KarlUrban  author:blcwriter 
january 2010 by SailAweigh
Welcome Interrogator, Kirk/Uhura, NC-17
"Kirk's well aware he's the last guy on earth Uhura would be interested in being with. That's why when he's drugged and needs to literally fuck someone or die and she's the only one around, he curls up and gets ready to die. She isn't having any of that."
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  het  Kirk/Uhura  angst  author:blcwriter 
november 2009 by SailAweigh
Life Doesn't Always Imitate Art, or Stop Watching Movies and Live, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
For thalassa_ipx 's prompt at this week's stxi_sinfest . She wanted an Academy Jim falling for Bones but scared at the idea of gay sex and rightfully so. This fic ensued.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  angst  hurt/comfort  PWP  author:blcwriter  non-con 
november 2009 by SailAweigh
Take Me Home, Kirk/McCoy, NC-17
More prompt filling at stxi_sinfest 4, for Semisonic's "Closing Time."
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  kirk/mccoy  author:blcwriter 
october 2009 by SailAweigh
Reaching Polaris, Kirk/McCoy, R/NC-17
Written for stxi_sinfest 4, for the prompt of Joni Mitchell's "Case of You." Original thread, complete with editing and html fails here. One-shot. I listened to Diana Krall's "Live in Paris" version while writing.
movie:StarTrek2009  fanfic  slash  angst  kirk/mccoy  author:blcwriter 
october 2009 by SailAweigh
Spy!verse Stories
It's the sin of omission that bothers Jim more, and any further confession may be too late.
angst  au  author:blcwriter  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  series  slash  spy!McCoy 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Pecan Pie 'Verse
Okay, so I wrote "Just Desserts," and when it was done, I realized I'd just written my first established-relationship fic, all my past K/M fics having been friendship or first-time fics. And then all these little ideas kept popping up and I realized ... there's a whole lot of room in that fictional 'ship for snippet-y goodness. And lo, the Pecan Pie 'Verse was born, a 'verse full of sweet, gooey Jim and Bones moments that don't want to go in one longer fiction.
author:blcwriter  fanfic  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  series  slash 
august 2009 by SailAweigh
Love and Hate
In the back of your mind was what he'd said the night before you all boarded Enterprise for this mission. "You're going to hate me sometimes, the things I'm going to do to keep the crew and the ship safe. You need to accept that."
angst  author:blcwriter  fanfic  hurt/comfort  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash  Spock/Uhura 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Reverse Order
In response to this Star Trek XI Kink Meme prompt. There is also an excellent response to this prompt in progress by eldritchhorrors, called "Love Like Ghosts."
WIP  angst  author:blcwriter  fanfic  kirk/pike  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
More Things in Heaven and Earth and sequels
"When you're born under a black star like Jim, here, well, sometimes that one millionth of a percent of a chance actually means something. Nothing's certain, Mister Spock. Heisenberg knew that. But Jim Kirk-- he lives it."
Kirk  McCoy  Spock  fanfic  movie:StarTrek2009  author:blcwriter  hurt/comfort  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh
Duality-- Kirk/McCoy Star Trek 2009
Kirk struggles on his own with the solitude of really being a Captain not long after the Enterprise leaves Earth-- McCoy reminds him there are still times when he can be just Jim.
angst  author:blcwriter  fanfic  first-time  kirk/mccoy  movie:StarTrek2009  slash 
july 2009 by SailAweigh

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